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Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 TO DO Checklist

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 has been on hold while some of the final texture issues get sorted out. Namely, the ability to add new textures to the game instead of replacing existing ones. I also needed an extended break after months of work on the last couple of versions.

This weekend I started putting together a checklist for the planned additions and changes for v1.9. One of the big new features is adding new cribs as story unlocks that also unlock teleports to many previously inaccessible locations.

Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 TO DO Checklist:

Unlocks rn04 Bleeding Out
Replaces rn07 Medical Heli Unlock
Medical Heli for Sale at Dealership at Regular Price
Front door teleport activated
Wardrobe, TV, Guns, Stash
Garage will be tricky because the driveway usually has a spawn there
Tested from mission clipboard after unlocking

Unlocks at ep03 Salting the Earth
Replaces ss03 News 7 Oppressor
News 7 Oppressor for Sale Dealership at Regular Price
Yacht chunk permanently loaded after mission
Wardrobe, TV, Guns, Stash, Boat Garage
Tested from mission clipboard after unlocking

Unlocks at ep04 And a Better Life
Replaces 3 Gold Stars gang kills Avenger Jacket
Avenger Jacket for sale at Nobody Loves Me regular price
Wardrobe, TV, Guns, Stash, Car garage street, heli garage on pad
Telport on street to top floor office
Teleport in top floor office to Ultor Pyramid
Teleport in top floor office to Ultor Yacht (crib previously gained after salting the earth)
Teleport in top floor to heli pad
Tested from mission clipboard after unlocking

Unlocks at em01 Revelations
Replaces ss010 Video Repairman Outfit
Outfit for sale at Let’s Pretend
Teleport outside Arena to inside
Teleport outside Ronin Hotel to inside
Teleport in church to Volition Secret Island
Teleport to frat house in samedi ss05 Burning Down the House cutscene
Teleport to skeeball arcade in bh09 Enemy is my Enemy custcene
Teleport to the gym in samedi cutscene (figure out which one?)
Teleport to the Samedi Drug Lab Buildings in ss05 Burning down the House
Tested from mission clipboard after unlocking

Unlocks at Drug Trafficking Hotel and Marina Level 3
Replaces gold desert eagle unlock
Gold deagle unlock moved to Septic Avenger Suburbs Level 3 replaces 15% weapon accuracy

Unlocks at rn11 One Man’s Junk
Replaces bh08 Prison Bus and Boat
Boat and Prison bus for sale at regular price

Unlocks at em01 Revelations (see NEW MISSIONS section for possible alternate unlock)
Replaces combat tricks AR50 XMAC-Special
AR50 XMAC Special for sale at Friendly Fire 97 % hoods owned

Unlocks at em01 Revelations (see NEW MISSIONS section for possible alternate unlock)
Replaces Chop Shop complete 1 list Mongoose
Mongoose for sale at regular price

Chinese Heritage Festival chunk is permanent after rn11
Brotherhood Enemy of my Enemy tanker chunk is permanent after bh09

Send in the Clones – Available after Revelations completed – Rescue Aisha and Carlos clones from a secret Ultor cloning facility (awards them as homies)
Zombie Horde (working title) – Fight your way through hordes of zombies to reach the Kent and mow them down in the street.
Secret mission from Innocent Sam

Dual 105.0 AM/FM
Veteran’s Vault after end game
Add icons to radio station switching instead of just text
Random Shuffle Custom Playlist

CLOTHING LOGOS (waiting on ability to insert NEW bitmaps instead of replace)

Hellboy – IdolNinja
Lobster Johnson – IdolNinja
Justice Cross – IdolNinja
Jurassic Park – IdolNinja
Darth Vader – IdolNinja
Daft Punk – IdolNinja
Aperture Science – IdolNinja
Venture Bros logo – IdolNinja
Brock Sampson – IdolNinja
MUSE – IdolNinja
Stormtrooper – IdolNinja
The Warriors – Innocent Sam
MANN Co – Innocent Sam
Third Echelon – Innocent Sam
Hard Rock Café Saints Row – Innocent Sam
Bender – Innocent Sam
Star Wars – Innocent Sam
TF2 Spy – Innocent Sam
Warhammer 40k logos – foamcup

PLANNED LOGOS (Stuff I’m working on not yet released)
Nintendo/Gameboy Logo
Buckaroo Banzai logo
Facepunch logo
Boba Fett stencil
BPRD logo
Black Mesa logo
Portal logo
Judas Priest Logo
Jules from Pulp Fiction
TRON logo
Penny Arcade logo

