SR2 Modding Frenzy

The last couple of days have seen a flurry of activity with new mods, updates, and ideas.

I released my Extra Gang Vehicle Options mod which adds the Kenshin, Melbourne, Peewee, Sabertooth, Sandstorm, Shard, Tetsuo, Widowmaker, Toad, Mongoose, and Knoxville to your Gang Customization choices:

InnocentSam has finished up his Purchasable Ambient Music mod that adds 107 new purchasable music tracks at “Scratch That” including the music from Zombie Uprising, the T&A club music, and the Barbershop Quartet.

Kalahee released a mod that changes your drive up homie into Shaundi wearing the Video Repair outfit.

RedRage released an awesome looking black version of the laser RPG.

Half-Dead Wonder released some weapon tweaks that seriously have to be played with to even believe how incredible they are. The new minigun is like a hose of pure death. The Wolverine military plane now alternately fires rockets from both wings. The rockets now drop and hang for a split second before zooming off. The Wolverine’s main guns have also been modified with the sniper tracer which leaves streaks off the wings while flying. It is one of the coolest effects I’ve ever seen, and dogfighting is a blast.  You can now use your two handed weapons like the minigun, septic gun, and rocket launcher while holding a hostage. The septic gun and fire extinguisher can also be used by a passenger in a car out the window. And finally, the Gyro Daddy has been tweaked like crazy and is amazing fun to fly.

I also fixed the Zombie and Pirate Gang Names so they no longer read as Sporty and Prephop.

In addition, I’m writing up a tutorial on how to create custom outfits using Aisha’s outfit that somehow got missed in v1.7. After the tutorial is complete, this outfit will be added for sale at Impressions in the upcoming v1.8.

34 Responses to “SR2 Modding Frenzy”

  1. Master Corruptor says:

    Why havent the compensator been added to gang vehicles ?
    That car is truly the most awesome car in SR 2 !

    • IdolNinja says:

      Good idea. I’ll add the Compensator in along with the Atlasbreaker. Who doesn’t want ninjas driving around in monster trucks? :D

      I’m also going to see if I can get into the binary cvtf and setup a special purple version of them too.

  2. BANE says:

    Nice, can’t wait to have all gang members on peewees XD.

    I have some ideas that I’d like to throw your way if your interested, is there any place specifically I can submit them?

  3. IdolNinja says:

    Sure, I’m always interested. Over the half the features in the mod were the result of fan requests and ideas. You can submit them wherever you feel comfortable… here in the comments, the Steam SR2 forum, The Row forum, the Penny Arcade SR2 thread, by email (I have a address using idolninja.) Looking forward to hearing some of them!

  4. BANE says:

    well I’ll throw a few of them down here then seeing as im here already ;D.

    (btw I know you said your still working on the tools, and that some of these things are a bit out of the ball park at the moment but ill throw a few of them out there anyway)

    Jetpack, just because theyre awersome

    A bipedal weapons platform, aka battle walker or what ever else one wishes to call such a thing, you know what I mean, perhaps even with the option to upgrade differents parts and weapons at garages.

    James bond like car mods, ie adding guns/missiles traps to get people off your tail etc – to cars ( ever play interstate 76 by chance?;D


    A Man Cannon, a gun that uses pedestrians as ammunition, primary fire just shoots them a long way, secondary fire shoots a flaming pedestrian, with several of those crazy fire cracker grenades attached to them.

    Laser-rifle/plasma gun – Because, why not? :D

    Gravity imploder gun – Fires an orb that explodes on contact with whatever, and draws all nearby objects to its center, secondary fire does the opposite and blows everything away.

    .500 S&W a one hit kill revolver, which blows people away in a hilarious fashion.

    The NTW-20 man portable artilery system, see here [ ] for details, it’s just like one of those UAC instructional videos from Doom3, hilarious.

    Duke Nukems triple barrel machinegun. such a good gun.

    Exploding heads when player makes a head shot with more powerful weapons like D-eagles, Magnums shoot guns up close.

    Remote detonated Nuke suitcase, a small atmoic bomb to quickly clear large areas. Primary fire to throw, secondary fire to place it down, then fire again to detonate.

