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GotR v1.8 BETA 6 Progress

Friday, May 28th, 2010

v1.8 Beta 6 is shaping up for release. Here’s some of the new features and fixes you can expect.

Collars have been fixed and no longer disappear when wearing a suit jacket. Every modder posted input to help get this issue fixed, and it was great to see everyone come together to help.

Firespite is also working on fixing the VIDs for all long sleeve shirts and jackets so that long gloves will no longer clip through.

foamcup released his GotR Super Customs v1.0 which features a souped up red Kaneda that he named the ZRT Special. This thing is a total speed monster death trap, and I love it.

Kahalee updated the Driveup Homie mod so that npcs now drive the correct car variants when you call them. Pierce drives his Mag, Shaundi drives her Topher, Tobias drives his Voyager, and Legal Lee drives his Zircon.

I fixed the weapon spawns for Zombie Uprising so they spawn in the center of the Autoshow circles instead of the edges. The spawns are also slightly elevated which looks better. This should also the fix the issue where guns would occasionally spawn 10ft off the ground. In addition, Firespite chose new npcs for Zombie Uprising v1.8 as well. These new guys should be a lot of fun to play coop.

I had to say a tearful goodbye today to Tchoupa Twist since I promised Mordrack that v1.8 would have Coconuts for the pause music instead. Goodbye old friend. I do love Coconuts too though, so it’s all good.

I went location scouting with Kalahee yesterday and we found some great locations for the remaining stores for his SparRow mod. The public release of v1.8 is really waiting on the completion of this mod, and the plane/heli/boat mechanic mod which still needs the heli mechanic implemented, as well as fixing some of the buggy plane and boat options.

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff in the works too like extra cribs, teleporters and doors to previously inaccessible areas, an island filled with npc clones that you can recruit as homies, and a lot more that I’ll be looking at while RedRage and Kalahee finish up their mods.

SR2 Modding Wiki and Countdown to SR3

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Tidosho has been in contact with Gibbed to take over the old site which was vandalized and hasn’t been updated in quite some time. Tidosho already has a copy up at a temp location until the domain can be transferred, and has already started getting it into shape.

All of the SR2 modders are on board and eager to add as much information as we can so it can become a great resource for old and new modders. Foamcup has already added a tutorial on how to create new vehicles, and I’ll be following suit with some of my own when I have a chance.

E3 2010 is just around the corner, and Volition has confirmed that Saints Row 3 will be debuting. There has also been talk of a “new direction” for the series, so June 15 should be pretty interesting.

I also read a pretty interesting article where David Bowring from Volition talks about designing co-op for Saints Row 2 at GDC. The article is a couple of months old, but it was news to me.

SR2 Modding Frenzy

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

The last couple of days have seen a flurry of activity with new mods, updates, and ideas.

I released my Extra Gang Vehicle Options mod which adds the Kenshin, Melbourne, Peewee, Sabertooth, Sandstorm, Shard, Tetsuo, Widowmaker, Toad, Mongoose, and Knoxville to your Gang Customization choices:

InnocentSam has finished up his Purchasable Ambient Music mod that adds 107 new purchasable music tracks at “Scratch That” including the music from Zombie Uprising, the T&A club music, and the Barbershop Quartet.

Kalahee released a mod that changes your drive up homie into Shaundi wearing the Video Repair outfit.

RedRage released an awesome looking black version of the laser RPG.

Half-Dead Wonder released some weapon tweaks that seriously have to be played with to even believe how incredible they are. The new minigun is like a hose of pure death. The Wolverine military plane now alternately fires rockets from both wings. The rockets now drop and hang for a split second before zooming off. The Wolverine’s main guns have also been modified with the sniper tracer which leaves streaks off the wings while flying. It is one of the coolest effects I’ve ever seen, and dogfighting is a blast.  You can now use your two handed weapons like the minigun, septic gun, and rocket launcher while holding a hostage. The septic gun and fire extinguisher can also be used by a passenger in a car out the window. And finally, the Gyro Daddy has been tweaked like crazy and is amazing fun to fly.

