Powertrains, Tattoos, and UFOs

Tidosho released v2.0 of his Vehicle Drive Mod that does some additional tweaks to the originals and adds some new ones too. The brand new vehicle mods are for the Go, Komodo, and KeyStone. Foamcup  released some additional corrections to the Go, and added new RWD mods for the Titan and Peterliner as well.

Foamcup has also released his first solo mod which lowers the volume of the UFO. Everyone on the forum, including me, seems to agree that it was originally way too loud and grating. It’s the small changes like this that help shape the Gentlemen of the Row mod into something special.

I spent some time today integrating the above changes into v1.8 beta 4 and also looked at a tattoo color issue where tattoos change from the selected bought color back to a default black or blue when you remove and then reequip them.¬† After doing some testing, it turns out that this issue is something that was broken in the original game before we modded it. I’m going to continue to do some more debugging and see what I can do.

5 Responses to “Powertrains, Tattoos, and UFOs”

  1. Master Corruptor says:

    wow this is a great addition to the mod pack.
    This mod is starting to look a little like Saints Row 3 xD

  2. XyzzySqrl says:

    My favorite kind of mod has always been the Megamod. Seeing all those ideas, all the awesome stuff a community can do meshed together, really makes me happy. Up until now my favorite megamod was Oblivion’s “FCOM”, but this is in the running to dislodge that.

    My only question: I’ve only played a few hours with this. Would it be better to play more with 1.7, or will there be such significant change in 1.8 that I’d be better served waiting for that? Or can I upgrade on the fly?

    • IdolNinja says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Each of us who contribute to the mod love what we do (including me) and I think that shines through in everything we do. :)

      Go right ahead and play more with v1.7.1! You should be able to easily and smoothly update from v1.7.1 to v1.8 with your character and not miss out on a single thing. I knew, before work even started on v1.7, that I would be asking the fanbase to start brand new characters and saves with it since it was the only way to make the new features work. I made absolutely 100% sure that I stuffed in all the new unlocks and everything we had planned that would require a new start. So, making a fresh character for v1.7 was a one time thing, and all future versions (including v1.8) should let you easily migrate.

  3. Master Corruptor says:

    IdolNinja – Have you/your partners thought about releasing this mod on moddb.com ?
    Seeing that Mod database is the largest resource for modding i think you could get alot more interest in the mod =)

  4. IdolNinja says:

    moddb.com has come up a couple of times. I signed up for an account there a while back with the intentions to upload it, but then kind of forgot about it. I’ll try and set something up this weekend. :)