First Person Vehicle Mod Released!

I’ve been in contact with quantumsingularity86 regarding his vehicle camera mod. He has just sent me the files and given us permission to host them on the forum! I’m really looking forward to trying it out myself!


8 Responses to “First Person Vehicle Mod Released!”

  1. JohnShepard says:

    This looks cool as brother, What about making a mod in which you don’t roll the windows down when you get in a car xD I think it’s kinda weird that they do, I mean what if it’s raining or if you’re blasting the Air Con XP

  2. JohnShepard says:

    Also does the camera have to be a little weird when Third Person in vehicles xD it makes them look funny o-o; but FPS is awesome.

  3. grimbergen_beer says:

    Looks amazing. I will try it!

  4. JohnShepard says:

    Hm is it just me or does it go kind of weird when you start to select helis from the crib second time? O_o freezing up as it were ^.-

  5. Koen says:

    Does this mean that FPS is possible when not in a car too?

  6. Ava says:

    FPS on foot would be cool, but, and you are probably working on it, mr. IdonNinja, is it possible that the controls don’t change? And that your main characters head dissapears or something, so you can look back properly? And that the blurring is turned off, cos it looks like my char had just a liiiiitle to much to drink when driving First Person. xD
    I know you probably get loooooads of these sorts of questions, and I can only ask for you patience when reading this, And if you can’t do it, I still love the work you do. =D This FPS mod is just a small step to greatness in the game.

    (( If only Violition would make this sort of thing more easy. But they did say in some tweet message, that the next installments will be more open. Wether it’s Saints Row 4 or another Red Faction or a new game entirely, I don’t know. But at least Violition wants to improve. I hope Saints Row 4. I so very hope so. ))