Gentlemen of Steelport v1.0 Beta 2a Release

This is mostly a bugfix release for Gangstas in Space stuff, but that’s not a heck of a lot of fun, right? I figured why not make the release more interesting and add in a brand new addition that players have wanted ever since SR2; helicopter customization!

Mrturktleon has managed to find a way to get heli customization working, so all your heli class vehicles like the Specter, Vtol, Scythe, Aegean, Opppressor, Vulture, Condor, etc can now be painted and upgraded. He also fixed a ton of other customization bugs, so now things like the Bear body color paint works, the N-Forcer paints, the Pony Cart, the Ball, and more!

Download the hot new Gentlemen of Steelport v1.0 Beta 2a

Beta 2a Changelog
Extended Customization v1.0 by mrturkleton

What this mod does:

* The Stag N-Forcer you get as a reward now has color change options enabled
* Bear has been fixed along with other previously broken color changing vehicles
* Saints in space vehicles are supported
* Turret Bulldog has a few extra options
* The Ponycart is now color customizable
* The Ball (Death Orb) is now color customizable

NOTE: All of the extra extended customization above is now wrapped in to the Customize All Vehicles core mod which is automatically selected as part of the coop compatible build. There is also a separate optional mod that allows for helicopter customzation! Read on!

How to enable helicopter class customization:
* OPTIONAL VEHICLE MODS MENU – Option 1. Convert All Helis to Boats so they can be customized at the dock
^ Select and Build in that option and all your helicopter class vehicles like the Specter, VTOL, Scythe, Oppressor, etc will have their vehicle class temporarily switched to Boat. This will make them available at the Dock where customization works perfectly. Simply customize them all how you like, save, then build a new version of GoS without the optional mod selected to restore them back to helicopters.They will retain all their previous customization you did last time. Easy, huh?

NOTE: Because helicopter customization now works, the random heli colors part of this mod has been removed as it’s no longer needed.

* Fixed Scythe weapon sounds by IdolNinja

Also fixed the Scythe UI Weapon Icon to show the laser instead of the incorrect machine gun icon.

* Fixed Increased FOV mod so the UFO Fine Aim now works

* Fixed Gangster in Space Mission Replay icons and mission names in the cell phone

Added notes to known issues:

* The Avatar Rampage mod breaks http://deckers.die, so make sure it is uninstalled if you want to play/replay it.

* Both the Death Orb and Super Fast Cars and VTOLS mods change the camera for the Death Orb so that you can actually fly it. This has the side effect of breaking The Belgian Problem mission, so make sure both of these are uninstalled before playing/replaying it.

* Removed ASP customization note since it’s now working

37 Responses to “Gentlemen of Steelport v1.0 Beta 2a Release”

  1. masayumemasa says:

    How nice!!!
    Well, you konw. While we’re playing a mission(new DLC Gangstas in Space or Muder Brawl XXXI ), can we change clothes by mod?
    (teleport to a wardrobe. And return to mission area again)
    I hope to use a wardrobe anytime and everywhere. hehehe.

    • IdolNinja says:

      You’re in luck then. I’m actually working on that very thing and it should be in the next release! You’ll have freedom to wear whatever you want during missions! :D

      Actually I think I misunderstood. I’m working on disabling the forced wardrobe changes in missions. I don’t think access to the wardrobe from anywhere is possible yet. Sorry!

      • masayumemasa says:

        Oh, I got it. I don’t like that costumes(space suit and wrestling suit) which Volition compel us. Anyway, thanks a lot!!!

  2. JohnShepard says:

    Hm.. I don’t seem to be able to access the Helipad. First time I get Teleported outside and then I try to access it from the outside Helipad and it crashes? O_o Is it just me or ..

  3. saintsflow says:

    it would be cool if u could make a mod that would give us the ability to recolor weapons

  4. Hugal says:

    I was wondering can you actually change the VTOL decale that is STAG to the Saints one?

  5. Hugal says:

    For me when i go to the docks and look at the VTOL or tornado it takes me out of the dock but if i quickly look at other helicopters it works fine i dont have any mods that change those

  6. Happysuns84 says:

    I finally got to play around with the updated mods.
    I must say you guys did an EXCELLENT job.
    I have fallen in love with the New Colors and especially the new compliments/taunts. Cheers to you guys for the excellent mod work.
    Keep em coming.

  7. JohnShepard says:

    Is it possible to add the Steelport Guard texture to the hummer? So like you turn a regular hummer into a National Guard one o-o? Also having that big plane from the intro mission would be badass as a vehicle :P or the STAG variant o;

    • IdolNinja says:

      Turk is working on all the decals, including the N-Forcer ones. The giant plane is a problem since it’s so big it clips through stuff when you spawn it in and immediately blows up with you inside it.

  8. JarJar says:

    Hey, great job, I like where this is going, but how about adding an uncensor and maybe even a body retex mod?

  9. JohnShepard says:

    This question has been weighing on my mind for a long time, Can we downgrade weapons AND choose single/dual wielding as a mod? That would be awesome.

  10. Erewon says:

    Perhaps it’s a stupid question, but Where can I find Stilwater ?

    Is it like in this video ? :

    Because every time I try this, I go back to Steelport :/

  11. JohnShepard says:

    What about making a mod in which the National Guard base and the STAG Thermopylae doesn’t flag you as wanted. So people can “pretend” or “roleplay” as Soldiers of the SNG or STAG o-o

  12. DeepWang says:

    I keep getting a .net framework error, apparently I need to update it I suppose, But I can use GOTR mod creator just fine.
    Is the creator for Saints Row Third more updated I’m guessing?

  13. Silveressa says:

    Is there a way to enable the mod creation .bat to run without requiring .net 4.0? (I run Xp sp2 hence don’t have .net 4.0 and cannot install it.)

    • IdolNinja says:

      You’ll need to update to SP3.

      • Silveressa says:

        I tired that a few months back, for some reason under service pack 3 my removable hard drives (Western Digital 1tb’s) stop functioning, and upon rolling back to sp2 they returned to working normally; so I’m forced to stick with sp2 for now. >.<