A Master Thief and Associate

Created some new outfits for GotR this morning. The two new Lupin ones were designed by masayumemasa with a couple of small tweaks from me.

Lupin seemed kind of lonely so I threw together a Jigen one as well.

14 Responses to “A Master Thief and Associate”

  1. masayumemasa says:

    OMG!!!It was so touching!!!

  2. Happysuns84 says:


  3. Georgo[o]n says:

    Hi Idol.

    Can you add Prison Guard suit and Security (normal) outfit? :)

    • IdolNinja says:

      Probably not. They are only a slight variation of the outfits already added to the game, and creating a new outfit takes a huge amount of time and effort.

  4. Ash says:

    This reminds me, I made a pretty decent Dr. McNinja once, just by using clothes already in the GotR mod.

    I’d like to make a SparkleLord motorcycle to go with, but alas, there aren’t any sparkly rainbow vehicle decals.

  5. insufferable says:

    That Jigen is fucking slick.

  6. Erewon says:

    Could you create a code like : “Everybody can be your homie” :D

  7. mmseraph says:

    Cupid’s stock is too little

    Its very feature are Greek Helmet and Sandals, and nothing else.
    Such house cost the second highest price to buy it over, darn.
    (I know the reason are those rare vehicles)
    maybe you can move those Nobodyloveme stock to there?

    I beat 2 of the fightingClub mission, but never met woman fighters

    I’m on remodeling those gang soldiers add-on,
    don’t know what the variety code(EX: 0.30303030303030303) means
    I guess that is the variation range script?
    so far I could just rematch those soldiers from 1 kind to the other kind.

    and the original Ninja sucks, looks more like mummy.
    I wish to remake a more flashy Set of ninja,(with female, of course)

    • IdolNinja says:

      Cupid? The name of the store is Buy Jove and it’s a museum gift shop. The stuff from Nobody Loves Me does not belong there.

      There are no woman fighters in fight club.

      I’m really not sure what you are talking about regarding variety codes. Your comments aren’t really making a lot of sense, so it’s really difficult to follow.

      I personally like the ninja outfit.

      • mmseraph says:

        Sorry I plays the Chinese Version, it’s awfully translated, most of the verbs are wrong or not-appropriate.

        They even mistook Samedi(green) with Saint Row(purple), So I sometimes have to fight “my own Gang”. XD

        The Buy Jove is refered to Cupid so I mistook that.
        What I mean is that the shop offers too little items, maybe you can move some items to there like tribal tattoos and other unlocked or hacked items?

        The variety code I mean is in the soldier .xtbl file that contains the refering Characters and the Variety(skin tone, clothes, gender,…etc) ,the code is like
        0.303030303(Nuclear worker) or 0.27864798978(stripper and biker).

        I suppose the code is how the soldier and citizen be set,
        but I haven’t figured out what the number means.

        maybe that code could be used to make female

        So far I can only change the height of soldiers,
        it seems like player’s height.

        Sorry again if I confused you.

        • IdolNinja says:

          Wow, that’s a terrible translation. No wonder there was some confusion.

          I’m not sure about the tattoos, but I’ll think about moving some things to Buy Jove. It does make sense to have some interesting items there.

          The variety tag controls the variance in heights. So, if the height is set at .9 and the variety is .01 then the the heights can be a range from .089 to .091. This helps give slight variance to make all the npcs not look like clones. The actual skin tone, clothes, gender, and the percentage how they spawn are all defined in the npc’s cvtf file located in meshes.vpp_pc. Unfortunately, this cvtf file is binary and was compiled from the original npc’s xtbl (like npc_stripper_female.xtbl for example.) The cvtf file cannot be edited with a text editor, but we have had minor success with a hex editor to change certain values.

  8. bstrd525 says:

    Hey Idol… I got a problem…
    So I was using GoTR 1.8, working very well, awesome, used it for months, but then I decided to try the 1.9!

    So I made a patch, picked what I want, ( I already backed up the vanilla files before installing 1.8), replaced… And whaddya know? It crashed when I started a new game, or even when I decided to customize my character online, so it’s not a problem with DirectX.

    I tried switching back to vanilla. Didn’t work.
    Switched back to 1.8. Didn’t work either.

    So now I dunno what to do, I can’t play ever since I installed 1.9… :(

    Please help!

    • IdolNinja says:

      @bstrd525 Did you happen to choose the nude mod with no pixelation? That particular mod also replaces your shaders_pc file which may be causing the problem (since 1.8 doesn’t have that file it wouldn’t overwrite it with an original when you reinstalled.) Try verifying integrity on Steam then reinstalling 1.9 without that nude mod and see if it works.

      You could also try using the shaders_pc file in the Gamersgate 1.1 fix folder.