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SRTT and SRIV sound issue fix

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Some players have sound problems with both SRTT and SRIV where certain audio like guns or homie voices are much too quiet in relation to the others. I’m one of those users who are affected, and it’s been a complete mystery until today when Mike Wilson from Volition gave me a solution.

This really has to be one of the strangest fixes ever. Mike referred to it as “the 5.1 bug”, and all you have to do to correct it is make sure to watch the opening startup bink videos (THQ/Deep Silver/AMD, etc logos) all the way through without cancelling them. For some unholy reason this actually fixes all the audio levels in the game. I tested it myself, and it worked perfectly. How weird is that?

Saints Row: The Third SDK release plan!

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Jeff Thompson has drafted up a release plan for the upcoming SDK, and will be fielding questions and feedback! While no dates are set, this will at least give an overview of what to expect next.

The earring that changed everything

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Volition has released a fix for the Morningstar Soldier outfit so that the earrings now sit correctly on the player for all body types/sexes.

You might be asking yourself, “Idol, why the dramatic title for this blog post? It’s just a bugfix!” This seemingly small act of goodwill has much larger implications than you might think. Volition officially ended support on Saints Row: The Third quite some time ago, and many fans thought we would never see these issues corrected. Volition also worked with the community to integrate all of our existing dlc fixes into their patch, and have taken ownership by maintaining the release thread on our forums. The best part is that they do not plan to stop here. They have been researching all the existing issues and will also be attempting to fix other standout problems like the homie cooldown bug, Saints not driving the correct purple variants around town, and even the AMD performance issues.

I never expected to see this kind of support, but it really shows just how much Volition cares about supporting their games and the community now that they are free of the yoke of a dying THQ.

The Modding News Destined to Change Everything

Monday, June 10th, 2013

I am floored. I am excited. I am ecstatic. I have had to pinch myself repeatedly and reread emails to prove they were actually real and not some kind of crazy fever dream. I even danced. I have desperately been trying to somehow contain my unbridled joy that this is actually happening, and am finally able to share it with you all today.

“But Idol,” you are probably asking yourself, “what in the holy granola are you flipping the fuck out about? Tell us, already!”

Jeff Thompson, the Studio Director of Programming at Volition, is putting together a package for us containing documentation, file formats, tools, and more on the Saints Row: The Third engine. Myself, Minimaul, and gibbed will be working closely with Jeff over the coming months to use this information to create a robust set of modding tools to supplement our existing ones and creating what is essentially a full sdk for the game! But, that’s not all! Saints Row: The Third is only the beginning! Jeff has confirmed that he will also be digging up all the Saints Row 2 info that he can so we can do the same for it as well, and that this undertaking is actually a “test run” for Saints Row IV.

So, what does this actually mean to the average Saints Row player? In simple terms, the modding community will finally be able to create and offer new clothing, new vehicles, new guns, new npcs, new missions, and even new world geometry which will greatly extend the life of the series and enhance the Saints Row games in ways we never even dared to dream of.

You are probably asking yourself right now, just how the fuck we managed to pull this one off. The answer to that is actually quite simple. I asked. While I was in LA playing Saints Row IV, I took the opportunity to lay out a modding proposal to the Volition guys. The proposal itself was quite modest and simply requested a technical email contact at Volition to whom we could pose a question or two about file formats once a month or so. This contact could then use that month to find an answer for us along with his actual job duties. All I really hoped for was the tiniest little nudge in the right direction with some of the file formats that have had us stumped for years now. I talked about how our forum has 36,000+ registered members with thousands of unique hits a day. About how we are staunchly anti-piracy and have been dedicated to keeping Volition’s best interests at heart despite their uninvolvement. Lastly, I mentioned how Koch Media and Deep Silver have a reputation in the industry for being fan-centric, and how working together would show just how different they are from the previous regime’s policies that forbade Volition developers from interacting with the fans at all.

The Volition guys in LA all loved the idea, so I drafted up an official proposal document on my return which laid everything out and sent it off to Alex Mejia and Steve Jaros. They both warned me at the time that nothing was likely going to happen for at least a couple of months due to how insanely busy things were with the finalization and launch of Saints Row IV. Much to my surprise (and Alex and Steve’s,) Jeff Thompson replied promptly with the amazing offer detailed above and gave the go ahead to bring in Minimaul and gibbed into the proceedings. I then created a community modding wishlist thread that Jeff has been monitoring to see the kind of things the rest of the community is hoping for as well.

And that, as they say, is that. I am eagerly looking forward to getting things started and Jeff has told us that we can expect something from him this very week. I want to take a moment to sincerely thank Volition and Deep Silver from the bottom of my heart for giving the Saints Row modding community this amazing opportunity. Some of the ideas we have in store are going to blow people’s minds, and the open world crime genre will never be the same.

The future of Volition IP

Friday, January 25th, 2013

We now have the final word regarding the THQ auction. The only franchise going along with Volition to Koch Media is Saints Row. Volition’s other franchises like Red Faction, Summoner, and Freespace are being sold separately as Legacy IP at a later date along with the other THQ studios/franchises that didn’t get bids like Vigil/Darksiders. From developer tweets it looks like Volition will continue to operate in Champaign, IL and that Koch Media is extremely supportive and will be taking a hands off approach and letting the studio do what it does best.

As much as I enjoyed Saints Row: The Third, it took a lot of steps backwards from Saints Row 2 in regards to customization, story telling, city design, and also lacking basic mechanics like a missing day/night cycle, and mission replay. Volition developers have confirmed that these cut corners were mostly a symptom of an overly aggressive schedule and lack of manpower due to THQ financial troubles.

The fact that SRTT was such a successful and fantastic game despite these problems and obstacles is truly a testament to the incredibly talented people who worked on it. I am cautiously optimistic that Volition will now have the necessary time and resources with Koch Media to make Saints Row 4 a true classic, despite my previous reservations regarding Deep Silver.


Volition’s new owner

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Koch Media had the highest bid on Volition, and presumably the Saints Row IP along with it (though it’s not specifically mentioned.) You may know them better by their game publishing arm named Deep Silver who has been responsible for titles like Dead Island, Sacred 2, and Risen. Deep Silver are also responsible for some of the most backwards terrible unapologetic misogyny in the industry with the Dead Island torso statue situation. I really don’t see how I can feel good about supporting anything that they have their hands in no matter how much I love the series.

SRTT Full Package sale

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

It’s only $12.49 as a daily deal for Steam’s autumn sale today! Saints Row 2 is only $7.50 as well!

SRTT The Full Package vs Bloodsucker and Unlockables DLC

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Everyone can breath a sigh of relief since it does not include/force either the Bloodsucker or Unlockables DLC! THQ/Volition really made a good call on this one after all the complaints from fans on how it breaks the game.

Saints Row The Third Full Package Trailer

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Strangely, there is no mention of the Unlockables pack which has been slammed by most fans since it totally screws up game progression. I sincerely hope that they decided to leave this one out.

“New” Saints Row: The Third clothing added

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Volition has finally gotten around to enabling the SRTT extra customization items for All Saints Day. The new items are a Member of the Row T-shirt, Fleur De Lys Saints Hoodie, 3rd Street Hoodie, Free Throw Jersey, and Antenna.

This isn’t anything special for users of the PC version since we’ve had access to them via mods right after launch. Still, it’s a nice gesture for the console users.