Stores, Music, Sig Sauers, and TGA crashes

I spent some time today helping out Kahalee with his Sparrow Aircraft mod for SR2. This is his first mod and it adds a brand new aircraft dealership at the Airport named Sparrow Aircraft. The mod also moves all the helicopters and planes to this new dealership and removes them from Foreign Power and Cycles. Kahalee and I were able to get everything working except for the actual Dealership name that is displayed when browsing vehicles. Strangely, in the lua, it is expecting a crc value instead of a string name, and anything else bombs out. I wonder if the developers had crashing issues with stores that were just passing text and weren’t defined so set it up this way to force them to use a variable. The mod is mostly finished (other than the name) and was released for beta testing today. It’s pretty exciting since this is the first new store that has been added to the game and opens up the possibility for even more.

InnocentSam was able to get all the ambient music and radio commercials purchasable at Scratch That, so you’ll now be able to listen to weird things like the Zombie Uprising Music, or the Club music in your car. He also was able to hex edit the binary weapon mesh and fix the unused Sig Sauer. This is going to be tricky to implement since we’ve hit a weapon limitation with how many additional weapons we can have in game before it breaks.

I also tested an idea about how we could temporarily work around the the lack of a texture repacker by converting an extracted .png texture to a .tga format and just sticking it in patch.vpp_pc. Then, point the xtbl/lua to the (unpacked) TGA file instead. I tried this out with a couple of the logos but it just crashed the game no matter what formats I tried.

I had much better luck with the animation fixes since I haven’t seen a single problem from testers with the latest beta 3. I also played for a few hours tonight with SoulGate and didn’t see a single instance of the “airplane arms,” so I think that issue has finally been put to rest. Also, by going through preload_anim.tbl I was also able to cleanup a bunch of unused animation files and open some room to do some new taunts. It was perfect timing since InnocentSam is almost finished with a new taunt using Shaundi’s hackey sack animation. That definitely sounds like it will be a cool addition.

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