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Gentlemen of the Row v1.8 Release!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Gentlemen of the Row SR2 Super Mod v1.8 is finally released, and offers 100 new clothing items, plane and boat mechanics for customizing, 5 new vehicle dealerships, new weapon meshes, 100+ new ambient music tracks for purchase, more car paints, tattoos, makeup, and tons of tweaks and bug fixes. It’s the biggest release yet and is chock full of new stuff to see and do!

Come grab the shiny new version of the mod here and get your sandbox chaos on!

Since the changelog is gigundounormous-hugebig (if that’s not a real word then it should be,) you can check out all the juicy details over at The Row.

I want to personally thank all the beta testers who spent their time helping to identify a ton of bugs, as well as offer all sorts of fantastic suggestions, many of which found their way into this release. I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Also, have a look back at the screenshot gallery of progress for v1.8 for the past couple months.

Clothing Logos

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

I was able to get clothing logos working today with correct transparency, and fully color customizable. Check out the sexy new Penny Arcade logo below in yellow:

SR2 Texture Repacker

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

I’ve been playing with an alpha build of the new peg tools by Minimaul for texture extraction/repack, and everything is coming along great. There are still a few quirks to iron out, but I was able to do this:

Also, all the beta testers have been strangely quiet since the last v1.8 Final Test Rev. c release which is a very good sign. I think I finally nailed down all the bugs, and we’re right on track for that Monday release.

Gentlemen of the Row v1.8 Delay and New Steam Group

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

The beta testers recently uncovered a serious issue with the new misc slots and outfits. I ended up spending all of last weekend fixing and testing though and everything looks solid. While it was ready for release, I decide to delay it one more week so this new fix can be thoroughly tested.  All reports so far are positive, so it looks like everything will be ready to go next Monday 7/19.

I have also created a new Steam group named Modders of the Row. This is a public group open to any modders and players of Saints Row 2 modded. It is both a place to learn and discuss SR2 modding, and also a way to meet and play with other modded SR2 players. Most of the SR2 modders hang out in group chat, so join up and stop on by to say hello. We always love hearing new ideas and suggestions, and may be up for some modded coop too! See you there!

Saints Row 2 Sale Today at D2D

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Saints Row 2 PC is on sale today for $7.50 at Direct2Drive. The key you get from D2D installs on Steam anyway so you can even gift to a friend by giving him the code to register on Steam.

Slots, Beta Releases, and Wheelies

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

After staying up all night, I was able to finally fix the last remaining Misc slot issue after adding in some extra debugging and seeing what some of the transparent functions were actually doing.

With that last remaining issue finally fixed, I was able to send out v1.8 beta 10 for testing, and also release a standalone version of all the new customization stuff called Character Customization Complete. It looks like this might be the last GotR beta before public release since we still can’t seem to get the heli mechanics working and have run out of ideas.

Also, foamcup was able to take my initial work on allowing the Toad ATV to do wheelies, and finish up the mod for release.

Slots from Hell and GotR Open

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Things have been quiet on the site for the past week, as I’ve had my nose to the grindstone attempting to squash an annoying bug with the new Misc slots.  It turns out that the new slots don’t want to play nice with some of the transparent functions that clear the preview before showing a new item. The result was that any item in the new Misc 1, 2, or 3 slot was “sticking” when changing categories in the wardrobe or store and not clearing from the character like they should.

After a week of banging my head against the problem, I finally got it all working (mostly.) I ended up having to remove all of Volition’s debug statements from the clothing scripts and add about 50 of my own. Once I figured which actual functions and threads were running, I was able to flowchart out the whole thing and figure it out. The biggest hurdle was that certain functions were running transparently that I couldn’t get to. I ended up getting a bit creative and found some different slot functions to adapt though. There are a couple of minor issues left to iron out, but it’s 99% there.

I also made a decision to start releasing a separate build of Gentlemen of the Row starting with v1.8 called “Gentlemen of the Row Open“. The open version will have everything unlocked right from the start and available for purchase. All weapons, vehicles, music, cribs, upgrades, outfits, etc will only cost $1. , so you can cause chaos to your heart’s content right after you break out of prison.  All cheats will also be non-flagging so you don’t have to worry about that stupid asterik, except for the low gravity cheat. Low Gravity will remain a flagging cheat as a warning that it will permanently screw up your save if you use it since it messes up your no fall damage unlock.

NOTE: This new open version is not replacing the current version of GotR. It will merely be an alternate choice for all the lazies and cheaters (and people who want to just mess around with everything from the get go.)