Sad Panda Freefall Physics Mod

I modded the open world freefall physics to mirror the Sad Panda Skydiving physics from the Genkibowl VII DLC by request. You can grab the mod here to try it out and get your superman on.

9 Responses to “Sad Panda Freefall Physics Mod”

  1. Aporia says:

    Yes!!! That is what I have been waiting for! I thank you and the requester!

  2. shane3x says:

    Could you make a mod for when you equip the Sad panda suit, you gain all of the abilities from the Sad Panda Sky blazing activity? In SPSB you could fall on a solid surface and no matter how far/fast you were going you would survive. I tried doing the same with this mod and I just died lol.

    • IdolNinja says:

      Unfortunately not. There’s really no way to tie those abilities/physics to a clothing item afaik. For example, in the activity the suit did NOT give you that ability despite what the announcers said. The mission script itself is what did it. There’s really no way for us to trigger something like that in the open world… at least not yet.

  3. theBoy says:

    Maybe a stupid question cause everyone is busy with GoS.
    But when are you going to continue GotR.
    Or does it end here for SR2 modding.

    • IdolNinja says:

      I still plan on modding sr2 as well. I have some big plans ahead for GotR v2.0 once I get the core of GoS done. It’s hard to give any kind of answer on when though. It all depends on how busy I am with other things.

  4. Destreon says:

    Probably not related but, remember te mission w/ angel to raise an insurance fraud and you ragdolled yourself into cars, would you be able to replicate that? not in a mission but in real time :3 maybe without the cash bonus or something i really enjoyed that mission and the required amount to pass the mission atm is too short :P

    • InfamousBIG says:

      …That’s already a activity/series of side missions in the game, and a cheat availible as well.

  5. amir hojarov says:

    I do not ponmayu where the button to download