    Telekinetic/psy/Ki – weapons/jedi powers, ie massive jump, temporary levitation, force push, REPPUKEN! ;D

    I have heaps of other weapon ideas written down but ill leave it at that for the moment.

    RoboCop suit, It would also be awersome if the FBI cars that chase you with enough of a wanted lvl could be replaced by Robo cops car and the 4 FBI goons with 1 RoboCop that is much like an ordinary cop but is about 15 times tougher and carries 1 of those automatic pistols you get after completing certain missions. How much better would robocop be than FBI, he could explode when you kill him and even have some special dodges to make him a challenge, but could be made slower so as not to make him an annoyance.

    Anyway I’ll post some more over the next couple of days, and I’d be interested to hear if you like the sound of any.

    • IdolNinja says:

      Those are a lot of interesting ideas, but as you expected we don’t have the tools yet to implement them. The jetpack idea has come up a few times from different users, and something that is at the very top of my to do list once the texture/mesh repacker is complete. Can you imagine swooping down while armed with a flamethrower? It would be something right out of Running Man. :D

      Thanks for posting these!

  5. BANE says:

    Hey one other thing i meant to ask, what program do you use to take screenshots in Saints?

  6. IdolNinja says:

    I use FRAPS and configure it to take 1 screenshot every second. I also set it up to toggle capturing on and off with the 0 key on my numpad so I can turn it off for the boring bits.

  7. BANE says:

    I’ll give that a try.


  8. IdolNinja says:

    I also released a hudless version of the mod too for screenshotting in case you haven’t seen that version:

  9. Master Corruptor says:

    I bet i’m not the first to mention this.
    But have you tried to get in touch with someone within the dev team from Saints Row 2/Voilition ?

    Maybe some friendly interaction (heh heh) could lead to some sort of exhange of software maybe ?
    Or maybe some knowledge on ways to implement stuff into the game.

    3D models (new that is) must be really hard to make. New missions might be hard as well if you want to keep the style of the original (with cutscenes and voice acting)

    Anyway. Whatever you guys do it’s awesome cause you’re allready getting the grasp on how to edit quite a bit.

  10. IdolNinja says:

    That’s already been tried by just about every modder on the forum. Volition has a very strict policy of no interaction/help.

  11. Master Corruptor says:

    bah.. those douches :p

  12. BANE says:

    Some more weapon ideas

    MD-Gun (material destabilizer gun) Turns pedestrians into walking time bombs, which explode after a short duration.

    Flintlock Musket. how funny would that be.


    AKs and AR15s become SMGs / duel weildable, as a bonus.

    Replicator Gun – a gun that shoots small orbs that spawn freindly gang members (that are skinned exactly the same as your character) on contact with any given surface to help you fight, with a max amount of say 10 or so, primary fire shoots the orbs, secondary fire reloads the gun, terminating the previously spawned clones if any should remain alive at the time.

    Deap sea divers spear gun – Which can pin peds to things. Single shot 1 hit kill weapon.

    An equiptable armour kit that works much like a halo shield, as a bonus- because I somehow manage to blow myself up, and get run over by things so much that I need one XD, plus it would be nice for when you’re messing around, or trying crazy stunts.

    A crudeley fashioned giant club, aka ‘Caveman’ club that works the same as the sledgehammer.

    A car that is basically just a ramp, so you can make your own jumps.

    A vehicle that is just an ICBM that you can ride and steer, it would start of by shooting straight up, and then you could pilot it to whatever given destination, upon landing it, or more so crashing it, the missile would explode and send the player into that state you go into when doing the insurance fraud missions, in which you cannot be injured (so as you don’t just die)

    Ill leave it at that for now, will post some more soon.

  13. BANE says:

    BTW Fraps worked well, thanks again for the tip.

  14. Master Corruptor says:

    The ideas BANE brought up are awesome. So should the community be able to create the tools to make these things and implement them, then saints would hit the nitrobutton into wackyworld… and I like it !

    PS : atm saints is only in crazytown.

  15. BANE says:

    Lmao, wacky world is the place I wanna be XD.

    Here’s a pic of my guy I took with fraps, thought I’d show ya.

    He is the DUKE (as good as i can get him atm).


