Gamersgate fixes German version keys?!

Apparently Gamersgate has worked things out with Volition and their new keys install the uncensored English version of SR2 on Steam instead of the terrible censored and incompatible German version! Gamersgate customers can now finally update to the official v1.2 patch on Steam which fixes some major performance, AI, and resolution issues, and also enables coop with Steam SR2 players.

Users who previously bought the game from Gamersgate are reporting that they can now login to their account there and get a brand new uncensored English SR2 Steam key to activate. You may need to contact Steam support and have them remove the German version from your account first if you’ve already activated it.

More details in the Gamersgate thread on the Steam Saints Row 2 forum.

Kudos to Gamersgate and Volition for finally making this happen!

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