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More new SR2 items unlocked

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

I went through the remaining items in customization_items.xtbl and found a couple more items to enable.

Shaundi’s hand star tattoo

Beads for dread hair

I also spent some time this morning working with Sam and we may just have our first brand new custom mission coming soon! More details to come!

More Saints Row 3 News from E3

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

A couple more details on Saints Row 3:

* Saints Row Books and other “merchandise” will coincide with launch.
* the December announcement for SR3 may happen at the Spike videogame awards

Merchandise, huh? Does this mean I can get my Johnny Gat action figure with the kung fu grip?

More Crazy Saints Row News

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

More E3 Saints Row news from Danny Bilson the Executive VP of core games at THQ!

* Saints Row 3 officially confirmed and promotion will start this December

* A Saints Row movie by a “major filmmaker” will release same day as the new game

* Saints Row collectible card game

Put this all together with the Saints Row: Drive By game for Nintendo 3DS, and that is one big chunk of surreal news.

Saints Row on Nintendo 3DS

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

The Nintendo press conference at E3 just announced a Saints Row game for the new Nintendo 3DS. Consider me completely floored.

The official title looks to be Saints Row: Drive By

Hopefully we’ll get a SR3 trailer soon!

New Clothing Items Unlocked

Monday, June 14th, 2010

RedRage released an updated version of his Ronin Jacket mod that allows the shoulders to be colored. Until now, they always remained white no matter what colors you chose. Here’s the new customization colors in action.

I spent some time this weekend getting more new clothing items unlocked including women’s hair chopsticks, more badges, Captain Troy’s cop decorations, Mr Sunshine’s blood from his ear, and the combined bikini. Here’s some pics showing some of the new stuff. The hair chopsticks have a “WithBling” wear option that puts dangling diamonds on the ends which looks all sorts of hilarious (when my character wears them anyway.)

Catching Up

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

All sorts of stuff has been going on lately in the SR2 modding world.

I released an Allowed Heli Weapons mod that allows the passenger to fire any weapon out the side of the Opressor and Gyro Daddy in coop.

The SparRow mod has finally been completed with all stores. I fixed some remaining issues, and also added in 20+ new colored Tornados including some Pearlescent, Iridescent, and Matte Military colors as a holdover until we can get the heli mechanic working.

Tidosho released v2.5 of his Vehicle Powertrain mod which now fixes the handling of the Titan, Peterliner, Westbury, Hayate, Donovan, and Buffalo in addition to the previous cars.

Bernard the Beast released a cool little mod that adds a 2nd wardrobe lightcone to the Rec Center locker room when you buy the Suburbs dock. He also posted a cool thank you pic to me for the help I gave him which I thought was pretty awesome.

RedRage and I worked together on fixing all of the broken option names at the mechanic so they read correctly now.

Today I figured out how to get all the sports makeup working which is now available at Rusty’s Needle and Image as Designed and fully color customizable. This was a real pain to do and I finally got it working by enabling them as multi-slots. I believe that this is the key to also getting the rest of the crashing clothing items working.

Finally, Gentlemen of the Row v1.8 BETA 7 was released. We’re getting really close to public release now that that SparRow is complete. The final piece is the heli mechanic which RedRage and I have been working like mad on trying to make it work. Hopefully we’ll have some good news to share soon!

The CVTF Mystery

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

One of the great mysteries of SR2 modding was that certain files when edited would not show any change in game. The two primary types of files that exhibited this issue were npc files that contained clothing and body parts, and vehicle files that contained variant part options and spawn data.

RedRage recently deduced that an accompanying vehicle .cvtf file located in meshes.vpp_pc was the file that actually controlled these things for vehicles. The problem is that the .cvtf file was compiled and only some of the data could be edited with a hex editor. Using RedRage’s example I was able to do the same with the npc files and use their cvtf.

The problem is that we are extremely limited with what we can actually do with a cvtf file in its mostly compiled state. So, Rafael and I are working on a tool that will convert the cvtf files to editable text, and then recompile themĀ  back into cvtf format so that they can be used by the game. Once the tool is completed we will be able to change spawn rates, custom options, swap decals between vehicles, create custom outfits for npcs, create new gang types, create brand new npcs, solve the pirate gang type problems so they can spawn in cribs and have correct audio, add weapon mounts to vehicles like a chain gun on the UFO, and much much more.

Also, Gentlemen of the Row v1.8 BETA 6 was released before the holiday weekend. It has been extremely quiet which is usually a good sign that no new bugs have been introduced, and that the release is stable.