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Trailer is out…

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Well, the trailer is out. That sure was something.

Saints Row: The Third Trailer Tomorrow!

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Holy shit! SR3 trailer tomorrow!

12 New Optional Gangs

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

I was on a roll and modded in 12 new optional gangs tonight; Business Exec, Nuclear, Cowboy, Hippie, Scientist,  Construction, Prisoner, Firefighter, Judge, Real Pimps and Hos, Sports fans, and Beach.
You can check out some screenshots of them in my gallery.

Character Creation Gone Horribly Wrong

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

So, I was messing around with player_creation.xtbl and was able to boost almost every single slider, similar to how the super fat body mod works. Huge coneheads, bug eyes, massive noses are all now possible. I put up a test file if anyone wants to check it out here.

Simply extract it to where you put v1.9 beta 11 in:

^There is likely nothing in that folder yet. It’s where you place your own personal mods before you build your custom patch. That location will be the last place the patch looks for files to build. If you want to get rid of it from GotR, simply remove it from that folder and build again.

You can check out some pics here and here. My buddy Amikron also made a hilarious 3ft troll with it and we had a blast in coop messing around.

The next step is getting these all to work at both extreme ends of the spectrum.

Female Clothing Pixelation Fix

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Ever since the very first version of GotR, certain clothing would show the pixelation bars incorrectly when worn without underwear or a bra. For example, Mr Sunshine’s One-Off Jacket would pixelate the breasts of female characters even though the normal vanilla coats did not.

I did some testing and found out that each clothing item that had the issue was missing certain Obscured VIDs. By adding these missing entries, the pixel bars are now obscured and these npcs clothes can be worn correctly without pixelation.

The following clothes have been fixed:

* Sunshine’s one-off jacket
* General’s Coat
* General’s Shirt
* Save Earth Tee
* Women’s Biker Jacket
* Tobias Pants

For those of you interested, the obscured VIDs were:

230 breasts
231 rear
232 pelvis

Please let me know if you find any additional clothing items with this problem. This fix will be in the next beta, or you can grab the fixed source file here.

Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 BETA 11

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 Beta 11 is done.

All six version types have now been consolidated into one release. You can now choose the mods you want to install with the new install menu. This new method will dynamically build you a patch file based on your selections.

Special thanks to SoulGate for spending countless hours this past week helping me test all the new features and bugfixes. His dedication is one of the main reasons why this beta is finally finished and released today. Also, make sure to check out his screenshot gallery on Steam of his horrible character (and mine!) while we tested everything out. It certainly kept things fun and interesting while slogging through a complete game from start to finish.

v1.9 beta 11 changelog:


The included ‘README INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS’ has all the details you’ll need to know about how it works. So far, even technically challenged players (Hi Soulgate!) have been able to use it without any help or even written instructions. It’s really just that simple.

Optional Mods Included:

* 360 Onscreen Prompts by IdolNinja and Innocent Sam
* PS3 Onscreen Prompts by Megacherv and IdolNinja
* OPEN version files by IdolNinja
* Extra Gang Types by IdolNinja
- Medical Gang (Doctors, Nurses, EMT) replaces 80s
- Mime Gang replaces 80s
- Ronin Gang replaces 80s
- Samedi Gang replaces Bodyguard
- Stripper Gang replaces Bodyguard
- Cheerleader Gang replaces Gangster
- Elderly Gang replaces Gangster
- Goth Gang replaces Gangster
- Brotherhood Gang replaces Ninja
- Bum and Junky Gang replaces Ninja
- Streaker Gang replaces Ninja
- Airlines Gang (Pilots, Stewardess) replaces Pimps and Hos
- Law Enforcement Gang (Cops, FBI, Swat, Masako, Ultor) replaces Pimps and Hos
- Barbershop Quartet Gang replaces Prephop
- Biker Gang Replaces Sporty
- Zombie Gang Replaces Prephop (Zombies removed from base GotR and now optional)
- Pirate Gang Replaces Sporty (Pirates removed from base GotR and now optional)
* Super Fat Slider by IdolNinja
* Super Skinny Slider by IdolNinja
* Huge Muscles by Bernard the Beast
* Height Mods (3ft to 8ft) by IdolNinja based on an old discovery by Ocyris
* Skateboarding Run/Sprint by Shambler Saint
* Rollerblading Run/Sprint by Shambler Saint
* Hudless by ? (can’t find the original post who made the discovery. Anyone know?)
* Sticky Camera by BloodSlinger
* Villain Homie Pack by IdolNinja based on an unreleased concept for a Maero homie by RedRage
NOTE: Villain homies will cause problems/crashing with missions that have any of the main villains in them! Best to install after story complete!
* Handling Mod by Ink0gnito

