Gentlemen of Steelport v1.0 Beta 2a Release

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Download the hot new Gentlemen of Steelport v1.0 Beta 2a

37 Responses to “Gentlemen of Steelport v1.0 Beta 2a Release”

  1. masayumemasa says:

    How nice!!!
    Well, you konw. While we’re playing a mission(new DLC Gangstas in Space or Muder Brawl XXXI ), can we change clothes by mod?
    (teleport to a wardrobe. And return to mission area again)
    I hope to use a wardrobe anytime and everywhere. hehehe.

    • @masa
      You’re in luck then. I’m actually working on that very thing and it should be in the next release! You’ll have freedom to wear whatever you want during missions! :D

      Actually I think I misunderstood. I’m working on disabling the forced wardrobe changes in missions. I don’t think access to the wardrobe from anywhere is possible yet. Sorry!

      • masayumemasa says:

        Oh, I got it. I don’t like that costumes(space suit and wrestling suit) which Volition compel us. Anyway, thanks a lot!!!

  2. JohnShepard says:

    Hm.. I don’t seem to be able to access the Helipad. First time I get Teleported outside and then I try to access it from the outside Helipad and it crashes? O_o Is it just me or ..

  3. saintsflow says:

    it would be cool if u could make a mod that would give us the ability to recolor weapons

  4. Hugal says:

    I was wondering can you actually change the VTOL decale that is STAG to the Saints one?

  5. Hugal says:

    For me when i go to the docks and look at the VTOL or tornado it takes me out of the dock but if i quickly look at other helicopters it works fine i dont have any mods that change those

  6. Happysuns84 says:

    I finally got to play around with the updated mods.
    I must say you guys did an EXCELLENT job.
    I have fallen in love with the New Colors and especially the new compliments/taunts. Cheers to you guys for the excellent mod work.
    Keep em coming.

  7. JohnShepard says:

    Is it possible to add the Steelport Guard texture to the hummer? So like you turn a regular hummer into a National Guard one o-o? Also having that big plane from the intro mission would be badass as a vehicle :P or the STAG variant o;

    • Turk is working on all the decals, including the N-Forcer ones. The giant plane is a problem since it’s so big it clips through stuff when you spawn it in and immediately blows up with you inside it.

  8. JarJar says:

    Hey, great job, I like where this is going, but how about adding an uncensor and maybe even a body retex mod?

  9. JohnShepard says:

    This question has been weighing on my mind for a long time, Can we downgrade weapons AND choose single/dual wielding as a mod? That would be awesome.

  10. Erewon says:

    Perhaps it’s a stupid question, but Where can I find Stilwater ?

    Is it like in this video ? : Ou acheter dutasteride

    Because every time I try this, I go back to Steelport :/

  11. JohnShepard says:

    What about making a mod in which the National Guard base and the STAG Thermopylae doesn’t flag you as wanted. So people can “pretend” or “roleplay” as Soldiers of the SNG or STAG o-o

  12. DeepWang says:

    I keep getting a .net framework error, apparently I need to update it I suppose, But I can use GOTR mod creator just fine.
    Is the creator for Saints Row Third more updated I’m guessing?

  13. Silveressa says:

    Is there a way to enable the mod creation .bat to run without requiring .net 4.0? (I run Xp sp2 hence don’t have .net 4.0 and cannot install it.)

    • IdolNinja says:

      You’ll need to update to SP3.

      • Silveressa says:

        I tired that a few months back, for some reason under service pack 3 my removable hard drives (Western Digital 1tb’s) stop functioning, and upon rolling back to sp2 they returned to working normally; so I’m forced to stick with sp2 for now. >.<