SR2 Modding Wiki and Countdown to SR3

Tidosho has been in contact with Gibbed to take over the old site which was vandalized and hasn’t been updated in quite some time. Tidosho already has a copy up at a temp location until the domain can be transferred, and has already started getting it into shape.

All of the SR2 modders are on board and eager to add as much information as we can so it can become a great resource for old and new modders. Foamcup has already added a tutorial on how to create new vehicles, and I’ll be following suit with some of my own when I have a chance.

E3 2010 is just around the corner, and Volition has confirmed that Saints Row 3 will be debuting. There has also been talk of a “new direction” for the series, so June 15 should be pretty interesting.

I also read a pretty interesting article where David Bowring from Volition talks about designing co-op for Saints Row 2 at GDC. The article is a couple of months old, but it was news to me.

7 Responses to “SR2 Modding Wiki and Countdown to SR3”

  1. Master Corruptor says:


    YEEES !

  2. slawek211 says:

    I’m afraid about the “New direction”.

  3. Master Corruptor says:

    as long as ”new direction” isn’t into gritty realism town then i’m pretty happy.

    • IdolNinja says:

      @ Master Corrupter

      I have a feeling that gritty realism is not the new direction they are taking it. We’ll see on June 15, but my best guess is that it’s going to be semi-futuristic but with a gangsta vibe. Like hovercars, laser guns, mecha, etc. to tie in with the Red Faction series. Can you imagine customizing a mech with glossy purple and white gold trim? :D

  4. Master Corruptor says:

    ha ha ha.. i like that idea… geomod + Saints 3 = hillarity ensured

  5. XyzzySqrl says:

    The last time anything semi-futuristic and gangstery was out… well. There’s been two that come to mind. Crackdown, which had great visuals but was kind of dull after a while, or … well, Grand Theft Auto 2.

    Either way, we’re due for another!

    (Please don’t be “gritty realism”…)

  6. XL38 says:

    Damn.. Im Waiting for the realease =)