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Gentlemen of the Row 1.7 Release and Interview

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Gentlemen of the Row SR2 Super Mod v1.7 is out, and Volition has also published a feature about it on their site including an interview with me.

You can download the latest version of the mod here.

Donhonk’s new Gentlemen of the Row mod trailer:

v1.7 Changelog

Massive unlockable Integration by IdolNinja
Many of the new and old modded weapons, outfits, and even some vehicles have been tied to unlocks for story missions and activities. For this reason, it is STRONGLY recommended that you start a fresh character to experience everything the mod has to offer. Most of these items can be purchased post game except for two major mods that will NOT be available unless you start fresh:
1. Unlockable outfits (*requires new character)
2. Post Game Gang Control (*requires new character)

See the included unlockable reference text file for a breakdown of the unlockables ***WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILER!***

NPC, Movie/Game and Outfit Mod by IdolNinja * Requires new character/save

All major story npc outfits now unlock for completing that mission. New secret movie/game outfits are now unlockable by cd collection, and activities.

*NOTE Jyunichi’s jacket mesh has a morph problem with the shoulders and chest that we’re looking into. You will need to be a bit skinnier than default to have it look correct.

Gentlemen of the Row Member Outfits by IdolNinja and the rest of the gents
Scattered throughout the clothing stores, you’ll now find custom designed iconic outfits from some of the members of the Gentlemen of the Row Steam group including me (IdolNinja,) Digital, curly haired boy, Stormwatcher, Soulgate, Woggle, TC, and Mordrack. There are also a couple of special modder outfits for sale from Firespite and InnocentSam.

The Grand Total of brand new outfits in v1.7 is 36!

Post Game Gang Control by IdolNinja  – * Requires a new character/save
This mod removes a hood unlock during story progression for a small area for each of the three gangs. The result is that post game you have a small area you can go to and start trouble with a gang. After getting 2+ stars with the gang, you can leave the aread and they will follow you and spawn anywhere on the map. Also, every so often, one of the gangs will still initiate a pushback. This gives post game a lot more flavor with the gangs instead of just having to fight the police and FBI all the time. The Ronin are homeless and living on the beach in the Hotels and Marina district. The Brotherhood are living out of a small warehouse in the Docks district, and the Sons of Samedi are filled with regret and shame in the Trailer Park.

CD Remix by IdolNinja and Firespite
All cd locations have been changed and now unlock brand new custom outfit unlocks based on movies and games. Some are easy to find, while others may be a bit trickier. Good luck and happy hunting!

The 4 previously unlockable music tracks have been made purchasable at Scratch That in the Easy Listening genre:
* Stereo Cha Cha
* Marvelous Singers Remix
* Coconuts
* Bachelor Samba

Extra Car Garages and Crib Utilities by IdolNinja

Extra car garages, weapon stash, safe, wardrobe, and clipboard have been added to the Airport crib, Suburbs Dock crib, and Stilwater University Crib. A boat garage has been added to the Prison Lighthouse crib which you can find at the washed out bridge. a TV and clipboard newspaper trigger have been added to the bedroom at Saints HQ. Prices of the cribs have been adjusted for new features:
Prison Lighthouse $30k
Stilwater Dock and Suburbs Dock $20K
Airport Hanger $60K

80s Menu Mod and Tchoupa Pause by IdolNinja

This mod replaces the Main Menu KRHYME rap playlist with the 80s songs from the game. A random 80s song will be chosen each time the Main Menu loads:

* a-ha – “Take on Me”
* Culture Club – “Karma Chameleon”
* Duran Duran – “The Reflex”
* Europe – “The Final Countdown”
* Hall & Oates – “Out of Touch”
* Loverboy – “Working for the Weekend”
* Men at Work – “Down Under”
* Night Ranger – “Sister Christian”
* The Psychedelic Furs – “Pretty in Pink”
* Simple Minds – “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”
* Tears for Fears – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

The pause menu music has also been changed to the Tchoupa Twist by Nicolas Folmer because it is the best catchy song ever in the history of all catchy songs. It will infect you and you will sing along or else you have no soul.

Weather Saturation mod by Firespite
Increases the saturation levels outside during the day to tone down the bleached/washed out effect. The result is a world that is much more colorful. Grass is greener, billboards pop with color, and everything looks much more alive and vibrant.

Slimmer Desert Eagles by RedRage

Replaces the ugly boxy deagles with a slimmer mesh that looks more like their real life counterpart.

Silenced Pistol by RedRage

A silenced pistol has been added, as seen in the cutscene for the Ronin mission Bleeding Out. It is unlocked by doing 60 muggings, or also available at Friendly Fire post game at a large cost if you’ve already gone past 60.

Better Shells Mod by RedRage

A quick aesthetic mod that changes the handgun and rifle shells from silver to gold, and alters the shotgun shells so they actually LOOK like shotgun shells.

