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Gentlemen of the Row v1.8 BETA 2 released

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Gentlemen of the Row v1.8 Beta 2 was released today, and is primarily a bugfix release plus the new fine aim camera angle mod. All of the fixes in this release came about as a result of suggestions and reporting from testers, posters on the forums, and even from one of the comments made here on the blog. Every new release just gets better and better thanks to everyone’s contributions.

Here’s the changelog for v1.8 BETA2

Increased Fine Aim Range by IdolNinja
Increases the camera’s Y range in Fine Aim Mode for both standing and crouch. You can now aim a great deal higher and lower than you could before. Thanks Zeratanus for the great idea!

Fixed Taunt, Compliment, and Walk Names by IdolNinja
The Taunts, Compliments, and Walks at the Plastic Surgeon are now named correctly to match the modded new animations.
Gang members should no longer stick their arms straight out for a few seconds then continue on. This problem was due to missing animation references after the Taunt/Compliment mod was integrated for both taunts and standing anims.

Fixed Desert Eagle Damage by IdolNinja
The Desert Eagle is no longer the 1-hit wonder that somehow managed to sneak its high powered way into v1.7. Thanks to Zeratanus for finding this one!

Fixed Menu Music volume by IdolNinja
The music volume has been lowered for the main menu and pause menu back to its original settings.

Fixed Downtown Penthouse Crib Wardrobe by Firespite
This fix from v1.6 somehow didn’t make it in to v1.7. It has been reinstated.

Fixed Drive-up Homie Vehicle Delivery Unlock
In v1.7 the Free Vehicle Delivery Service homie would unlock upon completing Red Light Escort level 3 with the correct unlock message. Unfortunately, the homie would not appear on the cell phone to call. This fix changes the level 3 unlock to the original Vehicle Delivery Service Paid Homie, and moves the Free Delivery Service unlock to happen at Level 5. Level 6 is still the new unlock.

Fixed Unlockable Abilities Menu
All the Unlockable statistics now are sorted correctly in the proper groups with the correct names and what they unlocked from.

Fixed Unlockable Reference readme text
Added Barnstorming unlockable info, and changed Museum Insurance Fraud Level 3 to read *NEW MYSTERY OUTFIT

Fine Aim Range and Plastic Surgeon Text

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Today I tested and released a fine aim mod for SR2 that increases the camera range on the Y axis so you can aim higher and lower. This was based on a request from Zeratanus on the Volition SR2 modding forum. It was a great idea and really easy to implement too. Even with testing, it only took about 10 minutes to finish. Over half of the mods in the Gentlemen of the Row pack have been based off requests and ideas from the community. You guys keep them coming, and we’ll keep on putting them in!

Also, I was able to fix all the Plastic Surgeon Text for the modded walks and taunts so that they now read correctly.

Working Mechanics and v1.8 Beta1 Release

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Gentlemen of the Row v1.8 Beta 1 was released today and generated a lot of excitement from testers who could now finally dig in and start customizing planes and boats.

Both the plane and boat mechanics are now finally fully functional and smoothly integrated in both single player and coop. We’re still working on enabling heli customization, but the heli mechanic itself is integrated and ready to go once that is finished.

There have been quite a few other additions to the first beta of v1.8 including an awesome mod by RedRage that allows you to single wield the sawed off shotgun one-handed just like the Terminator.

Here’s the full changelog:

v1.8 BETA 1 Changelog

Plane, Boat, and (soon) Heli  Mechanics by RedRage and IdolNinja

Adds a boat mechanic for boats at both dock cribs, a plane mechanic at the airport hangar crib, and a helicopter mechanic on the roof of the Saints HQ.

There are a few known issues:
* Only the plane and boat mechanics currently work. The heli mechanic lightcone has been setup but is not active yet.
* The camera will zoom in to its original position after every menu change, so try to get the center of the plane/boat on the cart before activating. That way the original camera position looks okay.
* If you spin planes too fast they will break off wings or embed in the ground. Rotate the camera slowly to avoid this.
*The wolverine’s wheel customization menu shifts the menus to the left and overlays on top of other stuff. Don’t use this for now.
* Certain Wolverine variants’ paint will flip out and only show changes to the nose section by the propeller even if you choose paint all. The rest will default to pearlescent teal. If this happens to your Wolverine, back out and don’t customize that plane yet until we can fix it.

Vehicle Customization Expanded by Red Rage

this mod now allows you to add and remove everything available on each vehicle. For example, but not limited to:
Police Cars – Now fully customizable, add/remove decals, lights and change interior colours.
Taxis – Decals unlocked, body kit now purchasable.
Bezier – Bonus decals unlocked.
Gang vehicles – Decals now removable. Gang decals can also be added to non-gang vehicles, as long as the gang uses that vehicle. Eg: You can add Ronin decals to the Wakazashi but not to the Bezier. Yet.

