Upcoming SRTT DLC

The patch 4 TWC files contain some new info regarding upcoming SRTT DLC. There is no name given to it so I’ll just refer to it as the Let’s Pretend Witches and Wieners pack:

Let’s Pretend Witches and Wieners pack
* Hotdog suit (FUCK YES)
* Ninja suit (DOUBLE FUCK YES)
* Witch outfit
* Broomstick vehicle

We’re also still expecting these upcoming DLC packs that have been referenced in previous patch files:

Unlockables pack
* Gives both mission choices for all missions; for example both the apocafists and Killbane’s mask.

Special Ops pack
* Saints Vtol
* Saints N-Forcer
* Saints Crusader tank

Gang Outfits pack
* Player outfits for Morningstar, Luchadore, and Deckers (both regular and specialists)

Penthouse Pets pack
* Gang Customization and homie options

Genki Girls Vehicles pack
* Angry Tiger Kenshin Kaneda
* Sexy Kitten Temptress Vortex
* Sad Panda Rover

Horror pack
* Werewolf outfit with jigglebone tail
* Skeleton mask
* Zombie mask
* Slasher mask
* Devil “hat” (possibly horns from sr2)

We have a name for the new DLC! Witches and Wieners! :D

31 Responses to “Upcoming SRTT DLC”

  1. Bongo says:

    Hell yeah!!!

    Genki Girls Vehicles better be next up :D

  2. encogen says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s Kaneda and Vortex, not Kenshin and Temptress.


  3. nemisis116 says:

    That tiger kenshin looks fucking awesome
    Also I have been waiting SO LONG for a hockey mask, YEESSS!

    You can’t have a Saints Row game without the hotdog suit, god yes.
    Any details on release dates?

  4. Blamo says:

    Witch outfit doesn’t look quite as sexy as I was hoping. Not a big deal, just won’t buy that one. Hopefully getting the Deckers Specialist outfit in the Gangs Pack will make up for it. Been looking forward to that one ever since that first leak of all the DLC.

  5. shane3x says:

    SWAT gear please Volition.

  6. Frunkis says:

    How are there already screenshots of some of these items ingame? Is it more content that was on the disc but locked?

    • IdolNinja says:

      Only the spec ops vehicles were on disc. I know for a fact that the rest were not. These aren’t my screenshots, so I don’t have any details though.

  7. Treads says:

    Maybe some of these will be earnable unlocks if the email they put out will be as good as it may sound. “Coming in April to the official website for everything Saints Row, an all new feature where you can win prizes of all shapes and sizes, or even potentially unlock some new in-game items”

    • encogen says:

      Those community prizes are a bunch of in-game clothing items – almost all of them are just re-skins.

      Two items (antenna and the “Member of the Row” t-shirt) have been inadvertently unlocked with the “more clothing in stores” mod.

  8. JohnShepard says:

    What about the weapons from Gangstas in Space? D:

    • IdolNinja says:

      Not going to happen. Volition has already gone on record that DLC weapons from GiS and Trouble with Clones are not possible with the memory constraints of the engine.

  9. Rita says:

    Geez, they keep dropping the ball hard with all these excuses about engine constraints and stuff. I hope they get their things together for the fourth game because this is unacceptable.

    Let’s also hope they don’t rush the next one so they don’t end up with an incomplete and unpolished game. I also want interiors ;_;, Steelport is one of the most boring cities in a sandbox, ever.

    • Rita says:

      Though I loved the game while I played it. But compared to Saints Row 2, it feels like the only good thing about SRTT is the updated graphics.

      • IdolNinja says:

        I respectfully disagree. SRTT has a charm all of its own and does many things better than sr2. The gunplay, the driving with drifting, and the animations are all light years ahead. The missions in SRTT are all unique and diverse, unlike the sr2 missions that were mostly cookie cutter “drive to x, kill y # of npcs, listen to phone call z, drive back”. While the clothing wear options are more limited, the clothes themselves look a lot better. The hoverbike and vtol alone are more fun to play with than any vehicle in sr2 ever was. Fighting the gangs in SRTT is much more interesting this time around. In sr2, the only real differences between gangs was the cars they drive, and minor variations in their weapon loadout (low level samedis with machetes, ronin with swords, bhood with sledgehammers) In SRTT, the gangs are much more diverse and interesting, and have specialist and unique brutes. Plus, there is a fourth faction with STAG and their military hardware.

