Squashing Replay Bugs

Corrodias and I were able to track down the last of the mission replay mod bugs, and the interiors of the nuke plant and 3 Count Casino cribs now load correctly. The trick was creating a new thread in the cleanup function and adding a slight delay before their restoration. I want to do some thorough testing over the weekend, but expect to have a corrected release out sometime before Monday.

I’ve also been reading some pretty shitty and ignorant comments that players have been posting on forums regarding how “Volition is lazy because look what the modders did with mission replay.” Everyone needs to stop for a moment and realize that this mod was a complete fucking nightmare to get working right and introduced a massive amount of bugs.

The main problem with replay is with how the open world changes over the course of the game and permanently loads and unloads different zones that need to be tracked. The missions and cutscenes expect a linear progression and for the world to be inĀ  a certain state for everything to work right. Changing even one thing in a replay has a cascade effect that touches almost every single other mission and the open world itself, most notably how stronghold cribs work both before and after you acquire them.

The bottom line is that there is absolutely zero chance that Volition could have shipped this feature without an ungodly amount of additional testing and bug fixing. If it was my my call, this would have been the very first thing I would have axed to make release date.

18 Responses to “Squashing Replay Bugs”

  1. encogen says:

    It’s probably even worse on the official forums. Every single game with some sort of modding scene gets the fan-shitstorm regardless of what developers did or did not achieve.

    That said, props on making it actually work. Your dedication deserves a monument.

  2. neongrey says:

    Man, the laziness thing kills me. The more I play the game and more dev commentary I read/hear, the more it hits home that there’s no laziness anywhere in this game, just a lot of love.

  3. Rita says:

    I do think though that they are kind of pushing it with releasing a DLC that gives you a goddamn recolor of the level 4 grave digger, but purple/gold.

  4. JorgeY says:

    Rita: The “Future Warrior” DLC outfit is also just a recolor/retexture of the STAG Elite outfit.


  5. Happysuns84 says:

    Yes Idolninja. I can imagine the hard work you guys put into it. I myself was a bit disappointed in the whole no mission reply thing since I rely on Replay Value with my machinima. But I will say that I listened to the whole thing you posted the other day and, I can tell you that I agree 100% with what you said. Every little thing requires a variable. Not even going into the If/Thens which can be a pain in the rump to code when you have a bunch of elses like I had to deal with from my little experience learning C Sharp. I commend them for putting it in part 2 and fixing it up through DLC. And I do the same for you guys for modding it in for those of us who love it.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. ZiddersRoofurry says:

    I certainly hope that none of my comments have come across as being overly negative towards volition. While I do feel that constructive criticism shouldn’t be looked at as ‘trolling’, I’ve been carefull to reiterate the fact that I appreciate the work Volition has put into the game. Having been a member of the Runic Games forums for a few years now and having had a chance to get to know some of the developers, I know how much work these kind of games can be and that you sometimes have to make sacrifices due to time/money.

    I appreciate their hard work, and the work of the modders. If ANY of my statements have come off as disrespectfull, they certainly weren’t intended as such.

    • ZiddersRoofurry says:

      Looking back at all the comments so far, none of the comments about the mission replay option being left out have been ‘shitty’ OR ‘ignorant’. Sure, the few comments (there have only been two, so i’m assuming you were aiming your statement at my comments and the other persons comments) have been a bit critical..it IS possible to respect a company/developer while at the same time criticize them, right? The podcaster pretty much said the same thing to the fellow from Volition, and they had a good laugh over it.

      I think keeping an open ear to constructive critique is helpfull and important. Niether of us were trolling, and I feel the use of the terms ‘shitty’ and ‘ignorant’ were more than a bit unfair. I have nothing but respect for Volition and the modders here. I may disagree with some of the direction they’ve taken the series in, but i’d glady put money down on the sequel, just like I did for the game and the DLC.

    • IdolNinja says:

      Relax, man. My post wasn’t actually directed towards you, or any of the other visitors to this site. :)

      Its real targets were the posters on the official forums and other sites who are using the mission replay mod as a justification for attacking Volition’s integrity.

      • ZiddersRoofurry says:

        I understand man. Sorry, Idol. I shoulda given you the benefit of the doubt. Try not to let the unappreciative gamer rage get to you.

  7. kaduos says:

    Any idea when we’ll see a uncensored mod?

    • ZiddersRoofurry says:

      Check out the mod release section here http://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/index.php Frankly, I don’t get it. The nude models are about as interesting and anatomically correct as naked ken and barbie dolls. They look way better with clothes on, and there’s a lot more interesting fap material out there. Imo, the pixelation makes it look a lot more like an episode of COPS, but to each their own.

      • kaduos says:

        Nothing to get. I download the uncensored mod for The Sims, too. I don’t “fap” to them, I just don’t like censors.

      • Digi says:

        know of any that just get rid of pixels?
        the only two that seem to be on that site have modififed skins to give the females [parts] :I

  8. Saint Panda says:

    @ idolninja
    Nice work..looking for the release, and don’t worry people are always like that..Bethesda even got it even when they release huge massive gamne full of things, and we know that THQ rushed Volition to release the game in holiday season anyway.

    by the way Can you swap character models ? like allow us to play as Gat,Viola or random gang member ? ( since I read that modders can’t use NPC cloths)

    • IdolNinja says:

      @Saint Panda
      Not as yet. Npc morphs don’t really work like they did in sr2. Even the Cyrus, toilet, blowup doll etc player changes were actual clothing outfits instead of morphs.

  9. MikalBlitzkrieg says:

    I don’t think it is laziness, I think it was, let me just say it, stupidity to leave it out. Mission Replay is the one feature most (let me go out on a limb and say all) people wanted. The thing I have a problem with is mission replay or a new game plus is one of the things everyone one can agree with that should have been implemented and planned from day one. I know that due to the choices you can make in game makes replay much more difficult then why not a new game+. A fantastic new game plus feature for me would have been simply permanent max respect locked a 50. That way you can reacquire your power ups early.

  10. MikalBlitzkrieg says:

    I mean every talks about clothing, the way the cars drive, layering, etc, etc, etc……………. but mission replay and new game plus is the absolute one thing everything can get behind in this game. It is the one main reason everyone still plays Saints Row 2. It is the main reason I still play it.