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Powertools Users! We Need Your Help!

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Here’s your chance to help us make Saints Row 2 on PC even better!

Minimual is currently working on enhancing Powertools to automatically run at the correct speed without having to mess with a percentage value in the ini. Many of the random crashes and disconnects while playing coop and multi seem to be a direct result of the sync drifting further off from each player as the coop session progressed. If Mini can automatically get the values working, it should eliminate all sync issues in coop and make the game much more stable.

All you need to do is head over to Minimaul’s site and grab the latest test beta of Powertools, install it, run SR2, and finally email him the log file it generates. It couldn’t be any easier, and this quick effort will help him get all the info he needs to make this work.

We’re counting on you! Thanks!

Where the Hell are my GotR Updates?!

Monday, April 18th, 2011

This is just a quick note to everyone following progress on GotR that I broke my ankle a couple of weeks ago, and it’s kind of stalled progress on the mod while I heal. These past couple of weeks have been a hazy blur of industrial strength painkillers, and I’m having a hard time focusing on anything.

I do have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon this week to see what kind of options I have, so we’ll see what he has to say. In the meantime, please keep on testing v1.9 beta 13 and letting me know about any bugs that pop up. I am adding them to my TO DO list as they’re reported and will be taking care of them once I can think clearly again.

Altman be praised!

Friday, April 8th, 2011

So, my friend curly is a huge Dead Space fan, and jokingly asks me if I can mod in Necromorphs into SR2. Sometimes the strangest freak accidents happen… or was it?

The strangest SR2 pics you have ever seen.

Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 Beta 13

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

I was going to wait for the weekend and do some more testing, but there are some pretty important bugfixes in this release and wanted to get it out as soon as possible. As always, you can grab the latest and greatest releases on the beta download page.


Police Animation Optional Mod by IdolNinja based on info from Kaz and Innocent Sam

The Police Animation mod changes the player animations to the Police ones for the following weapons:
Single wield pistols
Single wield SMGs
Some shotguns (spas12, tombstone)

You can find this optional mod in the Animation submenu of the installer.

NOTE: The Run animations for the police pistol and smg do not support firing. Use dual pistols or uzis to use the old animations if you want to move and fire at the same time.

Female Weapon Walk Animations Optional Mod by Philtastic and Ocyris

The Female Weapon Walk Animation mod changes the player’s walk to be more feminine when holding various weapons. You can find this optional mod in the Animation menu of the installer.

Super Girly Female Animation by nissinprincess

Changes the player’s run and stand animation to be super girly. The file links and mod from nissinprincess were long dead so I had to redo the work to integrate it as an optional mod. This optional mod can be in the Animation menu of the installer, and also includes the Female Weapon Walk Animations.

Rapid Fire RPG, Super Tornado, and Satchel Nuke Optional Mods by IdolNinja

You can now select the following mods in the Weapon submenu of the optional mod installer:

* Rapid Fire Rocket Launcher

* Super Tornado – Burst fire rockets, Mini-Nuke explosion, 10x hitpoints – based on a rapidfire Tornado mod concept by jsmilex

* Super Tornado (non-nuke) by request   – Same as the Super Tornado but without the nuke explosion

* Satchel Nukes – Adds the new Mini-Nuke explosions to the satchel! based on an idea by Minimaul

WARNING! Weapon mods are incompatible in coop unless your partner has the same mods!

WARNING! ALL weapons in the game will be modified, including enemy ones! Be careful!

Misc Homie Pack Optional Mod by IdolNinja

The following homies are now available with this optional mod:

* Crazy Salesman – New Vehicle Delivery Service Homie (replaces Legal Lee)
* Shaundi Repair Outfit – Replaces Shaundi
* Carlos Prison Outfit – Replaces Carlos
* The Judge from Gat’s trial – Replaces Jane Valderama
* Mr. Wong’s Translator – Replaces Troy
* Laura – Replaces Luz
* Richie – Replaces Zombie Carlos

You can find this optional mod in the Misc menu of the installer.

More Gang Vehicle Customization by IdolNinja

The following vehicles are now selectable in gang customization:
El Train
Staus Quo
The Job
Cruiser (Five-O)
Grizzly (Bear)


Added the original take a bow compliment back in for gangs so they use that instead of the take a picture for their gang sign. Apparently Gang Sign Customization has never worked properly, even in vanilla. It always defaults to Compliment B (now changed back.)
NOTE: This compliment has only been changed for gang members! The player’s take a picture compliment is still the same!

Fixed invisible gang members for Strippers and Food Gangs

Fixed Super Girly stand animation

Fixed AS14 fine aim firing for cop animations

Fixed rn05 Orange Threat Level black mid-cutscene issue after it plays.

Fixed optional mod installer for original spray tags

GotR Beta 13 Progress

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

I fixed, updated, and added quite a few things to GotR these past couple of days.

There are new optional mods, including police animations for the player, female weapon walk animations for the player, super girly animations for the player, and an option to revert the Gyro Daddy back to the original handling.

I added some new gang vehicle customization options for the O-Ring, El Train, Status Quo, The Job, Cruiser (Five-o,) Grizzly (Bear,) FBI SUV, and Quota. I was particularly amused by my gang driving El Trains around the city. :D

I also fixed an issue with the stripper and food gang types where some of the members were invisible, and also corrected some of the police animations from the wip build from yesterday so that fine aim works correctly with the AS14 and SPAS12.

