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Mall Security Upgrade

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Added in an awesome little mod from CPast that changes the Toad ATVs that Mall security rides to the Ultor Knoxville golf carts. CPast, thanks for posting that one in the comments! I love it!

Super Happy Logo Fun Time

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Fixed a couple of minor issues today. The hippie top 1 no longer obscures wrist slots so you can wear gloves and wristbands with them. Also, the AR50 was changed to the ak47 for Drug Trafficking Level 5 so it’s no longer the firework one. Thanks to encogen for pointing both of those out.

Since encogen has been such a great help I did a few new logos requests for him: Akuma, Nine inch Nails, Serious Sam, and a Borderlands Vault paint splattered version. I also did a Zorg Industries one for me (from the movie Fifth Element) since I’m a huge fan.

Updated Weather

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

I spent all of yesterday afternoon working with encogen on tweaking the new weather mods. We were able to greatly improve it, so it now looks even better. But don’t just take my word for it. If you know how to use the modding tools, you can download it yourself and take a look!

Keep in mind, that this is just the weather source file to replace the existing one in beta 8, so you’ll have to replace it and pack your own patch.vpp_pc. I am probably going to release an updated build sometime later this week so everyone can check it out.

Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 BETA 8 Released

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

I finished up the standard builds of the official v1.9 BETA 8 and they are ready to grab off the Beta Downloads page.

Thanks to everyone who messaged me with suggestions on weather and color. It really helped me to get it looking right, and I strongly recommend checking out this latest build since the colors are much improved over the last WIP one.

The OPEN builds of the official Beta 8 should be up soon!

The Open builds are finished and now ready for download. You can grab them from the beta download page linked above.

Vault Logo

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Whipped this one up for encogen by request.

Pizza Boxes and Trash Bottles

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

And now, I proudly present the Saints Row 2 award for most obscure bugfix! And the winner is…

Pizza boxes and trash bottles now make a noise when you hit an npc with them

I would like to thank L1pE*BR for reporting this totally obscure bug that no one probably ever even noticed before, so I could spend hours trying to figure out why. In case you’re curious, it was not the sample that was the problem. It was the actual material defined for certain objects in level_objects.xtbl. The following materials only proc a sound when you throw them at something or shoot them, and do not play any audio when you wield them and smack an npc or other object:

  • Cardboard
  • Glass – Medium
  • Glass – Heavy

The fix was to simply change their material type to either wood or plastic. This fixes sound for the Pizza Box and “Trash” object that looks like a bottle (not the bottle object itself.)

You can grab the mod here if you want to pack your own, or just wait for the next build of GotR with it included.

GotR v1.9 Beta 8 WIP build #2

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

A new work in progress build of beta 8 has been uploaded. You can check it out here.

This build does contain a complied patch.vpp_pc this time, so users not familiar with the modding tools can now easily check it out. The archive also contains a modified folder with source for modders. Many tweaks were made to the weather based on suggestions and it looks much nicer now with subtle hue and saturation changes throughout the course of the day.

NOTE: This is not an official beta but rather a work in progress release since many players wanted to check out the new weather as soon as possible.

Here’s the work in progress change log:


* Fast weapon switching mod by IdolNinja

Formerly only available in multiplayer modes gangsta brawl and Strong Arm, fast weapon switching is now also available in single player and coop. Quickly tap and release your inventory button to cycle to the next weapon slot in your ring rather than forcing you to navigate it. The result is that you never have to stop. Just quickly tap inventory multiple times to cycle through your weapons to get to your next implement of destruction. It really speeds up the gameplay with a controller.

* Vibrant Weather Cheat and Weather Improvements by IdolNinja

The vibrant weather cheat #78664 changes the look of the game world to extremely oversaturated, bright, and colorful. This vibrant weather has been excluded from the cycle so it will never come up on its own and must be manually activated with the cheat.

