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Powertools Progress!

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the interface progress with the new version of Powertools, courtesy of Kyle. Minimaul and Kyle are basically rebuilding Powertools from the ground up with extra functionality like a console which will give players the ability to enter lua commands and run scripts.

Minimaul is also hoping to find a more permanent fix for the timing issues that plague SR2 in Windows 7, rather than slowing the game down like it does now.  If this is accomplished, it should eliminate a lot of the coop crashing and even possibly fix the broken multiplayer component!

GotR Fixes and Updates

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

I spent some time last night and today going over my TO DO list and knocked out a few. Here’s some of the new Gentlemen of the Row fixes and updates coming in the next beta release:

  • Fixed Rapid Fire Taser – The cops now have a much longer refire delay on the stun gun. The result is that they no longer continuously zap you over and over when you’re trying to get up. You should have at least 10-15 seconds after you rise before they fire again to give you a chance to escape.
  • Fixed Fleur De Lys logos – I completely redid the original game’s 256×256 fleur de lys logo so that it no longer looks weird from a distance. The 128×128 one was also redone so it doesn’t look ugly as hell with jaggies. Thanks SOMEDUDE for pointing out that issue in the comments.
  • Added encogen’s new Pimp graphic to the gamespy logo screen on startup
  • Fixed the medical latex gloves so they no longer obscure the wrist slots. This means bracelets and other wrist items are now visible over them.
  • Fixed some naming problems for the Lara Croft Legend outfit (no longer LegendS) and the Gyro Daddy unlock statistic text in the menu. Thanks encogen for the heads up on those.
  • Adjusted and lowered (again) the Volition Gift Shop pricing. Each vehicle is now $500,000 instead of $800,000. There is also a pretty huge discount if you own the store, plus ownership generates a huge amount of cash a day now to balance out the initial investment. This should give the player much more money to play with at end game for high ticket items.
  • Integrated the new fast weapon switching mod that I’ve talked about in the last couple of posts. I really love this mod so very much. It speeds things up tremendously when using a controller, especially while driving and switching weapons.

I will probably be releasing a new beta soon with these. I may also include the work in progress custom missions for feedback (no promises though!)

One last note, I also added links on the Download page to the Beta Version page for GotR, and the source mods folder so people don’t have to hunt through old news posts for them.

SR2 Texture Repacker

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

I’ve been playing with an alpha build of the new peg tools by Minimaul for texture extraction/repack, and everything is coming along great. There are still a few quirks to iron out, but I was able to do this:

Also, all the beta testers have been strangely quiet since the last v1.8 Final Test Rev. c release which is a very good sign. I think I finally nailed down all the bugs, and we’re right on track for that Monday release.

Low Gravity Cheat: No Fall Damage Save Fix

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

It was brought to my attention earlier that by activating the low gravity cheat, it will permanently take away your no fall damage bonus. This happens in plain vanilla non-modded, and still occurs even if the cheat is modded to non-flagging. I looked into the issue and did some comparing of save files and figured out why. The low gravity cheat for some reason inserts the following 2 characters into your save:

€>  (hex values 80 3E)

To fix the issue, just load your save in a hex editor (after backing it up of course) and replace the above two characters with blank spaces. i.e. hex 00 00.

Problem Save:

Corrected Save:

I’m going to return the low gravity cheat to a flagging save in the next release of Gentlemen of the Row, and also add a note to the readme so people are aware of the issue.  This should be a very quick and simple edit, but if anyone is uncomfortable using a hex editor and needs help, just send me an email with your save attached and I can take care of it for you. You can reach me at idolninja at my address.

More Crazy Saints Row News

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

More E3 Saints Row news from Danny Bilson the Executive VP of core games at THQ!

* Saints Row 3 officially confirmed and promotion will start this December

* A Saints Row movie by a “major filmmaker” will release same day as the new game

* Saints Row collectible card game

Put this all together with the Saints Row: Drive By game for Nintendo 3DS, and that is one big chunk of surreal news.

Saints Row on Nintendo 3DS

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

The Nintendo press conference at E3 just announced a Saints Row game for the new Nintendo 3DS. Consider me completely floored.

The official title looks to be Saints Row: Drive By

Hopefully we’ll get a SR3 trailer soon!

SR2 Modding Wiki and Countdown to SR3

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Tidosho has been in contact with Gibbed to take over the old site which was vandalized and hasn’t been updated in quite some time. Tidosho already has a copy up at a temp location until the domain can be transferred, and has already started getting it into shape.

All of the SR2 modders are on board and eager to add as much information as we can so it can become a great resource for old and new modders. Foamcup has already added a tutorial on how to create new vehicles, and I’ll be following suit with some of my own when I have a chance.

E3 2010 is just around the corner, and Volition has confirmed that Saints Row 3 will be debuting. There has also been talk of a “new direction” for the series, so June 15 should be pretty interesting.

I also read a pretty interesting article where David Bowring from Volition talks about designing co-op for Saints Row 2 at GDC. The article is a couple of months old, but it was news to me.

SR2 Powertools Public Beta Release

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

After a massive effort from Rafael Rivera and myself, we are both proud to announce the public beta release of SR2 Powertools rev 5. This release fixes the speedup issues for SR2 while playing in Windows 7 without desync’ing the cutscene audio like Cheat Engine does. In addition, it also provides debug_print functionality for lua scripts and shows realtime xyz coordinates of the player which can be toggled off and on with scroll lock.

You will need to figure out your correct speed though and set it manually in the .ini. This should be the same value you use in cheat engine. If you are having trouble determining the correct speed, I still have my original speedup stopwatch test available. A perfect sync time for the race should 1:42.34. As long as you are within a second or two you should be ok using that value.