I’ll likely be releasing beta 13 this weekend with all of these changes plus the other stuff I mentioned previously like the new optional weapon mods and misc homie pack. I got a bit sidetracked with the new optional mod stuff, but am now gearing up to tackle finishing the Send in the Clones mission and try to get a final release out.

Understanding the SR2 Animation Tree

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

I’ve been working on a couple of optional mods that change player animations over the last few days. One of the biggest hurdles for me was trying to get a grip on how the animation tree worked with the parent/child relationships between the animation files.

So, I decided to map the whole thing out to try and figure out what the hell is going on.

My understanding so far is that the tree is parsed at the top and the higher branches take precedence above the lower ones. With the above pic, a modder should now be able to easily trace back the animation to see why a change didn’t work the way he expected. It’s already come in extremely handy for me, so I figured I would share the chart.

This may also be the key to understanding some of the animation oddities like why female gun animations don’t work right after saving/loading. It looks like it may be because of GFL1′s child relationship to GML1, though testing and research is definitely needed.

Weapon Mods and Misc Homies

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

I put together a few optional weapon mods today that include a rapid fire rocket launcher, satchel charges nukes, and a Super Tornado that has burst fire rockets, nukes, and 10x the hitpoints.

I also made an optional Misc Homie Pack with some of the second string characters that includes:

* Crazy Salesman – New Vehicle Delivery Service Homie (replaces Legal Lee)
* Shaundi Repair Outfit – Replaces Shaundi
* Carlos Prison Outfit – Replaces Carlos
* The Judge from Gat’s trial – Replaces Jane Valderama
* Mr. Wong’s Translator – Replaces Troy
* Laura (Tobias’ wife) – Replaces Luz
* Richie (Drug Trafficking) – Replaces Zombie Carlos

You can check out some pics of the misc homies pack here, and download the latest work in progress build of GotR beta 13  with all of them included here.

Ronin Airport Mission fix for Beta 12

Friday, April 1st, 2011

If anyone is having problems with a black screen after the mid-cutscene in Ronin Mission 5 Orange Threat Level (The airport one,)  I uploaded a fixed script that should take care of the problem. Simply extract the rn05.lua file to your optional_mod_stuff\modified\ folder and replace the one that’s there. Then rebuild your patch and try again.

I’ve gotten a couple of confirmations that it’s worked, but it would be great to get more feedback. Thanks!

Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 Beta 12

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Hot on the heels of v1.9 beta 11 comes beta 12! I would definitely recommend that everyone upgrades to this version ASAP, as I rewrote a big chunk of the optional mod installer, and fixed the bugs where some of the slider mods wouldn’t install correctly. There is also a bunch of new content as well to check out.

You can download the latest betas on the beta download page, as per usual.


New logos by IdolNinja

Oda Nobunaga Heraldic Crest
Nin Kanji (Ninja)
Strawhat Pirates (One Piece)
Eye of Horus

16 new optional gangs by IdolNinja added to the installer:

Business Executive
Real Pimps and Hos
Sports fans
Food (Gyro Goat Mascot, Freckle Bitch)
Weird Cop (Anoop and Lt. Freeball)
Saints Clone Heroes (Gat, Carlos, Pierce, Shaundi)
Brotherhood Clone Villains (Maero, Jessica, Matt, Donnie)
Ronin Clone Villains (Kazuo, Jyunichi, Shogo, Dane Vogel)
Samedi Clone Villains (General, Sunshine, Veteran Child, Samedi female soldier)


Test Slider Horror optional mod by IdolNinja added to the installer

Boosts all the slider values to the extreme so you can exaggerate all features (eyes, nose, brow, etc.) This will look WEIRD on your current character, and probably best for starting a new character or just messing around with.

No Ronin Jacket Logos by RedRage (Optional Mod)

Adds an option in the menu to remove the dragon logo from the back of Ronin Jackets. This is only for the male and female Ronin jackets, and not Jyunichi’s that has morph issues.

The following clothing items have been fixed so that they no longer pixelate through inappropriately when worn by female characters:
* Sunshine’s one-off jacket
* General’s Coat
* General’s Shirt
* Save Earth Tee
* Women’s Biker Jacket
* Tobias Pants


Rewrote a big chunk of the optional menu installer and broke everything up into categories to allow for expansion. Also corrected some bugs where certain mods wouldn’t install correctly like the height ones.

Added original spray tags as a choice in the optional installer

Added original crazy salesman jacket dollar signs as a choice in the installer

Disabled Aisha Crib cash lightcone from within mission tss03 Down Payment so it no longer appears in the opening cutscene.

Added Doorman npc morph cheat. The code is #182.

Removed mosaic pixelization from Assless Chaps on both rear and pelvis.

New Logos vs Ronin Jacket Logo(less)

Friday, April 1st, 2011

I created four new logos today; Eye of Horus, Nin (Ninja) kanji, Oda Nobunaga Heraldic Crest, and Strawhat Pirates (One Piece.)

I also setup an optional older mod from RedRage that removes the dragon logo from the back of the Ronin jackets. Now you won’t have to have the dragon on the back if you don’t want it.