You can also amend the license plates on selected vehicles, and mix and match decals on one vehicle.  For example you can mix the Jessica decals on the Phoenix with the Bandit ones.  Not that you would, as it looks weird.  But the option is there.

One-Handed Sawed-Off Shotgun Mod by RedRage

Ever wanted to be just like Bruce Campbell or the Terminator and shoot people at close range with the double-barrelled shotgun with one hand?  Maybe you’d prefer to have a shotgun in either hand and shoot them twice just to make sure.  Well, now you can! This mod adjusts the sawed-off to one-handed and dual wieldable usage, and enables it to be fired from within vehicles.  Find it soothing to drive by someone on a Sabertooth and shoot them in the face with a shotgun?  Prepare to relax in style.

Vehicle Drive Mod by Tidosho

This mod fixes some of the big vehicles in SR2 that use Front Wheel Drive (FWD), that should really be Rear Wheel Drive (RWD). The vehicles now modded with RWD are the Septic Avenger, Stilwater Municipal, Bear APC, Voyage, and Topher.

Clothing Price Rebalance by Firespite
All clothing pricing for modded clothing items and accessories has been painstakingly edited and corrected to make the pricing in-line with vanilla item pricing.

Working Boat Mechanic and fixed camera

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

The camera issues have been resolved for the plane mechanic and we also now have working shopping cart lightcones. A boat mechanic has also been successfully implemented to customize watercraft.

Everything seems to be working great so far in single player but a new crashing issue was discovered today while testing coop. The crashing seems to be related to the new mechanic garage keys when taking out a plane. I have an alternate approach in mind if the crashing can’t be resolved,  so I still think we’re right on track for a v1.8 beta release this weekend.

Working plane mechanic!

Friday, May 7th, 2010

RedRage was able to get the plane mechanic fully functional earlier today! I spent the evening messing around and customizing planes with SoulGate and made this lovely Snipes57 in glossy black with purple tinted windows.

There are some issues that still need to be addressed like a wonky camera but we’re almost there!

New Mechanic Success!

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

RedRage was able to to use my WIP source and create a brand new functioning mechanic at the airport for cars. This is the second major step in achieving fully customizable planes and helicopters. There are still some issues to be ironed out though like camera zoom/rotate, and also enabling it to work with the other vehicle types.

Also, it looks like RedRage has been secretly working on enabling mid-length chains and pendants.  Mid-length chains are ones that hang down almost to a character’s navel and are disabled. Previously, even when enabling them and giving them more memory, they just would never show up in the stores for some reason. If Redrage can get them to work it means you’ll be able to equip 3 chains at once plus pendants/medallions.

Changed Shotgun Animation?

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

RedRage was able to change the Shotgun animation in Saints Row 2. Originally you would shoot from the hip like a movie action hero, but he was able to switch it over to shoot raised like a normal shotgun by replacing it with the sniper rifle animations.

If you look closely at the SPAS12, you’ll notice that RedRage has also edited the mesh to make a special platinum version. He has also been working with the other guns to make platinum versions as well and the whole pack should be coming soon.

I’m not sure yet if the shotgun animation is something that I should consider integrating into the Gentlemen of the Row mod. I may put it in to the beta to see what the testers think of it. I never really cared much for realism and do like that over the top action movie feel that the game has. Opinions and comments on the issue are welcome.

Working 3rd Heli Garage at Airport

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

The first step in getting customizable helicopters and airplanes is to get a central testing location at a crib with all different types of garages. So, today I setup a third garage at the airport for helicopters.

The main reason this third type of garage was not included in v1.7 of the Gentlemen of the Row mod was that it caused random crashing when I originally put it in. I was able to resolve the issue today though with some testing. It turns out that the Z coordinate for the parking cts needed to be slightly above the ground for it to spawn correctly without crashing.  I never would have suspected that in a million years if I hadn’t exhausted all other testing options and tried raising Z on a whim.

A new beta of v1.8 with the stable 3rd heli garage and vehicle customization will probably be released by the end of the week so testers can start breaking playing with it.

SR2 New Vehicle Customization Options

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

RedRage was able to edit some of the binary vehicle files in a hex editor and remove the restrictions  on a ton of different customization options like taxi decals, gang logos, and license plates. What this means is that you can now change almost every single type of car option imaginable at the mechanic that were previously locked out.

In even better news, we think this might be the key to allowing you to customize planes and helicopters at dedicated new garages. I’m currently working on setting up the custom garages for it, and RedRage is going to attempt to get the actual customization working once I’m done.

Gentlemen of the Row v1.7.1 Bugfix Release

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

v1.7.1 corrects an issue with the Barrio Hitman list where it displayed some test data rather than the actual targets. This test list was accidentally left in from testing the 25 character input limit with the upcoming Hitman mod. You can grab the new updated version of v1.7.1 here.