I also fixed the Zombie and Pirate Gang Names so they no longer read as Sporty and Prephop.

In addition, I’m writing up a tutorial on how to create custom outfits using Aisha’s outfit that somehow got missed in v1.7. After the tutorial is complete, this outfit will be added for sale at Impressions in the upcoming v1.8.

Gang Candy Paint Mod

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

I released a Gang Candy Paint mod for SR2 today that adds all the gang paint colors to the Candy Paint color set. This means you can now use them to customize cars, boats, and planes. The new colors look amazingly cool on just about anything.

Also, v1.8 BETA 4 was released yesterday with a lot of new content including the much anticipated SparRow mod by Kahalee which adds a bunch of new ownable vehicle dealerships. The new beta 4 also has new weapon meshes, shotgun animations, fixes, vehicle tweaks, and even a brand new custom decomissioned police car by foamcup.

Powertrains, Tattoos, and UFOs

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Tidosho released v2.0 of his Vehicle Drive Mod that does some additional tweaks to the originals and adds some new ones too. The brand new vehicle mods are for the Go, Komodo, and KeyStone. Foamcup  released some additional corrections to the Go, and added new RWD mods for the Titan and Peterliner as well.

Foamcup has also released his first solo mod which lowers the volume of the UFO. Everyone on the forum, including me, seems to agree that it was originally way too loud and grating. It’s the small changes like this that help shape the Gentlemen of the Row mod into something special.

I spent some time today integrating the above changes into v1.8 beta 4 and also looked at a tattoo color issue where tattoos change from the selected bought color back to a default black or blue when you remove and then reequip them.  After doing some testing, it turns out that this issue is something that was broken in the original game before we modded it. I’m going to continue to do some more debugging and see what I can do.

Weapon Pack

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Work continues on v1.8 BETA 4, and this weekend I integrated RedRage’s weapons pack. The big things are a new platinum RPG launcher mesh, and a new platinum SPAS12 mesh. There are also quite a few other mesh fixes for existing weapons. The wooden baseball bat is back in now that the 2 handed animation is working correctly, and the Gold Desert Eagle and silenced pistol offhand mesh now work correctly and can be dual wielded.

Stores, Music, Sig Sauers, and TGA crashes

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

I spent some time today helping out Kahalee with his Sparrow Aircraft mod for SR2. This is his first mod and it adds a brand new aircraft dealership at the Airport named Sparrow Aircraft. The mod also moves all the helicopters and planes to this new dealership and removes them from Foreign Power and Cycles. Kahalee and I were able to get everything working except for the actual Dealership name that is displayed when browsing vehicles. Strangely, in the lua, it is expecting a crc value instead of a string name, and anything else bombs out. I wonder if the developers had crashing issues with stores that were just passing text and weren’t defined so set it up this way to force them to use a variable. The mod is mostly finished (other than the name) and was released for beta testing today. It’s pretty exciting since this is the first new store that has been added to the game and opens up the possibility for even more.

InnocentSam was able to get all the ambient music and radio commercials purchasable at Scratch That, so you’ll now be able to listen to weird things like the Zombie Uprising Music, or the Club music in your car. He also was able to hex edit the binary weapon mesh and fix the unused Sig Sauer. This is going to be tricky to implement since we’ve hit a weapon limitation with how many additional weapons we can have in game before it breaks.

I also tested an idea about how we could temporarily work around the the lack of a texture repacker by converting an extracted .png texture to a .tga format and just sticking it in patch.vpp_pc. Then, point the xtbl/lua to the (unpacked) TGA file instead. I tried this out with a couple of the logos but it just crashed the game no matter what formats I tried.

