Saints Heroes Mod

Encogen released a really cool Saints Heroes mod that lets you choose almost any npc in the game in your homie selection screen.


7 Responses to “Saints Heroes Mod”

  1. encogen says:

    Ha, thanks .)

    By the way, in case this goes into GoSP, I plan separating the version with tough brutes and weapon loadout changes into a “Gang Buff” addition, leaving recruitable yet fragile bruisers as the default option.

  2. ZiddersRoofurry says:

    OMG..ok, so, I was up against the Morningstar, taking out one of their gang encampments, when I called for Saints backup. I had already made Shaundi, Gay, Oleg and Pierce my gang. Lo and behold, I get all four to show up. Next thing you know, Oleg2 and Shaundi2 show up…so now i’ve got two olegs, two shaundis…but wait, Gat2 and pierce2 arrive. Now i’ve got 2 of each..or do I?

    After about 20 minutes, I had 4 olegs, 4 shaundis and 1 pierce. 3 pierces and all 4 Gats died as soon as they showed up. Pierce and gat (the npc gang ones, not the actual game ones, weren’t actually attacking anyone. All four shaundis had the virtual reality hand cannon. I really didn’t need shaundi, tho. With four olegs running around, the only reason I got killed was because by wave 7 of 7, the military had arrived and brought about four tanks.

    This mod is awesome. Also, Idol, I know I haven’t really been posting to the Penny Arcade group, but any chance of getting an invite to the Steam group? It’s cool if the answers a no.

  3. nemisis116 says:

    1. I saw genki and I shit my pants
    2. It gave me hope that these could be playermodels/suits

    Love your site Idol, it informs me and gives me hope.

  4. Happysuns84 says:

    wow Encogen, very cool mod. I am so gonna download it :)