Pixelation Fun

Meet Barbie and Ken, the new leaders of the Third Street Saints:

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  1. Collieboy says:

    I’m hoping that they took out the nipples on the women and the genitals on the men only for the Initiation Station but will have them in the game otherwise I will be very disapointed.

    • IdolNinja says:

      @Collieboy Prepare for disappointment then. There is zero chance they will be in the full game.

      • Collieboy says:

        Well I’m always prepared for disappointment but I try to remain optimistic :) Maybe they can be modded back in. I know they were in the previews because they talked about running around naked with their dicks flopping around under the pixels.
        Oh well I guess they buckled under presure from the ratings board.

      • Koen says:

        And there is no way to mesh in some nipples? >:D

        • IdolNinja says:

          Nothing that I would ever waste time on. I think people who are desperate for videogame nudity are pretty silly.

          • Mkdo says:

            At the worst, for the tits you can modify the texture, no ?
            But like IdolNinja, I think that there is more important than that ^^

        • encogen says:

          I’m pretty sure someone will eventually come up with a nu-texture. Don’t really see anyone bothering with a separate mesh though.

  2. Arioh says:

    is this downladble?

  3. Erewon says:

    My SR2 game is lagging since I buy it… Could you tell me how can I fix it ?

      • Erewon says:

        I check the “Is there anything I can do to fix the stuttering and lagging while driving?” section but I’m lagging even if I walk in the street so I don’t know if it could help me… I know that my CPU frequency is exactly 2.20Ghz so it’s maybe the problem. I intstalled your Powertools but I don’t know what to do after installing it… I also installed DirectX, but SR2 is still lagging.

        • IdolNinja says:

          Do you meet the recommended requirements? (as outlined in the FAQ, NOT the official ones.)

          Do you have at least 4Gb of RAM?

          If that cpu is a c2d then it is extremely weak for this game.

          Did you disable dynamic lighting, ambient occlusion, motion blur, anti aliasing?

          Did you try running at a low resolution?

          Did you clear out your prefetch and reboot?

          The instructions for configuring powertools are all there in the FAQ.Was there something specific in the instructions that you didn’t understand? Did you install the new auto sync version?

          • Erewon says:


            Yes, I have !

            I’m not sure I understand… I’ve got an Intel Pentium Inside.

            Yes I tried at low resolution, it doesn’t change anything… :/

            How do I clear it ? I delete all the .pf files in C:\Windows\Prefetch ??

            I didn’t understand the step 2 : “2. Open Powertools.ini and tweak as necessary.”

          • IdolNinja says:

            First, I need detailed specs. Telling me you have a pentium doesn’t mean anything. Is it a dual core (c2d i.e. core2duo)? Is it a quad core? i3? i5?

            Also, how much RAM do you have? What video card do you have? What speed hard drive (rpm and sync)? What operating system? These are all extremely important to know. If you don’t meet minimum specs then you will never be able to run the game well unless you start upgrading your hardware. It will be a waste of time to proceed further with troubleshooting.

            Yes, you delete all files in the prefetch folder. Everything.

            You are not reading the FAQ. You are quoting the instructions that came with it. Go and look at the FAQ on the Steam forums that I linked you. It has step by step instructions on how to configure Powertools. Before doing that though, listing your hardware specs is the most important thing so I can tell if it’s even worth it to try.

  4. Erewon says:

    It is a Dual Core.
    I’ve got 4Go of RAM.
    Video card : NVIDIA GeForce GT 220M.
    I don’t know the way to know what speed hard drive I have…
    Operating System : Windows 7 Premium Familial Edition 64 bits (6.1, version 7600) (Hope you’ll understand, I just translate this from french).

    • IdolNinja says:

      Your video card is a mid level laptop integrated video chipset similar to the 9600m. It’s not great. Since it’s a laptop it probably also has a green low rpm hard drive to help conserve battery power. The biggest problem is your cpu though. It is extremely weak for this game. Even with Powertools configured, low resolution, and all graphic options off, sr2 will never run well on this hardware.

      • Erewon says:

        Ok that’s what I thought… I should receive an other Computer (not a laptop) in few months and I think there won’t be any problem ! ^^

        Thank you for taking some of your time for me and sorry for my few problems in computer science and in english ! :)

      • Jon says:

        I have a computer with a Core 2 Duo, 2 gigs DDR3 and a GT440, runs Vista. Game works like a charm.
        That’s about as low as you should go to have any fun with the game though. If at all possible, upgrade your graphics card.
        If you say specifically which Dual Core you have, I could help, because clearly the game CAN work fine with a Core 2 Duo.

        • IdolNinja says:

          Of course it can work fine with a c2d, but see his previous comments.His 2.2Ghz c2d is pretty much garbage. Plus its a laptop, so it’s likely a green drive, and there is no way it’s going to be able to load assets from disk to memory fast enough to compensate for the shit job they did with the engine. Not to mention he has an absolutely crappy 220m mobile gpu which is nowhere close to the power of your GT440. The biggest problem though is that it’s a laptop so upgrading is most likely not an option.

