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Selectable Wardrobe Colors

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Finished up work on a mod that removes the restrictions from the wardrobe so you can recolor clothing you already own. It also works for logos too! If you accidentally recolor an existing outfit clothing item then simply select that Outfit again in the Outfits menu, and it will automatically recolor it to the original correct color scheme. Neat, huh?

This will be an optional mod in the next release of GotR, but you can download and try it out yourself if you just can’t wait.

As per usual, simply extract the archive to:


and rebuild your patch.


SR3 Gift!

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

I got an unexpected surprise today from a fan of the mod. Fizzil from the Something Awful forums gifted me Saints Row: The Third!

It was really generous and I can’t thank him enough, especially with the financial situation I’m in right now. My wife and I just bought a new house and we don’t really have any spending cash for much anything else, so this was an awesome gesture.

Thank you sincerely, Fizzil. I may just have to find a way to do something special in the inevitable Gentlemen of Steelport mod that we’ll be working on for Saints Row: The Third. Hmm… “The Fizzilator” sounds like it could be a cool weapon name… :D

3D Presentation and Comic Book!

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Someone filmed the 3D presentation from comic-con that played on the side of the building:

Also, looks like there might be a Saints Row: The Third comic!

Saints Row: The Third Entire Plane Mission!

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

If this is a prequel mission what the hell are they going to be like when things escalate? 11/15 is going to be a good day. :D

Who doesn’t want to be Johnny Gat?

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Hell yeah! The story trailer that many of us got to see early yesterday has been officially released.

Yep. Still rocks out with its cock out. Strap it on!

Saints Row: The Third Story Trailer!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

…and man is it killer.

I had such high hopes for this game after SR2 and Volition keeps delivering media way beyond my wildest expectations. November is now officially ROWvember.

Aaaaaaannndddd it got pulled right after seeing it. Looks like the goons are on it though in case you missed it:

Saints Row: The Third Preorder Bonus!

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

The Professor Genki preorder stuff looks awesome! Everyone needs the Manapult and Tako launcher.

Still no word of a Collector’s Edition though, so I’m still holding out for that. The SR1 and SR2 CE’s were fantastic.

Gentlemen of the Row Beta 15!

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Come and get some tasty new GotR beta treats to end Fourth of July with a bang!


New Clothing logos by IdolNinja
* Saints Row The Third
* Unreal Tournament
* Unreal Tournament 2004
* Fleur de lys with wings (original design by Traxus IV and stencil conversion by ryorininseven)
* Something Awful Grenade
* Fuck you say?

Total new logo count as of Beta 15 = 120 logos!

Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax Tattoo by IdolNinja
Changes the Upper Back Yin Yang tattoo to the new Professor Genki activity logo from the upcoming Saints Row: The Third

Fleur de lys with wings tattoo by IdolNinja (original design by Traxus IV and stencil conversion by ryorininseven)
Changes the Upper Back Star tattoo at Rusty’s Needle to a kickass fleur de lys with wings

Flaming Sam (Sam & Max) Chest Tattoo by Innocent Sam
Changes the Saints Chest Tattoo to everyone’s favorite lovable sociopath lagomorph… on fire!

Something Awful 3rd Street Goons Spray Tag by Stanko-Prussian
Adds a new Goons spray tag at HQ

Wooden Bat Weapon Icon by encogen
Replaces the aluminum bat icon with a wooden one to match the wooden bat texture/mesh added to GotR.

All Cheats Cheat by IdolNinja
Adds a new code #1337 that adds ALL cheats in the game to your phone in one shot. No longer will you have to manually enter each cheat one at a time with a new character.

Cruise Control Lowered by IdolNinja
Lowers the onscreen Cruise Control icon to the bottom underneath the car so it no longer overlaps the driving/action.

Army Olive Drab by IdolNinja
Army Olive Drab clothing color added by request for my bro Trilby


* Tchoupa Twist Pause Menu Music

* Coconuts Pause Menu Music

* Original Pause Menu Music

* Original Hip Hop Main Menu music + original Pause music for the musically challenged

* Brighter Nighttime for the visually Challenged

* All OPEN mods are now broken up in their own menu so you can individually choose things like only no flagging cheats, or only $1 pricing, etc.

* NOTE: All new tattoos have an option in the installer to revert back to the originals


* Blurry icon fix for players with ATI Radeon 6950 Mobile GPUs where the map and control icons would be super blurry

* Crib radio defaults changed to better stations. For example, no more Krunch blaring out by default and The Mixx at Saints HQ.

* Fixed camo decals for the Grizzly (aka Bear) so the underlying paint once again changes the camo color

* The Duke unlock for completing all stunt jumps can now be customized

* Fixed Light Rain cheat so it no longer flags saves

* Handling mod Peewee fix by RoadCrewWorker
Fixes the handling of the PeeWee in the Handling Mod so it’s no longer reversed

* Police Outfit now for sale at Let’s Pretend in the Open version

* Moved SUIT_2 and SUIT_3 from Let’s Pretend to Impressions. Also renamed them in store to Classy Purple Suit Male and Classy Purple Suit Female

* Renamed CRAZY_1, STREET_1, SEXY_1, and Streaker outfits at Let’s Pretend with more descriptive names

* Fixed middle finger taunt for gang customization with the correct tex