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Logo Mania

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Whenever I’m having a stressful time with SR2 modding, I end up creating a whole bunch of new logos. I actually find the process kind of soothing in some weird way. So here’s ten new ones coming soon!

Reinstate Hood Unlocks?

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Way back around v1.4 of Gentlemen of the Row, I got a ton of requests to have gang presence in the city post-game. The feeling from many players was that things were boring just fighting the police after you had wiped everyone out. I spent all sorts of time trying to find a way to make that happen with cheats, scripts, etc…

Fast forward a few months, and I finally came up with an idea in v1.7 to remove one small territory unlock for each gang. The result was that there were tiny pockets of gang resistance left that you could go and start a fight with. These areas were all in out of the way locations like the beach, trailer park, and a tiny arm of the docks and warehouse district. One of the neat side effects of doing this was that the gangs would randomly do pushbacks post-game.

Since then I have received a lot of negative reaction to the change. I have gotten hundreds of questions from players who didn’t look at the readme, asking if something was broken in the mod (because those territories were never gained.) Many players hate it so much that they learn how to mod just so that they can change this one thing back to the way it was to have the map all purple.

I’ve been wondering if perhaps this was a bad idea and the hood unlocks should be reverted back. There are still non-flagging cheat codes that players can use to add gang notoriety and achieve the same effect without this change. I would certainly miss the random pushbacks that happen post-game, but it really wouldn’t be that big of a loss.

So, please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Everyone’s input is appreciated, as always.

Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 BETA 9 Released

Friday, February 25th, 2011

A brand new shiny Gentlemen of the Row beta release is up with a few new additions and tweaks. All six types of builds are available so you have your choice between open and standard and onscreen control prompts. As always, you can access the latest builds on the beta download page.

Still working on those missions!



* 13 new logos added by IdolNinja

Akuma kanji (Street Fighter)
Borderlands Vault paint splatter
Nine inch Nails
Serious Sam bomb
Zorg Industries (Fifth Element)
Red Ribbon Army (Dragon Ball)
Turtle School Symbol (Kame, Dragon Ball)
Kaio Symbol (King Kai, Dragon Ball Z)
Satori Symbol (Son Goku, Enlightment, Dragon Ball Z)
Satsu /Kill You! (Tao Pai Pai symbol, Dragon Ball)
Majin Symbol (Majin Boo/others under Babidi control, Dragon Ball Z)
Ma Symbol (Demon, Piccolo Daimao, Dragon Ball)
Kami Symbol (Kami-sama, Dragon Ball)

Current total new logo count for v1.9: 100!

* Ultor Mall Security Knoxvilles by CPast

Ultor security now rides Ultor variant Knoxville golf carts instead of ATVs at the mall.

* Sunshine’s short necklace and Tribal Tatoo tweaks by rudemaker

Sunshine’s short necklace is now on sale at On The Rag and is color customizable. It was previously only available with the Mr Sunshine outfit. Tribal Tattoo 6 and Tribal Tattoo 7 slots have been changed from Overshirt to Entire Front so you can now wear them with Overshirts. Tribal Tattoo 8 still remains in the overshirt slot since it has problems displaying correctly with the Entire Front slot.

* Eyelashes for Sale by rudemaker and IdolNinja

Adds male eyelashes, female eyelashes 1, female eyelashes 2, hooker eyelashes, and thick eyelashes for sale at Impressions, Branded, Let’s Pretend, and Leather and Lace under the Head category.


* Drug Trafficking level 5 AR50 changed to AK47. This is to prevent the firework launcher from being used in the activity.

* More weather tweaks to Clear Skies: Sunrise, Morning, Noon, Afternoon by IdolNinja and encogen

* Hippie Top 1 fixed so it no longer obscures wrist and glove slots

* Nail polish and eye colors removed from some stores that don’t make sense to have them. The following stores now only carry them: Branded, Impressions, Let’s Pretend, and Leather and Lace

Bitmap sheets limit solved!

Friday, February 25th, 2011

I was able to find a massive section of bitmap_sheetsen.xtbl that could safely be removed without affecting the game. There were 250+ entries in the sheet named hud_remove_01 which all referenced the old sr1 engine with stuff like vice king logos and drugs that never made it to sr2.

What this means is that I no longer have to worry about a limit for preview swatches or other graphics that I had hit a few weeks ago with the last batch of logos. All eight new Dragon Ball preview swatches were added successfully and tested just now without crashing! Yes!

Finished DB Logos

Friday, February 25th, 2011

I finished the seven Dragon Balls logos shown in a previous news post, which  naturally mean that I can now summon Shen Long. ;) I also added a spiffy Red Ribbon Army one too.

I have no idea how I’ll be able to squeeze in preview swatches for them since bitmap_sheetsen.xtbl is full, but worst case the preview windows will just be blank (but they will still be wearable/selectable.)

Current new Logo Count: 100!

Eyelashes for Sale

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Rudemaker posted an interesting discovery that allowed him to enable eyelashes at the plastic surgeon by switching the slot from “eyelashes” to  “around eyes”.

I took that discovery and tweaked  it so that it keeps the same eyelashes slot, but now makes all five types of eyelashes available for sale at the stores under the “Head” category; male eyelashes, female eyelashes 1, female eyelashes 2, hooker eyelashes, and thick eyelashes. All of these are two-tone color customizable as well.

Great find, rudemaker!

Saints Row 3 News!

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Supposedly the cover and another pic about SR3 for the upcoming issue of Game Informer was leaked. It’s not officially confirmed by Volition yet, but the general consensus seems to be that it is real.

More info and media here:

We Gotta Powaa

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

I’ve been pretty busy with boring real life stuff lately, but took a much needed break and watched a bunch of Dragon Ball this weekend with Mrs Ninja.  Overdosing on DB (again) resulted in these work in progress logos that should be exciting to any fan of the show:

From top left to right: Kame (Turtle School), Kami (God), Ma (Demon used by Piccolo Daimao), Kaio (King Kai), Satsu (Kill used by Tao Paipai), Son Goku, and the Majin symbol for Boo and others that Babidi controls.

I’ll be testing and tweaking them this week, as time permits, and should have some in-game screens up soon.

Also, I know that everybody is excited for the new missions, and I hope to have some news and a playable build up soon. Thanks for everyone’s patience and supportive comments and emails while I finish this last part of v1.9. Rest assured that it is still coming and I haven’t forgotten about it!  ;)