No More Explodey

I released my We Have It – No More Explody mod for Saints Row 2 today. The mod Fixes the issue where the bigger Snipes57 planes and certain helis and boats would explode at dealerships when spawned. Each dealership now spawns vehicles in a better spot where you can freely rotate them without fear of them going kaboom.

I also did some more troubleshooting of  gang idle animations and had foamcup give the new build a test run. He’s been a great help in uncovering bugs and issues with the mod, and gave the new animation fix a thumbs up, as well as confirming the Escort Vehicle Delivery Service is now working properly. He’s also been digging into the code himself, and maybe we’ll see a mod from him soon!

Kalahee, over at The Row forums, has also done a really nice logo for the mod which I think looks fantastic. He also had some great ideas about using it as a pendant or on billboards once we get the meshes and texture tools working.

Gentlemen of the Row v1.8 BETA 3 should be releasing soon!

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