Ronin Katana Animations by RedRage

Changes several default animations for the katana to the Ronin versions:
Stance, walk ready, run ready, block, block flinch, move attack, flinch
The following animations are unchanged: Standard attacks, power attacks, prone attack, finishers.

Badges, Pins, and Pants by InnocentSam
Dane’s Accessories (Ultor pin and pocket lining,) Ultor Science Team Badge, and Ultor Security Badge are available at Let’s Pretend under bra. Tobias’ Pants available at Sloppy Seconds.

More Medallions, Chains, and Badges by IdolNinja
The following new items are available for purchase:
Bling Bling under Medallion:
Mid-Length Saints Oval bird Medallion
Mid-Length Saints Leaf Medallion

On the Rag under Necklace
Sunshine’s short necklace
Sunshine’s Med necklace
Sunshine’s Med necklace 2
NOTE: You cannot attach pendants or medallions to any of Sunshine’s necklaces

Impressions under Bra
staff badge on coat
stewardess wings

Improved Escort Activity by IdolNinja
The Escort activity has been changed in two key ways:
* No penalty for weapon use
* More footage is allowed making things easier

The result is a much crazier and more fun activity where you can shoot or blow up the news vans and not have to be as careful about footage. The unlocks have been changed as well to make the activity worth doing. See the included unlockable reference for details. ***WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS!

Fly higher by Half Dead Wonder

Raises the sky ceiling so that planes and helicopters can fly higher

Store Saint Bump Mod by IdolNinja and Brand Newb

Simple mod that removes the bump restrictions on owned store saints. Now you can walk into them and bump them off rather than having to throw/kill/punch them if they are in your way. This is especially helpful for the Saints blocking the door at Bling Bling.

Even More Sensible Cheat Flags by IdolNinja
The following cheats no longer flag your save. Also, a cheat reference text file has been added to the mod with all the cheat info:

#4 – Add Police Notoriety – Bumps Police Notoriety one star with each use.
#5 – Player Pratfalls – Use secondary attack/primary attack to pratfall, like in Insurance Fraud.
#35 – Add Gang Notoriety – Bumps Gang Notoriety one star with each use.
#12 – Heaven Bound – The dead all go to Heaven.
#200 – I Am Giant – You ate your green beans, you grow big.
#201 – Itty Bitty – Homie, you shrunk yourself.

#202 – Everybody Must Get Shrunk – All peoples, all over the world, get shrunk.
#15 – Drunk Pedestrians – Everybody’s on the crunk juice.
#16 – Evil Cars – All cars try to run you over.
#18 – Low Gravity – Stilwaters’ gravity generators are at quarter power.
#19 – Pedestrian War – Hatred, Anger, Suffering, everybody hates each other.
#20 – Raining Pedestrians – Hallelujah, it’s a raining peds.

Zombie Uprising Surprise!
Who will the two new characters be this time!?


Ronin Mission 5 Orange Threat Level – middle cutscene crash fix

This fixes the bug where the middle cutscene of you and Pierce runing to the carts in the airport would cause the game to crash after it ended for some users. You can now watch it and no longer have to skip it.

Brotherhood mission 9 the enemy of my enemy: The countdown between waves of incoming Brotherhood has been increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds to allow you time to actually get more rifle and RPG ammo between waves.

Bear APC XM8 Sound looping fixed (finally!)

Missing Third Colors

You’ve probably noticed a few items in game have a third blue color on them you can’t change.  Well no more!  Now you can change the formerly untouchable third color on Fedora 1, Tie Dye Tee, and Women’s Bra 2, so you don’t have to worry about that blue not matching the rest of your outfit.

Ragdoll force and damage of the regular desert eagle has been increased and now knocks targets back on death. The desert eagle muzzle flash reverted back to the standard original version.

Mr. Sunshine’s Coat now has the correct obscured VIDs so overshirts and undershirts do not show through the right sleeve.

All clothing has been sorted and moved to more appropriate stores. All chains are now available at BOTH Bling Bling and On Thin Ice.

Default Male Walk 1 has been restored since there were a couple of requests for a normal walk. The zombie walk has been changed to Default Male Walk 2.

Satchels are now available for purchase when halfway through game rather than the end.
Vehicle Pricing has been updated to reflect the new unlocks

Super Weapon for sale unlocks correctly delayed until final ultor stronghold is completed.

AR50 has been fixed and no longer has unlimited ammo.

The T3K Urban (TEC9) changed to single wield, since the left hand part of the mesh is messed up.

Max RPG ammo changed from 100 to 50 for balance reasons.

Chainsaw Launcher refire rate delayed slightly.

Removed memory from long chain/medallion slots, as they are not in use and broken

Improved Escort and new Silencer

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

One of the complaints I’ve heard from a lot of friends and testers is how much they hate the Escort activity. I agree with them. I can’t stand doing Escort. The reasons they give (and mine too) are shooting causes displeasure, the footage fills up way too fast, and the rewards are terrible.

