All Cheats Cheat v4

I found some missing cheats that I overlooked (I am Giant, Itty Bitty, etc) in my cellphone all cheats cheat mod  and updated the script. You can check it out now in the new v4 release, or simply wait until the next beta build of Gentlemen of the Row v1.9.

26 Responses to “All Cheats Cheat v4”

  1. rudemaker says:

    How many beta builds will there be?

  2. Saigon says:

    IdolNinja but you can cut the cap piecre

  3. Saigon says:

    The character of Sr2 he has a special cap can cut it and add to the clothes Sorry do not know much English

    • IdolNinja says:

      I think you’re asking if we can export clothing like hats from SR2 and import them into SR3…

      The answer then is no. The clothing is in a completely different format and we don’t have mesh tools or conversion tools to do that. Maybe one day, but not yet.

  4. Saigon says:

    not pierce the cap of Sr2 just add a bandana clothing in Music 1 2 3

  5. Saigon says:

    do not have it (the cap is almost like she’s current first version of this cap is raised you can cut and add to the clothing

    • IdolNinja says:

      I confirmed that there is only one baseball cap in the code that is the same one that is available to the player and that Pierce wears. It is the exact same hat. Certain npcs have special ways they can wear clothing that the player cannot. For example, Shogo wears his sunglasses up on his forehead, so it may be the same thing. There is nothing that can be done to change this. You’ll have to just wear it slightly forward.

      Also, are you sure it’s not just a wear option? Have you tried wearing it “back”?

  6. Saigon says:

    So it turns out that a player can not wear a cap so as Piecre and can not do this?

    • IdolNinja says:

      We seem to be having a difficult time understanding each other since English is not your native language. I’m not sure how much clearer I can make this, but I’ll try:

      Pierce wears the “baseball cap”.
      The “baseball cap” is for sale at the Sloppy Seconds store.
      The player can buy this same “baseball cap”.
      The “baseball cap” is what you and Pierce are wearing in your screenshots.
      There is no other baseball cap in the code. It is the same one.
      Some npcs, like Shogo, can wear items differently, like his sunglasses he wears up on his forehead.
      The player model is made up differently from npcs and cannot wear certain items the same way.

      So, either Pierce wears his hat special (like Shogo) OR it is the “Back” wear option when you put it on.

      So, you need to try the “back” wear option with the hat. If that doesn’t look the same as Pierce then it is a special npc wear option and it can never be done by the player.

  7. Saigon says:

    clear and open as possible to format g_peg_pc? and can alter materyal garment with a mantle well, jeans jackets shirts new textures? and possibly to make a basketball t-shirts all logos except for numbers

    • IdolNinja says:

      Yes, all that is possible. I’m not personally interested in doing any of it though since I like the existing materials and I have zero interest in sports teams.

  8. Saigon says:

    I would know how to open g_peg_pc would make textures for clothes only a matter of how you can open the image in g_peg_pc

    • IdolNinja says:

      It’s a bit complicated.

      * Download Minimaul’s tools
      * Drag a .peg_pc file onto pegtool.exe to extract (make sure both the peg_pc file and the matching g_peg_pc file are both in the folder)
      * Delete the .raw file(s) it extracts for each texture you’re working on. If you do not delete it, it will repack with the same old texture. This is handy if the peg_pc has multiple png files inside and you only want to edit one of them.
      * Edit the .desc file in notepad and change the compression and unknown flags 1A if needed. Usually they have to be:
      Compression – A8R8G8B8
      UnknownFlags1A – 0101
      * Edit the png files with your new textures
      * Drag the .desc file you edited on to pegtool.exe and it should create a new peg_pc and g_peg_pc file.
      * Repack these new peg files containing your new textures into a new patch.vpp_pc file along with the rest of your mods

  9. Saigon says:

    and where the texture of clothing and how they name?

    • IdolNinja says:

      You’re going to need to extract:

      You’ll have to look up the names of the files in customization_items.xtbl which is packed in common.vpp_pc.

  10. Saigon says:

    cmhat_ubandana02_n.g_peg_pc it’s only a matter of those texture units and how to hide the G peg PC only peg pc opens

  11. Saigon says:

    So I found cmhat_ubandana02_n.g_peg_pc same clothes? The question is how to open G_peg_PC?
    I got only peg_PC

  12. Saigon says:

    Well, I opened them very miserable texture). The question is kept under Tga_0 and how to make a G_peg_PC and peg_PC

  13. Saigon says:

    I do not really understand how to make a Tga _0 G_peg_PC and Peg_pc

    • IdolNinja says:

      Edit the png file(s) with your new graphic
      delete the .raw files of the ones you are repacking
      Edit the desc file with the 2 parameters I gave you last time
      Drag the desc file on to pegtool.exe and it will create a new peg_pc and g_peg_pc file.

      I’m sorry, but If you don’t understand then I really don’t know how I can make it any clearer. Working with these modding tools is complicated enough, but trying to communicate in a language that is not your native one makes this much more difficult and frustrating for both of us.