        Everything about the game is much more polished too. There are a lot less bugs and crashes this time. The engine is much more robust and handles mod changes better. Most modded users can even still play with unmodded ones with only slight oddities. Performance is light years ahead too.

        There are also many little details that I’m just now starting to find after 150 hours of gameplay. The bottom line is that SRTT is a much deeper and richer game than most sr2 fans give it credit for. I will say that I also hope sr4 (if it happens) does bring back more customization options and more interiors though.

        • Rita says:

          The gangs in SRTT don’t even have different vehicles, except the smaller ones. Most of the missions are activities. There’s barely no good cutscenes after missions anymore. The few missions that are not activities or “point and shoot while being drove around by an NPC) are fantastic, but that’s it. There’s no distinguishable difference when fighting the different gangs. The game missions are just like playing in a big long corridor, linearity 100%. Replaying the missions in SR2 was THE blast, in SRTT I couldn’t bear replaying the missions anymore because most of them are either activities or something completely uninspired that felt like filler.

          Not only gangs had different vehicles, different weapons, they had different dialogues, different taunts, different melee styles. I don’t feel ANY difference anymore. And no, adding a specialist doesn’t make it diverse and unique.

          The only thing I’ll give in everything you said is the engine the game is built on. It’s great. But the content? And how they handled rewards? Etc? Please…

          I love you Idol and I respect you because you introduced me into SR world, and give a lot of your time in making the games better, making a buggy mess like SR2 one of the best sandbox games ever. But that’s just… no. Most of what you said sounds like what Volition (or even worse, THQ) PR would say. I didn’t feel any polish, any better gangs, any better missions, at all, I don’t feel it, and I won’t feel it, even with my close to 300 hours spent playing the game.

          Peace out, and keep being you. The best.

          • IdolNinja says:

            I can understand how you may disagree and not enjoy the game, and I can respect that. Was it really necessary to insult me and say that I sound like I’m spouting THQ PR though? Just because I enjoy the game doesn’t make me some kind of shill.

          • Rita says:

            Because it feels like you’re completely and totally wrong about almost everything you said about the game. You know, when those devs tell you the experience they’re going to give you is going to be thrilling and deep and it’s just yet another awful linear shooter with nothing but scripted events and QTEs?

            But if you hate THQ so much that you felt that insulting, well that gave me a chuckle :p

            There’s no way the SRTT missions are any day of the year better than SR2′s though, that’s just not going to happen, like… ever. When I read that, I thought: “Wait… is he serious? Or did some Volition spokesman hack his account to throw false praise at the game?”.

            I enjoyed the game too, I just expected so much more it’s disappointing. Geez Ninja you sound so uptight now, relax! Nobody called you a shill, you, above anyone else, are chill.

  10. SoaringScout says:

    No idea why people complain about the amount of SRTT DLC. I personally am fine with this considering they are for a mainly singleplayer game (there’s no competitive multiplayer, but there is co-op). I’m especially okay with it because most of the time, it’s much cheaper than getting hats off the TF2 store. While I haven’t bought a single pack of DLC once, I’d probably buy the spec ops pack. I’ve always wanted a purple VTOL.

  11. Sneaky_pedro says:

    On a completely unrelated note, what coat is that? I didn’t know there was a male trenchcoat

  12. nemisis116 says:

    Idol check facepunch
    Long story short I somehow activated all of the above DLC.
    Screenshots on the saints thread and my profile.
    Don’t ask my how, I literally have no fucking idea.

  13. tahrox says:

    Thx for the infoes, can’t wait to get ahold of my own Saints VTOL.

    (I know it can be obtained messin’ with files, but I got it on steam…)

  14. Karik says:

    So this is a mod?

  15. tyler says:

    is this only for pc? i have 360, and if volition dont put it on xbox, whoo man! ill be mad. i have all dlc xcept for invisible pack. these would be sick. volition is making MULA with all these. lol, byut yah. xbox 360?