* Fight Beauties Spray Tags by IdolNinja (special request for masayumemasa)
* Zombie Uprising at the Mall by Luke and IdolNinja is now optional
* Post Game Gang Control by IdolNinja is now optional
* Restore original CD locations by IdolNinja

* Send in the Clones Mission (CS01)

The first intro part of the mission is working and playable. The mission completes and unlock Carlos and Aisha once you teleport in to the Pyramid. Obviously, this is only the setup for the mission, and the rest is being worked on. CS01 unlocks to play after completing DLC05 (the ported dlc mission at the nuke plant.)

NOTE: I know the statue triggers are placed a little off, and will be fixing. Also, the teleporter coordinates need to be centered in the middle of the ultor symbol.

* Zero Notoriety Mission (CS02)

This new mission forces all notoriety to remain at zero no matter how much carnage, death, and destruction you visit upon the doomed heads of the doomed npcs. It can be completed in the parking lot at the Saints HQ crib whenever you get bored, and then available from any clipboard. Unfortunately, your garage is unavailable during the mission so make sure to take out any vehicles first before starting it.

NOTE: This mission unlocks after completing Send in the Clones (CS01)

* Daft Punk Robot Revolution Spray Tag by donhonk and IdolNinja

Adds a kickass Daft Punk spray tag replacing one of the crappy demon ones

* Mission Script Fixes by IdolNinja

Fixes cutscene and completion crash bugs in the following mission scripts:


This should eliminate the crashes experienced by some players on mission start/completion.

* Old Man with Walker Walk by IdolNinja

Replaces the luggage pull custom walk with “Slow and Steady”; the old man using a walker walk


* Fixed autosave bug where it would show the wrong game time and completion after completing any of the new custom or dlc missions.

* The following missions have had their cash rewards boosted significantly to offset the higher pricing in the mod. The player will now earn an extra 1.5 million (total) from the Ultor epilogue, dlc, and custom missions combined:
ep01 Picking a Fight
ep02 Pyramid Scheme
ep03 Salting the Earth… Again
ep04 …And a Better Life
dlc04 Corporate Warfare mission 1
dlc05 Corporate Warfare mission 2
cs01 Custom mission 1 Send in the Clones

* Fixed rn05 Threat Level coop chase scene bug where remote player would not spawn inside knoxville after mid-cutscene.

* German bitmap tilesheets added

* Max stash size doubled for every stage of additional crib ownership

* Luke’s fighter outfit tank top now works correctly and no longer crashes the game or disappears

* Clear skies night and endnight have both had their saturation levels boosted. In addition to making the colors  more vivid, it also slightly brightens things up to make it easier to see, even making the trailer park (one of the darkest parts of the island) easier to play in.

* Fixed NR4 (Glocks) being replaced by the Lazarus if you own all melee weapons

* Middle Finger “Fuck you!” taunt reinstated replacing the cigarette ashing taunt

* Bling Bling Shivington and the Spelunkers Store have had their For Sale signs moved a few feet so they no longer intersect with the world geometry

* The GRiddler outfit text has been renamed to “The ENigma” since the jacket now has question marks instead of dollar signs.

* Nukamingo 9001 cheat now flags saves if activated (Standard version only)

* Combat Tricks Diversion now correctly shows the AR-50 with Grenade Launcher unlock when it procs, and not the AR-50 XMAC Special. The INFO menu text has also been updated.

* AR50 XMAC Special (zooming fireworks) replaced with AR50 w/ Grenade Launcher in ss07 Bonding Experience.

* Fixed a bug with the Brotherhood Apartments Stronghold opening cutscene having no audio voiceover.

* Volition Gift Shop discount adjusted to $60,000 per day with ownership.

* Fixed Ultor Yacht crib TV trigger enabled before buying crib

* Removed Zombie Uprising Mall Mod. This is something that Luke and I discussed at length. The main problem with the mod is the lack of zombies/pressure and the food store triggers which break the hud. Our plan is to move this mod over to the zombie conversion project. Luke and I also have plans to create a custom zombie mission for GotR in the mall which will give us more flexibility to do fun things like spawn vehicles and create scripted events and goals with more of a L4D feel.

Testing Testing… 1,2,…6?

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

I spent the last couple of days thoroughly testing all the scripts fixes, and am happy to say that v1.9 beta 11 is almost ready for release. I’m shooting for Sunday night to finish it up and upload.

