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Sandbox+ wip build 16 released!

Sunday, January 26th, 2014
Sandbox+ wip build 16 is out that takes advantage of some of the new exposed functions that were added in the last patch.
E + LEFT BRACKET   - Decrease player height
E + RIGHT BRACKET   - Increase player height
8 + END      - Toggle Slew mode (free camera)
Mission replay is buggy and not working yet. It seems to be save related. The commands for some of the missions are included, but not documented. It’s all of the 6+ and 7+ commands if other modders want to do some testing. Also, the new npc morph function is crashing the game, but I do have an undocumented test command in for Professor Genki (R+HOME) if anyone wants to play with that as well.

Sandbox+ for Saints Row IV wip build 15 released

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

The new build 15 adds the following commands:

E + END            - Toggle drunk walking animations
E + RIGHT ARROW        - Toggle player invulnerability
E + LEFT ARROW        - Immediately revive all downed homies
E + DOWN ARROW        - Playa dance party
E + UP ARROW        - Give $100,000 cash
E + LEFT BRACKET    - Set Player team to police/alien

More importantly, this build fixes the zone issues that many players have been having after teleporting. Now, loading a save, telelporting to a gateway in the open world, or teleporting to the ship crib will automagically clean up all leftover zones so that players won’t have to remember to manually clear them.