I had much better luck with the animation fixes since I haven’t seen a single problem from testers with the latest beta 3. I also played for a few hours tonight with SoulGate and didn’t see a single instance of the “airplane arms,” so I think that issue has finally been put to rest. Also, by going through preload_anim.tbl I was also able to cleanup a bunch of unused animation files and open some room to do some new taunts. It was perfect timing since InnocentSam is almost finished with a new taunt using Shaundi’s hackey sack animation. That definitely sounds like it will be a cool addition.

Gentlemen of the Row v1.8 BETA 3 Released

Friday, May 14th, 2010

v1.8 Beta 3 is is mostly bugfixes and also a couple of new logo additions. Here’s the full changelog:

We Have It – No More Explodey Mod by IdolNinja
Changes the coordinates of the vehicle spawns at dealership so that spawned vehicles no longer explode, even if you spin them.

Swat Clothing and Logos Fixes and Additions by IdolNinja
* Swat Overshirt can now have 128×128 logos on the sleeves
* Adds FBI logo to available 128×128 logos
* Fixes Ronin Jacket crashing issue when used with the Swat Overshirt
* Fixes clipping problems with the ski mask. Head hair, facial hair, and facial jewelry are now correctly obscured while wearing it. Also eliminates the clipping with the front neck area when the Ski Mask and SWAT Overshirt are worn together with the Swat Vest.

Fixed Gang Animations Take 2 by IdolNinja
Removed some extraneous entries from preload_anim.tbl and added back the missing anims that were still being referenced in GML1_Vehicles. Hopefully this fixes the “airplane arms” issue that happens occasionally when gang members idle. The two places it seemed to happen the most were at the mall, and directly in front of the Red Light Crib. Please let me know immediately if you see this issue still happening.

One-Handed Sawed-Off Changes/Fixes by RedRage
* 12-Guage ammo clip changed to 2 shots instead of 6, by popular demand.
* The Pimp Cane melee and animations are once again correct.
NOTE: Infinite ammo for the Sawed-off shotugn now unlocks with the infinite SMG ammo unlock instead of Shotgun.

Vehicle Customization Exanded update by RedRage
Adds the Bear slogan decal: “A Brighter Future for a Better Life” to the mechanic customization options.

Fixed Penthouse wardrobe lightcone by IdolNinja (original mod by Firespite)
The downtown Penthouse wardrobe lightcone has been moved slightly so that it is not in the middle of a chair before upgrading the crib.

Fixed max vehicle altitude by IdolNinja (original mod by Half-Dead Wonder)
A plane/heli will no longer disappear when you reach the world ceiling.

No More Explodey

Friday, May 14th, 2010

I released my We Have It – No More Explody mod for Saints Row 2 today. The mod Fixes the issue where the bigger Snipes57 planes and certain helis and boats would explode at dealerships when spawned. Each dealership now spawns vehicles in a better spot where you can freely rotate them without fear of them going kaboom.

I also did some more troubleshooting of  gang idle animations and had foamcup give the new build a test run. He’s been a great help in uncovering bugs and issues with the mod, and gave the new animation fix a thumbs up, as well as confirming the Escort Vehicle Delivery Service is now working properly. He’s also been digging into the code himself, and maybe we’ll see a mod from him soon!

Kalahee, over at The Row forums, has also done a really nice logo for the mod which I think looks fantastic. He also had some great ideas about using it as a pendant or on billboards once we get the meshes and texture tools working.

Gentlemen of the Row v1.8 BETA 3 should be releasing soon!

Bugfixes, Testing, and Experimenting

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Today was a fun day filled with bug fixing, testing, and experimenting.

* Fixed a crashing issue with the Ronin Jacket and Swat Overshirt
* Fixed a bunch of clipping problems with the ski mask so that facial and head hair don’t show through it any more
* Added an FBI logo you can customize your clothes with
* Gave the SWAT Overshirt the ability to use logos on the sleeves like the NPCs have

And lastly, changed the sawed-off shotgun ammo clip to 2 shots instead of 6 now that it’s dual wieldable. This change was widely requested from testers and forumers alike, and shouldn’t make too much of a difference now that you can dual wield them.