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Sandstorm Stunting

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Songbearer was able to get the Sandstorm air controls tweaked so you can do better stunts with it!

Open Notoriety Mod

Monday, October 24th, 2011

I figured out an incredibly simple way to remove all notoriety from the open world and added it as an optional mod in GotR. This will be included in the next beta release, and here’s the source if you would like to check it out in the meantime.

When Dirtbikes Attack

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Sometimes SR2 modding doesn’t go exactly as planned.

New GotR Spraytags

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Added Heraldic Crest, Professor Genki, and Facepunch spraytags to GotR:

Coming soon in the next beta!

Saints Row: The Third Soundtrack

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Amazon has the SR:TT soundtrack up for preorder with a release date of 11/1.

Amazon Japan also has the soundtrack up too, but they have previews of each music track so you can hear a bit of it early! I love all of the snippets of the tracks and instantly preordered it. the STAG theme is probably my favorite! :D

Animation Mods and the Latest WIP Build

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

If you’re crashing on save load with the WIP build from yesterday, try building your patch without the optional female weapon walk mod and/or without the super girly animations.

I’m looking into the reasons why and hope to have an answer soon.

Mjolnir Video

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Happysun84 shows off the new Mjolnir mod in action:

Updated batch file

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Here’s an updated batch file for the work in progress beta 17 build. Simply extract the new batch file in the archive and overwrite the existing one. The updated batch file fixes the following:

* input.bin is no longer copied to your saves folder if you don’t select it. If your keyboard mappings were changed while testing, this was the reason. To correct any changed mappings, simply change all controls to default in the in-game options.

* 360 and PS3 controller menu selections now save correctly in the ini and appear on next run.

I’ve also fixed the build on the server, so any new downloads from this point on will have the correctly working batch.

WIP Preview Build of GotR Beta 17

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

A buddy has been begging me to let him test the new Bling Fu, so I uploaded a preview work in progress test build.

If you do try it out, make sure not to overwrite your current save. There were a huge amount of changes to very sensitive parts of the code dealing with extra weapons and inventory in order to squeeze in two additional weapons. Changes like these have sometimes caused weird issues with save files showing crazy wrong info, weapons shuffling into the wrong categories, and even permanently forcing a cell phone into your melee slot so you can no longer punch.

Don’t be too scared though. It should be perfectly safe to try out as long as you have an older save and a stable beta like the current b16a to fall back to and rebuild. You can, of course, save in a new slot too, but keep in mind your new save may be invalidated with the actual official release.

GotR v1.9 b17 WIP notes:

Gentlemen of the Row Heraldic Crest legal splash screen by encogen and IdolNinja

Bling Fu by IdolNinja

The Bling Fu is a is a new set of brass knuckles with a diamond bling PIMP on the front. Standard stationary punching procs flaming fists on contact, and combos into a punch that sends npcs flying with a flash camera effect. Charging your attacks (holding down L or R attack) will result in a huge explosion and lightning strike on contact. Attacking downwards alternately produces a huge gas explosion effect. You really have to see this thing in action to believe it. I may never use another melee weapon again. :D

This new uber weapon is for sale at endgame for $1,000,000 at Friendly Fire (or sooner/free with the open optional mods.) Its new cheat code is #55559 and is also now part of the All Cheats Cheat code (#1337)

The Homerun Bat and Mjolnir optional mod by IdolNinja
Drastically increases the impact of the bat and hammer sending npcs and vehicles flying. New audio and visual fx have also been added like stadium cheers for the bat and lightning and thunder for Mjolnir.


The SKR-9 has been reinstated to the original mp5k smg. The MAC-10 is now a new weapon and for sale at Friendly Fire

The batch installer now creates an ini file on build saving all your selections. When you run the batch again it will remember what options you chose last time.

FIX: ss11 Shopping Maul mission bug fixed where only 10 of 11 Samedi would spawn if the Villain Homie Pack Optional mod was installed.

FIX: The Kent combine reward vehicle can now be customized at Semi-Broken. Thanks for the head’s up on that one Nicholas!

FIX: The El Train no longer spawns in accdents in the Ambulance diversion. This fixes a problem where they would be sitting right on top of the victims that needed saving.

Bling Fu

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

The new Bling Fu weapon is almost complete after working all day and night on it. I uploaded some screenshots of it in the meantime for a glimpse of it in action.

When the Bling Fu is equpped, the regular punches you throw are flaming fists (literally) that combo into super impact punches that proc a camera flash and send npcs flying. The charge punches cause an explosion with so much force that most anything you hit disappears as if it was vaporized. There is also a ground pound move that sets off a huge gas explosion and also a crack of lightning when used on an npc.

I had a blast (no pun intended) tweaking and testing, and hope to have a build up soon for everyone to check out. You guys are going to totally dig this.

Oh, did I mention I was also able to reintegrate the original mp5k (SKR-9) smg back into the mod while still keeping the MAC-10s? More details soon. :D