  16. BANE says:

    Heres a direct link to the pic, I messed the first one up.

  17. Sino says:

    Hi, I just wanted to ask one thing.
    So, if you do not mind, how to change gang clothes ?

    I was siting on that about 2,5h and got nothing… =/

  18. Master Corruptor says:

    Ha ha ha. i love it. Myself i am a suited up dude with crazy mohawk. Looks so out of place, yes seems so fitting =)

    I only wish i had the dedication and skills to contribute to this modding scene.
    I’m in here (and on the row forums) to check for updates every day. I’m just so excited for the 1.8 version to be released.

  19. IdolNinja says:


    Unfortunately, there’s no way to change NPC clothes yet. The xtbl files don’t work. i.e. they don’t show the changes in game. It looks like all the npc options are stored in the .cvtf file for each npc in meshes.vpp_pc. These are not plain text files, and only some of the information is accessible with a hex editor.

  20. Sino says:

    Ugh, uncool =/

    Thanks for fast answer.

    So I leave this problem open…
    but maybe you can help me with another one.
    I don’t want spam too much here, so I send only two screens,
    you should know what’s going on.

    Any Idea how to fix this ?

    …and b.t.w., while I was looking for that npc,
    I have seen a strange interaction. This was something like,
    hand gesture signifying perfection and then a blown kiss.
    Maybe you can find it and attach in the 1.8 version. =D

    • IdolNinja says:


      I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me with those pictures.

      Those animations are a couple of the old compliments/taunts that got replaced with new ones for the player, but still exist for gangs to use.

  21. Sino says:

    So, ok then…

    On the first screen you can see NPC dressed in bikini and shorts on it,
    probably you noticed that I have marked the strings of bikini.
    So, on NPC you can notice it….

    …but on the second screen, you can see my character from fun save,
    with the same clothing combination. Strings simply vanished after the founding of shorts.

    Understand ?

    Ok, now to the animation…

    Animation that I saw did not belong to any of the key available in the character editor screen. Yeah, we have there the gesture of perfection
    and a blown kiss, but these are two different animations.
    This one, was only one smooth animation.

  22. IdolNinja says:


    I’ll need you to upload your save wearing that combination to test.

    Also, those gang animations are exactly the same as the player taunt/compliments. Gang npcs can smoothly switch between taunts and compliments like that with any of them. I’ve already looked through all the gang animations and preload while troubleshooting the taunt/compliment mod so I am 100% certain on this.

  23. Sino says:

    Here you have it.

    The animation wasn’t from any gang member, strange civilian.

  24. BANE says:

    Hey Sino have you tried buying that bikini item again? With the shorts or whatever on?

  25. Sino says:


    Yeah, it’s always the same and I can’t find anything in game C++ to fix this.

  26. IdolNinja says:


    I took a look into the bikini bottom strings today with Firespite who knows more about obscured VIDs than any of us. Unfortunately, the obscuring is something with the mesh and not fixable. The npc in the picture you posted is wearing an item called “combined sunbather’s top and bottom” which is a different item/mesh. We have tried to enable that item for the player, but it crashes no matter what we try.

    I’m sorry, but it’s just not fixable with the tools we have right now.

  27. Sino says:

    Ok, thank you for everything.

    Good luck with the next mods =)

  28. BANE says:

    Hey IdolNinja I have possibly one of the greatest ideas for an addition to SR2 ever thought of, ( well It was my brothers idea actually but still)


    Need i say more, other than both playable and NPC XD

    • IdolNinja says:


      We can actually set individual heights for the player and any npc in the game, it’s not something we could really include in GotR, but I’d be happy to give you a hand with modding your midget dream mod if you want to make your own version. :)

  29. Zac says:

    Sex doll launcher
    Jetpack (possibly a drivable backpack)
    Try and add some of the confirmed sr3 weapons
    And could you create a gallery or something with screenshots of all modded weapons, thnx

    • IdolNinja says:

      Interesting idea, but the mod is maxed out for available weapons and we can’t add any additional ones without breaking the game.

      Also, we don’t have tools to edit meshes so a jetpack is unlikely at this time.

      There are already multiple galleries showing GotR mod stuff linked on the site. I don’t think making a single weapon one would serve any purpose.