          If you are running SR2 that well with only 2Gb of RAM then you are either incredibly lucky since 99% of people cannot, or you have an extremely fast hdd like a cavier black 10,000rpm drive or an SSD.

          • Jon says:

            The whole things weird since the hard drive is from a Dell computer from 2001, and the the RAM is pretty ordinary Kingston DDR3 (This is even weirder- I shouldn’t have been able to put DDR3 in an Emachines Vista from ’07).

            So I must just be lucky lol

  5. Tigersan says:

    @IdolNinja First I wanted to thank you for doing so much AMAZING shit for this game hhehe :) . Then I’d like to ask if maybe you know which file can i find the muscle normal map for the female (if they are different) player character in SR2 ?

    Thanks in advance! :)

    • IdolNinja says:

      In SR2 the male and female use the same model/mesh/normal maps (this has since changed in sr3 with separate models for male and female.)

      There is already an optional mod included with GotR that increases the muscle definition with normal maps. You can find it under the Character Creation menu. This mod uses the following file included in the archive:

  6. Cora says:

    IN: Ken is sooo passe, Mattel ditched him a long time ago (probably because he was sulking in a corner after Barbie ditched him for GI Joe lol). Sorry, Ken, it’s the uniform thing…

    @Collieboy et al.: I see the priorities for SR3 haven’t changed from any other moddable game. For some reason the “anatomically correct” (to use the PC term) issue seems to take precedence. Not that I’m a prude or anything.:)

    There is a side benefit from all the nude-mod-modding that goes on (and not just for SR2/3); the usual side benefit usually being better skin textures, hairs textures/meshes, realistic eyes and the like … and since I don’t make habit of running around naked in gaming worlds (or the real one for that matter, so stop drooling and hoping!) Really, you want me to tackle that horde of orcs in a bikini that resembles chain mail? Sure … I’ll follow right after you in your banana-hammock plate… so go on ahead there hunky, I’ll catch up to ya… So that sort of modding only works for me in regards to other aesthetics as I keep the character’s clothes on. Really guys, HD ahem-adult-site-videos are lots better quality. lol I seem to have this similar rant for just about every new game that you can mod.

    Frankly, the first thing is bug fixes. Most game developers aren’t all that quick with patches and it often falls to the community. Second is improving various game aspects (for instance, realism mods for Fallout 3 … or maybe even SR2 if I ever figure it out). GotR vastly improved SR2 without even going into THAT menu and selecting 3.

    Okay guys, you can come out from cover now. :) Rant over. Oh, and really, get rid of the banana hammock there, Gat-wannabe, it’s not going to hold up well to the boatload of super cool weapons (not to mention being able to fly that cool looking jet) that it looks like SR3 will have…

      • Cora says:

        :) Thanks for letting me rant IN. I don’t object to improving meshes/textures … I mean, really, while I don’t go around wearing bikini chain mail, I don’t wear long john underwear like Hasbro forced on Atari for NWN2 either … lol. So there’s -some- validity some of the time. And sure, I can understand even getting some vicarious thrill after spending $50-$60 on a game … and it’s your game and if someone mods that and you use it…

        I just get this oh-boy-here-we-go-again kind of smile every time a new game comes out and the topic (or pixels) gets raised. :)

        • IdolNinja says:

          The only reason that GotR even has a nude mod at all is that I got constant weird emails and posts asking for it and simply wanted to shut them up. tbh, I find the whole thing incredibly ridiculous.

          • Cora says:

            It is, though I find Volition’s whole let’s blur the pixels thing equally ridiculous. Fine, if you’re going to have a nude base model, have one and dang, just do it. Why half-step? An ESRB thing probably. Otherwise do what most others do, give the base model some clunky underwear that even your grandma wouldn’t buy from a yard sale for 25 cents.

          • IdolNinja says:

            I think the pixelation is hilarious and adds to the sense of fun rather than a half-step as you suggest.

          • Cora says:

            Valid point … if you look at it from that viewpoint it IS funny. It’s funny when doing the streaking thing too, like seeing it on TV news with them trying to censor it. It’s damn annoying in-store though.

          • Cora says:

            ps: Which is the ONLY reason I went to THAT menu and selected 3 after getting annoyed enough at the pixellation in wardrobe and in-store.

  7. Fan says:

    Wouldn’t it be pretty simple to put on nipple mods for females? just get them from the male model! ability to change color of nipple would be hilarious too Lol. also i think it would be funny if the purple bat was modded to be a wearable item. adds to the whole “strap it on!” tag line.

    btw, love the work you do IdolNinja :D

  8. Gandalf says:

    Any news on the graphics tools for SR3?

    Also when i logged into steam this morning i learned that someone was able to access membership and credit card info.

    • IdolNinja says:

      Gibbed is still working on the tools. I’ll be posting news as soon as it happens on them.

      That Steam thing is scary as hell. Everyone should change both their forum and Steam passwords as well as watch their credit card charges very carefully.

      • Gandalf says:

        Good thanks i’ll be keeping an eye on things here then,downloading my steam pre-load now.Excuse me but YAHOO!!! hehe