Colorable Hounfor

I fixed the Hounfor (General’s Limo) so that the body can now be painted at the mechanic. Up until now, it couldn’t be changed from the default Samedi green.

You can grab the source here if you want to add it in yourself, or simply wait for the next release of GotR.

7 Responses to “Colorable Hounfor”

  1. InnocentSam says:

    Very VERY nice, gonna try this out tomorrow.

  2. Dawitis says:

    I installed the 1.8 standard keyboard version (where things get unlocked as you play) , I have some bugs tho, one most gangs when they try to atk me point there hand at me as if they have a gun but nothing is in there hand, no bullets come out tho. they just stand there so I kill them…sometimes this happens to the cops to but not always so it might have something to do with there default weapon… (sometimes when I get close tho they stop pointing at me and switch to a melee weapon)

    also after doing the steal drugs mission of the sundi, (where you go around killing them and picking up the drugs so you can make them yourself) no missions work, I mean when I try to start a mission(currently only tested with Samedi and the Ronin(as I have not started the other gangs yet) When I try to start the missions the game crashes to desktop..I removed the mods files and switched back to the originals and loaded the same save and the missions start.

    Is there a way to include the remove the censor mod with your mod? (as it uses the same file as yours)

    • IdolNinja says:

      The missing guns are a preload problem. It sounds like you copied the patch.vpp_pc file to your install folder and forgot to also copy the preload.tbl and preload_anim.tbl.

      The crashing on mission start shouldn’t be happening, as the mod has been stable for all players for over a year now without that problem. Are you running the German version of the game by any chance? The mod is not compatible with it.

      The latest v1.9 beta has an optional mod to remove the censor bar as part of the installer. I would highly recommend using v1.9 it instead of v1.8 as it is stable and almost ready for release.

  3. Erewon says:

    Finally :D

  4. J.Shepard says:

    Where do you put this mod? – Just so I know from now on :]

    • IdolNinja says:

      If you’re using the latest beta of v1.9 (and you should be) put it here:

      Then simply rebuild your patch.

      Anything in that folder will always take precedence over any other file when you run the installer and create a new patch.

    • J.Shepard says:

      Nevermind – Found it (Been away from the PC for a while)