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Saints Row 3 Release Dated

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

THQ President and CEO Brian Farrell announced today that Saints Row 3 is slated for release in the Fall of 2011. I almost can’t believe that we’ll get to play the sequel to one of the greatest coop games in the history of gaming… in only one year.

HYPE-O-METER set to full on drool mode! :D

Skin Colors, Heli Garages, and Time Cheats

Friday, September 10th, 2010

I couldn’t sleep last night, and had all sorts of fun working on Gentlemen of the Row 1.9.

First off, I modified the skin color tilesheet and setup new swatch pointers, finally fixing the Plastic Surgeon skin color menu:

Since I was on a roll, I also added a Helicopter Garage to the Prison Lighthouse crib which has been a heavily requested feature since 1.7 came out.

And last of all a quickie cheat to Stop Time. When you activate it, the clock stops and doesn’t progress until you deactivate the cheat. Now you can have an eternal midnight where the sun never rises, or an eternal sunset to admire the view for as long as you like!

New NPC Morphs

Friday, September 10th, 2010

I took a look at cheats.xtbl today, and realized that there were a ton of npc morphs missing. So, after sifting through all the npc files I was able to add 54 new npc morphs to GotR. I did have to remove the vehicle cheats to make room, but all the vehicles are easily bought at the dealerships.

Even More Homie Progress

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

I finished up the Carlos and Aisha cellphone unlock pics and also tested them out. Everything seems to be coming along nicely with all four new homies working. Currently the unlocks for Carlos and Aisha are still tied to the old missions. I will be be moving them over to the new custom mission where you get to rescue them from a secret Ultor cloning facility once it’s completed.

I was also able to fix an issue with the Radio icons in the pause menu for the new stations in the EZZZY GENX radio mod thanks to some unexpected (and welcome!) help from a visitor to the site named Rita who also mods SR2. Thanks Rita! We’ve also been having an interesting discussion about the naming of the stations and the logic behind it. Check it out in the comments for the last post!

GotR Misc Mods Update

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

I made some more progress on GotR 1.9 today and finished integrating:

* My updated GenX and EZZY radio postgame mod

* fall damage ragdoll increased mod by foamcup

* Axel the Inferno’s Chainsaw Vogel mod

* Firespite’s and Veerek’s extra hair colors (I couldn’t resist making another bizarro character with rainbow hair while testing.) :D

* Firespite’s Extra Makeup colors

* simkas’ women’s tied button top collar fix

* Added the unique ss03 Tan Oppressor for sale and shifted some other vehicles around

I also fixed the cars and weapon spawns for the new homies. Aisha uses a SPAS12 and drives a Zomkah bling variant. Carlos drives a towtruck and uses an ak47, like Shaundi and Pierce. Mr Wong carries his Magnum from the cutscene and drives a Justice bling variant, and Luz drives her Drug Trafficking Magma and uses a Tec9 SMG.

Radio mod update and Wong unlock

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I updated my Dual Radio mod today to include both 105 EZZY and 89 GENX radio stations. Both stations still go away after 50% completion and finishing Samedi mission 4, but now they come back at the end of the game as bonus stations giving the player all 12 stations after beating the final Revelations mission.

I also completed the Mr. Wong homie unlock screen and got everything tested.

Luz Homie

Monday, September 6th, 2010

I spent most of this afternoon getting the Luz homie unlocks shifted around and working. The gold desert eagle now unlocks with Prison Fight Club Level 3, Legal Lee now correctly unlocks with the Vehicle Delivery Service,and the Luz homie unlocks at Hotel and Marina Drug Trafficking Level 3. In addition to redoing all the unlock text and info menus, I also had to change the unlock splash screen pics as well.

Turned out looking pretty darn good!

(NOTE: It says level 1 in the pic because that was just a quick test to see if it worked okay so I didn’t have to play all 3 levels.) :)

More Homie Progress

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

I was able to get all the new homies working; loading the new images off the tilesheet and in-game. I ran into an issue where the game would only support three extra entries in homies.xtbl, but I got around this by making Legal Lee the Vehicle Delivery homie, freeing up his slot for Mr Wong.

