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SRTT Full Package sale

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

It’s only $12.49 as a daily deal for Steam’s autumn sale today! Saints Row 2 is only $7.50 as well!

Gentlemen of Steelport gui status

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Things are starting to pick up steam, and an alpha release is getting closer and closer.

The gui is finished, all the files for the huge amount of new mods are in place, and the buttons are mostly behaving like they should. There are still a few major pieces left to do, like the dynamic str2 and asm updating, and finalizing the config file menu so that you can easily save/load/share your mod loadout. There’s also quite a bit of testing and double checking that the files themselves are writing and updating correctly based on gui selections, though I’m hoping that the user base can help with testing that piece of it during the alpha.

One of the interesting things I haven’t talked about yet with the new gui release is that all the str2_pc file contents are actually in an extracted folder format and are all built dynamically during the build process. This is something that fellow modders will appreciate since they will now be able to directly edit the existing lua or dds files within the folder structure of the new GoS. The gui itself can build everything for them without ever having to mess with batch files or the command line. Naturally, this will make testing minor iterative changes much faster.

SRTT The Full Package vs Bloodsucker and Unlockables DLC

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Everyone can breath a sigh of relief since it does not include/force either the Bloodsucker or Unlockables DLC! THQ/Volition really made a good call on this one after all the complaints from fans on how it breaks the game.

Gentlemen of Steelport gui progress update

Monday, November 5th, 2012

I spent my Sunday today adding in and updating mods for the upcoming gui version of GoS. Here’s a quick list of all the new stuff that’s been added in so far:

A Tough City + some weapons modifications
All Motorbikes handling mod
Alternate Times of Day and Weather
Black With Red Bits gun collection
Breaking News Cars or how to do the Zimo Escort missions easily
Buddy Oleg
Buster Rapid Fire
Car Handling mod
Cazzonero Armory – weapons mod
Changes to Whored Mode
Decker Blader Homie & Gang Member v1.0
Disable Bloodsucker DLC
Disable Forced Weapon Pickup/Switch Mod
Do Less Melee DMG
Drive Movie Jacket
Extreme RPG
Female Cop Stripper Mod
Fixed Giant Planes Handling
Fun With Explosives
Gang and police notoriety replaced with the Mayor
Gang Plus One v1.2
Genki Bowl VII DLC – Heli Homies
Genki Pistols and GenkiĀ  Minigun
Genki Spawn Mod 10% Day 30% Night
Hammerhead better engine
Helicoptor Elevation Speed Mod
Hot Boots variations
Inciendiary Be Gone Weapoons Upgrade Mod
Increased Shop Prices
Joe’s Tacticool Weapons!
New skin and hair colors Mod
No Homie Mission Restrictions
No more red screen of death
Non-Greasy Motorcyles
NPC behaviour and spawn mod v31
Original colors for gang customization
Peacemaker mod to allow rear passengers to use their weapons
Player Character Texture Mods
Prototype Crusader
RapidFire HighPower SonicGun
Realism Mod
Rear Wheel Drive Hammer
Remove Big Hat Restrictions update
Removed Hair Restrictions
replacement mod v1.0 – Ethical Reality
Rocket Gang-Pistol Mod
Sandbox+ for SRTT
Shiny Clothing – leather and wet look
Shitface’s Weapon Re-Balance Mod v2.4.2
Specter 2.0 – Faster and Laser-Firing
SR3 – Heli Homies
SR3 cop car mod
Steelport Gangs DLC fixes
Stinkgun 1.0
stun gun dual weild and no overheat
Super Cat and Mouse
Superman Mod (Flight)
TOGO-13 Killshit Upgrades
Tracer-less & Muzzleflash-less Weapons
Triple shot, Incendiary, Explosive Gravedigger
Two Lovely Ladies
Ultor Assassin Costume Mod – Decker style
Weapons texture mods
Zantetzou’s spec ops upgrade

As many of you already know, the new gui version of GoS will be much more flexible and give the player greater control over what modded changes to add. A lot of the individual values will be able to be tweaked letting you drill down and really customize your experience. Also, previously incompatible mods will now work harmoniously together using the new backend scripting that builds all the files.

Things are progressing well, and I hope to share an alpha release soon!

Saints Row The Third Full Package Trailer

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Strangely, there is no mention of the Unlockables pack which has been slammed by most fans since it totally screws up game progression. I sincerely hope that they decided to leave this one out.

“New” Saints Row: The Third clothing added

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Volition has finally gotten around to enabling the SRTT extra customization items for All Saints Day. The new items are a Member of the Row T-shirt, Fleur De Lys Saints Hoodie, 3rd Street Hoodie, Free Throw Jersey, and Antenna.

This isn’t anything special for users of the PC version since we’ve had access to them via mods right after launch. Still, it’s a nice gesture for the console users.