My testing efforts have already uncovered and fixed quite a large assortment of bugs with the new script changes. I was also able to fix an old vanilla bug in rn05 Orange Threat Level too. This particular bug is where the remote player would not teleport into the golf cart passenger seat for the end chase segment, and only the host ended up driving and chasing the fleeing Ronin.

The problem ended up being that mission author for rn05, Phillip Alexander, did some very strange things with the script; attempting to set delays and a do while loop to force the remote player into the Knoxville. It almost seemed as if he was getting more and more frustrated trying to make it work, and did that as a last resort. He even tried to script the teleport call six times with his loop and then finally proceed. It was a pretty clunky way to go about trying to force it, when the simple and elegant solution was as easy as setting the second parameter to false on the group_create() function: group_create([group],false). This parameter forces a thread yield until the group is created. This simple change I made ensures that the group is created before teleporting the players, and now works every time.

The thing I try to keep in mind when looking at other people’s code is that there are almost always circumstances that I have no knowledge of. It’s quite possible that Volition gave Mr. Alexander an insane unworkable timetable and he banged these mission scripts out in some heroic, sleepless, and caffeine filled effort. Something that seems so very simple to one set of eyes after the fact, may look like a nightmarish spaghetti mess of tears and frustration at 3am and under the gun.

Believe me. I’ve been in those shoes many times.

Johnny Gat’s Not So Sad Day

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

It’s always awesome when you help out an aspiring SR2 cutscene modder and they produce something that makes it all worth it. :D

Optional Installer and Hood Unlocks

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Feedback from the optional mod installer of GotR has been absolutely incredible. I have never seen so many overwhelming positive comments via email, Steam, forums, etc. I’m truly excited to finally be able to integrate some of these mods that have been around for ages that I could never work in before.

In addition to the optional mods I’ve mentioned before, there are now 15 optional gang styles (Medical, Mime, Ronin, Samedi, Stripper, Cheerleader, Elderly, Goth, Brotherhood, Bums, Streakers, Airlines, Law Enforcement, Barbershop Quartet, and Biker gangs,) a way now to revert back to the original vanilla cd locations, and some additional optional spray tags that were requested by masayumemasa.

I tested all of these optional mods out in coop and they work much better than expected. Zero crashing issues. The only weird thing was if one player had an optional gang type installed and the other didn’t, then the client only saw partial homies (faces, guns, etc,) but mostly the homies are just invisible to him. The host sees the homies just fine. All of the other mods and changes worked perfectly though, and are all only visible on the player’s side who installed them. So, if one player installs the skateboarding mod, only he will see it. The other player sees the normal animations in game. Same with tags, and everything else.

This is awesome news, and was my big concern before releasing it as an official beta.

I also spent some time tonight with minimaul trying to brainstorm a solution to the post game gang control and hood unlocks. It looks like he may be able to get ownership changes working with Powertools so a player could actually revert the entire map back to rival gang control and then change it all back again to the Saints when he’s done. This would be an elegant solution to the problem and I could then completely remove the post-game gang control mod from GotR that has divided the player base for so long.

I also tested a bunch of the new script changes for missions and everything worked flawlessly (so far.) I plan to have the next rough test build of the optional mod installer up tomorrow for download, and then an actual official v1.9 beta 11 release up by the end of the weekend.

One thing I want to remind everyone of is that while much of the work on GotR is my own, a few of these older mods come from the hard work and breakthroughs of other modders. I’m releasing these test builds linked in the news posts to get things out as quickly as I can into players’ hands, but there will be full credits drafted up with the official beta coming at the end of this weekend.

We have Shambler Saint to thank for the skateboarding and rollerblading animations that he posted about over a year ago. RedRage came up with the idea of a Maero homie driving up in his monster truck with minigun and created videos, but never followed up with an actual release afaik. This idea was the spring board for my villain homie pack featuring all the villains with their official vehicles and weapons. Ink0gnito is the modder responsible for the handling mod that is now included. Finally, Bernard the Beast had some really fascinating discoveries with sliders and character creation resulting in his awesome huge muscle mod which everyone can finally enjoy.

One last shout out to InnocentSam who was instrumental in solving the mystery of how missions actually launched in game. It was his original discoveries and tests adding in dummy missions that allowed me to finally have my breakthroughs in getting the mission scripting all working and documented.

Villain Homie Pack Complete

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Stayed up all night and into the afternoon and finished it. Here’s the tilesheet with all the cell phone pics:

I put up a current build of the optional mod installer with this included just now before I pass out from sleep deprivation. Check it out here!