Weapon Pack

Work continues on v1.8 BETA 4, and this weekend I integrated RedRage’s weapons pack. The big things are a new platinum RPG launcher mesh, and a new platinum SPAS12 mesh. There are also quite a few other mesh fixes for existing weapons. The wooden baseball bat is back in now that the 2 handed animation is working correctly, and the Gold Desert Eagle and silenced pistol offhand mesh now work correctly and can be dual wielded.

20 Responses to “Weapon Pack”

  1. BRUNO says:

    bro.. my brother is waiting for that Mod..And the Gentelmen Of The Row v1.8 Beta.. how many days to realese that mod?

  2. Master Corruptor says:


    This is awesomeness assured. all these teasers are making me look forward to the downloadable release !!

  3. slawek211 says:

    What about Beretta 92fs? Do you add that weapon too? And do you add all of weapons from RedRage weapon pack?

    • IdolNinja says:

      We don’t have space to add any additional weapons, so we can’t add the 92fs or the sig sauer (tanya pistol.) Anytime we integrate a new weapon, we have to change the mesh of an existing weapon like converting the standard RPG over to the new laser one. If we try to add any more additional weapons, the game breaks. We’re looking at trying to fix that. So for now, those two weapons cannot be added.

  4. slawek211 says:

    Ok i’m uderstanding it, but can you replace the vice 9 model to beretta model? This will add to the game more realism.

  5. slawek211 says:

    And you can delete the chainsaw launcher to make space for new weapon.

    • IdolNinja says:

      I love the Chainsaw Launcher. I also love the black cutscene beretta. These weapons will never be replaced.

      Honestly, I don’t care about realism at all. To me, SR2 is about fun, not realism. But, if you do want those weapons, you can always add them in yourself. I include all the source with every release in the included modified folder so you can make your own version to suit your taste.

  6. SoulGate says:

    Yeah, we already have several pistol variants, why add more? I say keep the crazy weapons that exist no where in real life, so I can escape real life to enjoy my game with stupid crazy things. Sounds like, I dunno. FUN.

  7. slawek211 says:

    Ok, it’s only idea. Can you send me tutorial how to add these weapons.

  8. slawek211 says:


    • IdolNinja says:

      Read this first. It’s about how to add a new weapon. You’ll need to understand these concepts first:

      Then you need to understand how to use the tools. A good place to start is the big thread of modding which has links to tutorials and other info:

      To change a weapon mesh, you’ll need to change the referenced mesh name in items_inventory.xtbl, and items_3d.xtbl. Then replace the original mesh references in preload.tbl with your new mesh names. Then add the new mesh files to your modified folder along with the rest of the source files and build your patch.vpp_pc using gibbed’s tools.

  9. slawek211 says:

    Thanks but i want to replace vice 9 and deagle model to beretta and slim dealge model, i add files from extracted patch and smesh_pc files,

  10. slawek211 says:

    and it dont works i changed mesh name in preload.tbl to cut_pistol.smeshx

  11. slawek211 says:

    Loading stop at 40%

  12. slawek211 says:

    Ok i fix it. Thanks for tutorial.

  13. slawek211 says:

    I’ve got another question. I want to change the weapons names from Vice 9 to Beretta 92FS. Wich file i need to edit?

    • IdolNinja says:


      There’s no way to change weapon names on existing weapons without it breaking the game. For new weapons that aren’t in use by NPCs, it just uses the name in weapons.xtbl. For example: .Septic Gun. If you try to changes existing ones it just crashes.

  14. slawek211 says:

    Damn, ok thanks.

  15. slawek211 says:

    Because i can’t log in to the community i write it here, i found 2 “new” meshes 1st is an94 abakan(i think is it) and 2nd is another model of m4a1. I upload the screens.
    Can someone find it?