The Clear Skies weather (the most common in the cycle) has also had the saturation boosted and RGB tweaked for different times of day making the normal gameplay more colorful like the original Saints Row 1. You can think of these weather modes kind of like:
Colorful Mode I: Clear Skies #78669
Colorful Mode II (Extreme): Vibrant #78664

* Pimpspy Logo by encogen

Changes the revised Powered by Gentlemen (formerly Gamespy) startup splash screen to a new pimp graphic for the spy icon


* Fixed Rapid Fire Taser
The cops now have a much longer refire delay on the stun gun. The result is that they no longer continuously zap you over and over when you’re trying to get up. You should have at least 10-15 seconds after you rise before they fire again to give you a chance to escape.

* Fixed Fleur De Lys logos
Fixes the original game’s 256×256 fleur de lys logo so that it no longer looks weird from a distance. The 128×128 fleur logo was also redone so it doesn’t look ugly as hell with jaggies. Thanks SoMEDUDE for the head up on the issue.

* Fixed Black Dynamite Logo
Black Dynamite logo now displays correctly on Men’s Leather Vest 3

* Fixed medical latex gloves
The medical latex gloves no longer obscure wrist slots when worn. This means bracelets and other wrist items are now visible over them. Thanks encogen for the heads up on the issue.

* Mule decals
The Mule decals are now customizable at the mechanic

* Fixed naming issues
Fixes naming problem with the Lara Croft Legend outfit (no longer Legends) and the Gyro Daddy unlock statistic text in the menu (no longer Gryo.) Thanks encogen for the heads up on those.

* Vehicle Delivery homie slot issue fixed
Legal Lee turns into ped now after delivering a vehicle. You can still recruit him after he gets out of the car. This change fixes a bug where you formerly couldn’t call for vehicle delivery if all your homie slots were full. Thanks to vollinger for noticing the issue and also testing and confirming the fix.

* Fixed beretta clip drops
The beretta 3d object now drops the correct mesh on the ground so you can get ammo (it was previoulsy dropping the old mesh which wasn’t preloaded and thus invinsible. Thanks vollinger for letting me know about the issue and also testing it out and confirming the fix.

* Pipebomb Fireworks
Grenades have been reverted back to their original explosion and the Pipe Bomb was switched to the firework one. No npcs will ever surprise you with a firework explosion and its huge blast radius now.

* Delivery Truck, Donovan, and Mule vehicles moved from Foreign Power to Blue Collar Supply

* Adjusted and lowered the Volition Gift Shop pricing (again.) Each vehicle is now $500,000 instead of $800,000. There is also a pretty huge discount if you own the store, plus ownership generates a huge amount of cash a day now to balance out the initial investment. This should give the player much more money to play with at end game for high ticket items.

* Time cheats adjusted to 9am and 9pm from 8am/pm so it coincides directly with the morning weather time change.

Vibrant Colors

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

I created a new weather type called vibrant and an accompanying non-flagging cheat for it in the latest build of GotR that I linked earlier today. This mode boosts up the saturation so everything pops with color. I made sure that this particular weather can never be chosen automatically by the game, and since it’s a cheat code it can be toggled off and on.

I also increased the saturation level of the clear skies weather condition (though nowhere near as much.) Clear skies procs roughly 50% of the time while normally playing, and looks great with more color. All the other weather conditions like pre-storm, thunderstorm, etc still have their slightly washed out look that they did before.

The latest WIP build of GotR I linked earlier has this Vibrant mod included. I would love to hear some input from players. Here’s some pics!

Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 Beta 8 WIP

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

If any modders want a sneak preview of the v1.9 BETA 8 build, I have put up the current modified folder here.

WARNING: This archive does NOT contain a patch.vpp_pc, and only has the modified source folder. It is only going to be useable to you if you know how to use the modding tools. An actual compiled beta should be out sometime later this week.

Check the included readme temp file for new changes and additions since 1.9 beta 7a.

Fireworks: Grenades vs Pipe Bombs

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

I am considering changing the fireworks explosion over to the pipe bomb and reinstating the grenade the way it was before with the regular explosion. My thought was that since nobody uses the pipe bomb anyway (I forgot it was even in the game lol,) that it would be better served as a more fun type weapon. This would also fix some mission/activity situations where the firework grenade’s bigger blast radius causes some difficulties.

Input on the decision from users of the mod is appreciated, as always.