Gentlemen of the Row v1.8 BETA 3 Released

v1.8 Beta 3 is is mostly bugfixes and also a couple of new logo additions. Here’s the full changelog:

We Have It – No More Explodey Mod by IdolNinja
Changes the coordinates of the vehicle spawns at dealership so that spawned vehicles no longer explode, even if you spin them.

Swat Clothing and Logos Fixes and Additions by IdolNinja
* Swat Overshirt can now have 128×128 logos on the sleeves
* Adds FBI logo to available 128×128 logos
* Fixes Ronin Jacket crashing issue when used with the Swat Overshirt
* Fixes clipping problems with the ski mask. Head hair, facial hair, and facial jewelry are now correctly obscured while wearing it. Also eliminates the clipping with the front neck area when the Ski Mask and SWAT Overshirt are worn together with the Swat Vest.

Fixed Gang Animations Take 2 by IdolNinja
Removed some extraneous entries from preload_anim.tbl and added back the missing anims that were still being referenced in GML1_Vehicles. Hopefully this fixes the “airplane arms” issue that happens occasionally when gang members idle. The two places it seemed to happen the most were at the mall, and directly in front of the Red Light Crib. Please let me know immediately if you see this issue still happening.

One-Handed Sawed-Off Changes/Fixes by RedRage
* 12-Guage ammo clip changed to 2 shots instead of 6, by popular demand.
* The Pimp Cane melee and animations are once again correct.
NOTE: Infinite ammo for the Sawed-off shotugn now unlocks with the infinite SMG ammo unlock instead of Shotgun.

Vehicle Customization Exanded update by RedRage
Adds the Bear slogan decal: “A Brighter Future for a Better Life” to the mechanic customization options.

Fixed Penthouse wardrobe lightcone by IdolNinja (original mod by Firespite)
The downtown Penthouse wardrobe lightcone has been moved slightly so that it is not in the middle of a chair before upgrading the crib.

Fixed max vehicle altitude by IdolNinja (original mod by Half-Dead Wonder)
A plane/heli will no longer disappear when you reach the world ceiling.

21 Responses to “Gentlemen of the Row v1.8 BETA 3 Released”

  1. bill says:

    were can i download mod 1.8

    • IdolNinja says:

      Thanks for your interest in the mod. v1.8 has not been released yet. It’s still in beta and all the new features and additions are being thoroughly tested. I’ll be posting download links here, at The Row, the Steam SR2 forum, and penny-arcade forum when it is released publicly.

  2. HIPTO says:

    ah mk i just got a lil confused when it said released all good looking forward to it keep up the good work.

  3. Master Corruptor says:

    Man i’m looking forward to this release.
    Currently messing around with 1.7.1 and it’s awesome.

    Is there an ETA on 1.8 ?

    • IdolNinja says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback on 1.7.1. Most of the bugs have been worked out, but there are a few big pieces I would like to include in 1.8. The most important is the helicopter mechanic working for customization, now that plane and boat mechanics are working. There’s also Kahalee’s first mod that is in beta that adds a few new vehicle dealerships throughout the city which is in testing right now. InnocentSam also has his new Fight Clubs, purchasable ambient music, and a teleporter mod that he is finishing up that I would like to see in if possible.

      It’s hard to set an ETA on release with a big collaborative effort like this, but if forced to guess I would say a couple of weeks would be a solid bet.

  4. Master Corruptor says:

    Surely you and your colaberates must take whatever time you need to finish this, if it have to be months.

    Do you know if it’s able to add in extra missions of some sort ??

    • IdolNinja says:

      We’re working on integrating a custom lua console in-game so that we can run our own scripts. Once we have that functionality we should be able to start developing our own custom missions. It’s not something that’s going to be happening right away for release 1.8 though, but sometime in the near future (if all goes well.) Our end goal is to have a full suite of modding tools so we can do total conversions (new graphics, story, sound, missions, etc.)

  5. BANE says:

    Looking forward to 1.8, 2 questions though, first off I’ve just started a new game on 1.7 will i have to start all over again for all the changes to take effect? And 2, is there any chance you could add Duke Nukems belt buckle, I’d do it myself but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to, I messed around with some of the tools up for dowload but only managed to crash the game a few times. Anyway just thought I’d ask, keep up the good work.

    • IdolNinja says:

      You should be able to use your save from 1.7 in the upcoming v1.8 easily without missing out on anything. Unfortunately, we don’t have the tools yet to import textures and meshes, only export. All of the new meshes and items you’re seeing in the mod were there already in the existing files and just unused assets. So, no, we can’t do a Duke belt buckle at this time.

      Don’t give up hope though. We are working on the tools that will allow us to import our own stuff, and I know that I always bet on Duke. ;)

  6. Yuki says:

    hayzz…. i want the mod realease … please finish it faster PLEASE!!

  7. bio says:

    how to download ?

  8. beep says:

    idol ninja gentle man of row rocks……..when will it be released?

    • IdolNinja says:

      v1.8 will be out soon. We’re still working on fixing the last few bugs with the vehicle mechanics, and also waiting on Kahalee to finish up the new vehicle dealerships. He just needs to fix one last camera and a variable name while buying stores.

  9. beep says:


  10. A says:

    Hey Idolninja if there’s a way to extract the dlc Corporate Warfare, Ultor Exposed, and The Unkut Pack from xbox and incorporate it into pc could you do so please

    • IdolNinja says:

      There is no way to do so. At least not yet. The files are in different formats and there is no way to integrate them at this time.

  11. harryhmj says:

    all the stuff you compiled and put into the game is cool, but would you mind putting the puke taunt back in. the cannon ball thing looks stupid.

    • IdolNinja says:

      You are in luck. I completely agree that it looked terrible. In fact, the puke taunt was restored well over a month ago in v1.8 beta 2 (we’re now on beta 9 and still testing before public release.) Just shoot me an email if you would like access to beta versions. You can reach me at idolnina at my address.

  12. A says:

    O btw with the 1.7 beta mod theres a bug that will not let you enable a resolution higher than 1650×1050 and I have a 1920×1200 monitor I was wonder could you fix that issue other than that your mod is awesome

    • IdolNinja says:

      There is no resolution bug with the mod. The Steam version of SR2 (which is the only legal way to play it) supports higher resolutions with v1.2 of the exe, and the mod doesn’t affect that in any way. If you can’t access those resolutions then you are running a cracked exe which was only patched to 1.1, and not a legal one.