More Upcoming DLC Info

Another user on the facepunch forums and a frequent commenter here on my site had an odd glitch today with SRTT where it automatically unlocked all the DLC including upcoming ones. This glitch seems to have come up before for other players and the person reporting it on the Steam forums said that it straightened itself out the next time he restarted Steam.

The cool news is that we have confirmation and extra details:
* The Angry Tiger Kaneda has a mounted flamethrower that shoots out its mouth
* There are 2 different zombie masks; one with jigglebone green hair and one that looks like a nosferatu
* Devil Horns and Angel Halo from SR2 are confirmed returning
* There’s also a devil mask with the Horror Pack
* Witch Outfit Pic
* Hotdog Outfit Pic
* Slasher Outfit pic with torn up clothing from the zombie outfit
* Ninja Outfit Pic

One Response to “More Upcoming DLC Info”

  1. Soulja says:

    I didn’t had too many glitches with SRTT.