Add Gentlemen of the Row logo stuff to textures like the map, loading screens, etc
Change loading screen pics to have different MC than the standard one
Car decals (likely have to replace instead of add)
Changed/New Spray Tag logos
Bezier carbon paint, police and ultor improvements – public_enema

Extra hair colors – Released by Veerek/Firespite
Increase fall distance before damage/ragdoll – foamcup/veerek
Women’s Tied Button Shirt VID fix discovered by simkas
Add Tan Oppressor for sale
Atlasbreaker pipes as buyable mechanic option
Dirt as a buyable option at mechanic
Compton – add missing decals at mechanic
Quick B Button tap to weapon switch in single player (currently only works in multi)
Time stop cheat
Add heli garage at Prison crib
Caps lock toggle walk/run instead of having to hold it down to walk
Coop player able to fire out of the back of a moving truck (like the firework mission)
Add a Scratch That store at the Mall – Music store location found
Operation Homie Recruit – Figure out how to spawn in Story gang NPCs on islands to recruit instead of forcing through cts
New hitman missions – waiting on cvtf editing capabilities to create new npcs instead of using existing (everything else is working)
Look into reported issue of female characters pixelating through outfits like The General

Look into fixing  parachute suit hands placement if possible
Add taunts as additional ones instead of replace (may be limited by room in preload files)
Look again at ped draw distance and car despawning
minimap zoom in and out if possible
Hydraulic option for the mag and quasar (may have to add to cvtf – improbable until we can edit cvtf)
Fix toad wheelies so they’re not as crazy touchy (and not screw up trail blazing)
Thumb, Middle, and Pinky rings
Completely remove eye color options from surgeon since they are now at all the stores with a full clothing color pallette
Heli Mechanic
Achievements – look at parsing statistics to enable – likely tied to profile.dat
Fix Gang Paint colors missing first 6 characters of name
Opaque Masako goggles
Access to garages during missions and activities
Chainsaw Launcher blood spray on connect
Strengthen/Brighten light sources to work better with modded darker nighttime
Fix $1000 cash cheat. Increase to $100,000.
Tattoo colors revert back to Blue/black if equipped. They eventually correct themselves after reloading save a few times. Problem with vanilla
Zombie Uprising at the Mall be ADDITIONAL instead of replacing the original
Sewage decals sticking around longer
Bigger garage and wardrobe
Flaming or Sparking Sledgehammer
Piracy and Guardian Angel activities
Figure out xwb sound format so we can add our own sound banks
Add new gang styles for zombie and pirate instead of replacing
Fix cutscenes for zombie and pirate gangs so it isn’t old gang type

Dual Radios and Randomization

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

It’s always annoyed me that the 105.0 EZZY Radio Station in game was replaced by 105.0 THE WORLD at the halfway point of the game, so I poked around in the radio files and figured out how to lift the restriction. Now both stations are available at the halfway point. Yeah, it’s weird that they are both 105.0, but at least now I can have my Whistle Happy and Tchoupa Twist post game.

I also did some poking trying to see if there was a way to randomize the custom MY RADIO playlist after seeing a request for it on the Steam forums. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the random flags in music.xtbl work the same way that the other stations do. I think that I might be able to call a random function in the pause_menu.lua for each track and save their position on menu exit though. It would mean that a player would have to go into the menu and exit it to randomize the playlist each time they wanted it to change/randomize. That’s kind of inelegant though, so I’ll have to give it some more thought.

Carlos Homie Zed Replacement

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

A Czech user of GotR requested a special Czech language build that changed the zombie Carlos homie to regular Carlos driving a tow truck. Normally I would tell people to learn how to mod and build their own, but I thought it would be fun to use the new texture tools to make a new ui pic for the phone.

You can grab the actual (English) mod here if you want to compile your own version.

Also, I released both a Swedish language build and Czech language build of Gentlemen of the Row 1.8 OPEN by request if anyone wants them. Feel free to contact me if you’re looking for a specific language build of GotR, and I would be glad to put one together.

SR2 Custom Music and Textures

Friday, August 20th, 2010

After a small hiatus from SR2 modding after the public release of GOTR 1.8, I started sifting through all the files again. I think that I may be on the right track to figuring out how the music works and how to mod in a custom soundtrack. It’s probably going to involve creating a custom wave bank using the DirectX SDK, rather than simply moving some mp3s to a folder like the GTA games though. At least at first.

Also, texture replacement has been working for quite some time now. The problem is that we can only replace existing textures, but not add new ones. Minimaul has been working on the format for the bitmaps_pc file though which seems to be the key to adding new ones. Once that happens it will really open things up for adding all sorts of new stuff.