This is going to cause a major headache with shifting unlockables around, and getting the unlock splash screen images changed over. There’s also the matter of getting the info screen data setup correctly so the new unlocks read correctly in the INFO menu. It’s ugly, but doable.

Often, simple sounding mods like this are the ones that have all sorts of issues in the background that players never even know about. Even with careful planning, I often run into unexpected consequences that trickle down and affect other parts of the game. I guess that’s part of what makes SR2 modding so interesting. It’s a constant challenge to overcome the engine’s limitations and make everything work together.

New Homie Cellphone UI Pic

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

I spent some time today getting screencaps of cutscenes to use for the new homies in the upcoming Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 beta. The four new homies are Carlos (regular,) Aisha, Luz, and Mr. Wong. I also updated the UI pic of Legal Lee since the original was pretty awful. Here’s the result!

Here’s the original pic for reference.

Now it’s simply a matter of adding a new entry in bitmap_sheeten.xtbl to refer to the xy of the new tiles and I’ll be able to call that entry to populate the cell phone with the new additional pics!

SR2 Extra Dialogue

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Minimaul was able to figure out the format for all in-game text and did a dump of everything. From his work I was able to piece together most of the dialogue for cut SR2 activities and other things:

“ZOMBIE_HANK_MONOLOGUE_01″: “As a news correspondent I’ve seen a lot of things.  I’ve watched famine destroy villages, I’ve witnessed psychic surgeons cure cancer, I’ve even covered wars…but I’ve never seen anything like this.  My name is Hank East.  Remember that name, because in three days I’m going to be reporting the story of a lifetime.”

Looks like a Dead Rising joke about Frank West. :D

Piracy, Guardian Angel, and Hijacking were cut activities that didn’t make it in to the final game. There are a lot of resources still around though including extra audio. I was able to reconstruct the back and forth dialogue for most of them:


LI: “I’m pleased you could make it.  Wong Sheng Tai spoke highly of you.”
PLAYER: “Did Wong also tell you I don’t work for free?”
LI: “Of course…but before we discuss payment perhaps we should speak of what I would have you do.”
PLAYER: “If you were talking to Wong it probably has to do with killing some muthafuckers…”
LI: “This isn’t about simple murder.  Several ambassadors are arriving to Stilwater for a summit, it’s imperative that thes-”
PLAYER: “Killing the ambassadors won’t be a problem.”
LI: “I don’t want you to kill them.”
PLAYER”You lost me.”
LI: “These men and women need to be protected from people like you at any cost.  I will pay you handsomely to ensure their safe travel.”
LI: “Is there a problem?”
PLAYER: “I was just hoping to, ya know, kill some dignitaries.  But don’t worry, this’ll be fun too.”


PLAYER: “This place looks a lot different when I’m not robbing it.”
PLAYER: “Just because I’ve knocked this place off before doesn’t give you the right to be bitchy…”
PLAYER: “You really wanna tell someone with a gun their wrong?”
PLAYER: “Does it look like I do retail?”
PLAYER: “Doing what?”
PLAYER: “Wait, they’re willing to ki-”
PLAYER: “Which means…what….”
PLAYER: “Deal…but I can’t promise you anything about not robbing your store once you have the diamonds in hand.”


CUBE: “Aight boys, let’s do this…you two guard the door, I’ll go in for the cash…”
LEVAR: “We’re on it…”
CUBE: “Everybody on the ground, now! [gun shot fx]”

[Levar yells in to Cube who is in the bank]
LEVAR: “Hows it going in there, Cube?”
CUBE: “The bank manager is taking me to the vault right now…”
CUBE: “Open the vault…slowly…”
CUBE: “Listen up people. We’re havin’ problem with vault.  Levar, I need you to radio our ride and make sure we’re getting a pick up…”
LEVAR: “You got it, boss…”
CUBE: “Load up the briefcase, but I swear to god you put a dye packet in this thing I will put a bullet in your ma’fuckin’ head…”

