Zombie Army!

Encogen has just updated his Gang Plus One mod with zombie homies! Now you too can have an entire army of the undead at your disposal on every controlled street corner instead of just calling in a small team of them. The best thing? They still act like zombies and rip everything to shreds!

3 Responses to “Zombie Army!”

  1. encogen says:

    Not really on every corner. I’ve still to figure out how the game handles zombie spawns. There may be a non-character prerequisite for their proper ambient appearance.

    That said, they do behave properly when called and I did manage to cause several ambient spawns with saints variant, so not all hope is lost.

  2. nemisis116 says:

    Wow that’s hardcore, still optimistic for a day when we can have all those homie models as playermodels/suits
    Please Genki, allow this to happen my lord.

  3. Happysuns84 says:

    wow I can see it will be cool when fully complete :D