Genkibowl DLC Info and Speculation

While looking through the file names for the upcoming DLC, I was able to make some guesses as to the upcoming content. Be warned that this info and speculation does contain spoilers. Rather than post it here, you can read my post on the Penny arcade forums with all the info laid out and spoilered correctly.

3 Responses to “Genkibowl DLC Info and Speculation”

  1. Bakunyu says:

    Nice list! I think with the info you provided and this screenshot we can be pretty sure that there will be Genki-themed gang vehicules:

    Maybe mascots will be considered a gang in some of these events, kinda like the survival mission near the Let’s Pretend store where mascots keep coming at you in golf carts, scooters and Emus? Can’t wait for Tuesday hehe