The new release of v1.7 attempts to address each of these issues. I’ve extended the footage that can be taken before you fail, eliminated the penalty for firing weapons, and also made the rewards for level 6 a powerful weapon for the Red Light version, and a new outfit unlock for the Stilwater University one. The most important change of these three is removing the weapon penalty. This subtly changes the dynamic of the activity and lets you shoot or blow up the vans if you get swamped or see a roadblock. Destroying them is actually almost cathartic in a way after all the bloody hell they’ve given us until now.

The silenced pistol from RedRage also makes it debut in the upcoming release. This was a sore spot for all modders who tried to get it working. The best we could do until now was have it show up as a weapon that couldn’t fire (you could only hold it and aim.) RedRage managed to edit the mesh though and get it fully functional for this release. I’ve tied it in to unlock at 60 muggings, and it also appears at Friendly Fire post game for a high price if you already missed it.

SR2 Extra Crib Garages and Utilities

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Extra Crib Garages and Utilities is a beta tester favorite that is coming in the public release of Gentlemen of the Row v1.7. This mod adds an extra car garage at the Airport crib, and both Docks cribs. It also adds an extra boat garage at the Prison island. In addition, each crib also now has a wardrobe, weapon cache, safe, and newspaper clipboard to use. A television and clipboard were also added to the main Saints HQ.

Saints Row 2 is a game about crazy fun over any kind of realism. You can see that design choice in just about every facet of the game. So, when I run across something in game that annoys me personally, or I hear grumblings from my coop partner, I take it upon myself to fix it.

I can see why the designers didn’t originally include these things. It makes a logical real world sense to not have, say, crib utilities out at the middle of a dock somewhere. But is it really that crazy of an idea when you already have a teleporting wardrobe and weapons locker that follows you around to any crib you’re at? The end result of this design decision was that every single person I played with would complain when they spawn at the airport, or the docks. It meant trekking back to a real crib to get equipped for the game and felt like a big waste of time instead of jumping right into the action. It felt like a punishment.

My philosophy with the Gentlemen of the Row mod has always been to make the game even more fun and to give the player an even greater range of choices with how they play the game. These new crib garages and utilities follow that philosophy, and I think it’s a real success considering the the amazing amount of positive feedback I received on it.

Also, katana jousting on motorcycles down the airport runway at night is amazing good times. Simply knowing that you can just jog over and get another cycle from your garage when they blow up allows you to throw caution to the wind and act like even more of a daredevil jackass. One of our beta testers, curly haired boy, favorite new things is to take out his Monster Truck and nitrous jump off the backs of planes going down the runway. That is the kind of crazy madness that keeps me coming back after 500+ hours.

Keep checking back this week as I discuss more features in the upcoming public release of v1.7!

Upcoming Gentlemen v1.7 Release

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Gentlemen of the Row v1.7 is in the final stages of testing and is likely to be released around the end of next week.  This new version is a huge step for the mod, as it takes much of the additional content and ties it in to the actual game progression, melding it into one cohesive whole. For example, most of the new weapons and unique vehicles are now rewarded for completing activities and missions instead of just simply being for sale.

One of the really exciting things about the new version is 35 new unlockable npc and movie/game outfits.  These new outfits are all integrated into story progression, activities, and diversions. Beat Mr Sunshine? Unlock his outfit. Beat the General? Unlock his Limo. It all works and makes sense.

Another awesome new feature is post game gang control. In the original version of SR2, the gangs would disappear after beating their storyline, and you were stuck fighting only the police and FBI (along with the occasional pimp war.) Now in v1.7, each gang has a tiny little area left in control. The Samedi are stuck in the Trailer Park, the Brotherhood are living out of an old warehouse at the Docks, and the Ronin are sleeping on the beach dreaming of their former glory. The cool thing about this is that you can now go looking for trouble on the outskirts of the map with each gang. As soon as you get notoriety with them the fight can spill out into any other part of the map. An unexpected (and awesome) result of this is that gangs will now do occasional pushbacks into adjacent territories which really help to liven things up post game.

Check back every day this week before release, as I’ll be talking about some of the other new features coming in v1.7!

SR2 Powertools Public Beta Release

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

After a massive effort from Rafael Rivera and myself, we are both proud to announce the public beta release of SR2 Powertools rev 5. This release fixes the speedup issues for SR2 while playing in Windows 7 without desync’ing the cutscene audio like Cheat Engine does. In addition, it also provides debug_print functionality for lua scripts and shows realtime xyz coordinates of the player which can be toggled off and on with scroll lock.

You will need to figure out your correct speed though and set it manually in the .ini. This should be the same value you use in cheat engine. If you are having trouble determining the correct speed, I still have my original speedup stopwatch test available. A perfect sync time for the race should 1:42.34. As long as you are within a second or two you should be ok using that value. v2.0 Relaunch

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Welcome back to the redesign and relaunch of v2.0. Here you’ll find news and info on my Saints Row 2 modding projects, and also indie game development. Enjoy your stay and make sure to check out my massive Saints Row 2 screenshot archive that my pal Digital is hosting on his server.