[Levar calls Ravel on the phone (Ravel is Levar spelled backwards lol)]
LEVAR: “Hey Ravel, we need you ready for pick up.”
RAVEL: “Dog, I’m runnin’ late, I need to stop by the cleaners and drop off my suit…”
LEVAR: “Bro we’re in a middle of a bank heist, the fuck you mean you have to stop to drop off your laundry?”
RAVEL: “My kid spilt juice all over my shit, you really expect me not to get it cleaned before the stain sets?”
LEVAR: “Shit, whatchu think? Turn the damn van around and get your ass over here…”

[cut back to Cube]
CUBE: “I got the cash, meet me out back, our ride should be waiting…”
CUBE: “Where the hell is our pickup?”
LEVAR: “Ravel’s runnin’ late, but he’s on his way…”
CUBE: “Aight, we gotta sit tight, or ride should be here soon…”
CUBE: “Let’s get the hell outta here boys!”


SARA: “You’re just in time, the plane made the drop a little bit ago.”
PLAYER: “What are you talking about?”
SARA: “Every month we donate medical supplies to various humanitarian efforts in third world countries.”
PLAYER: “I don’t see what yo-”
SARA: “(Interrupting) Of course, donating those supplies is a huge tax write off for us but we really would like for the whole process to be a little more profitable for us.”
PLAYER: “It’s a little hard to profit from charity.”
SARA: “Well, that’s why we’ve decided to jettison some of the medicine from the cargo plane mid flight.”
PLAYER: “Excuse me?”
SARA: “We dump a portion of the promised medicine, you go pick it up and sell it for money.  Insurance compensates us for the loss and everybody wins.”
PLAYER: “Except the people who’re expecting the medicine…”
SARA: “(Dismissive) Look on the bright side, at least it’s not like you needed it.”


NOTE: Gio’s side of the conversation is missing from le_strings. Reconstructed using actual audio
Piracy partial audio reconstruction

PLAYER: “You Gio?”
GIO: “You here about the Meg’s List ad?”
PLAYER: “Yeah, what do ya need picked up?”
GIO: “I got some contraband floating out there that I need brought in.”
PLAYER: “What are we talkin’ about?  Guns?  Drugs?”
GIO: “Dolls…”
PLAYER: “What?”
GIO: “True Girl Dolls.”
PLAYER: “You’re smuggling inflatable Sex toys?”
PLAYER: “Just…stop. I’ll get the fucking dolls.”

The other speaker’s name is listed as WFSOR1?  White Female (SOR?) I’ll just call her young girl

Hijacking Factories partial audio reconstruction

PLAYER: “What the fuck is going on?”
YOUNG GIRL: “Hello…we’re having a meeting.”
PLAYER: “I don’t have meetings with people who can’t get into an R rated movies.”
YOUNG GIRL: “Ok, no need to be rude, just hear me out.”
PLAYER: “Get to the point.”
YOUNG GIRL: “OK, like, my birthday is totally coming up, and I want cars.”
PLAYER: “So ask your daddy for one.”
YOUNG GIRL: “I don’t think you’re getting me…I don’t want a car.  I want cars. Plural. And you’re going to get them for me.”
PLAYER: “Right, ’cause you’re almost my niece…fuck off.”
YOUNG GIRL: “No one talks to me that way.”
PLAYER: “Evidently you’re wrong.”
YOUNG GIRL: “OK, this isn’t going well.”
PLAYER: “You’re a smart kid.”
YOUNG GIRL: “Let’s start over.  I have my daddy’s black card.”
PLAYER: “How many cars you said you wanted?”


PHIL: “I heard you got yourself blown up.”
PLAYER: “I did.”
PHIL: “Well you’re pretty spry for a corpse.”
PLAYER: “Be fair, I’m just a burn victim.”
PHIL: “Whatchu need?”
PLAYER: “You still need people to jack cars for you?”
PHIL: “Hell yeah.  With the Rollerz out of commission I was able to move in on their overseas deals…I’m always lookin’ for cars to move.”
PLAYER: “So I got the job?”
PHIL: “For you I’ll even skip the background check.”