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Sandbox+ for Saints Row 2 alpha .02 released

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Download Sandbox+ for SR2 .02 alpha

* Adds 11 crib teleport codes
* Adds 7 chunk swap codes (prison riot, Brotherhood tanker, Heritage festival, Ultor yacht, Projects, Hospital, and barn)

Sandbox+ for SR2 alpha .01 Release

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

The first alpha has been released for the Saints Row 2 version, and contains teleport codes for all 21 districts in the game. More functions and features are coming soon!

Sandbox+ for Saints Row 2

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Good news everyone! I was able to successfully get a new thread capturing input for Saints Row 2! This means that we’ll be able to call lua functions now in realtime with key combos just like the current Sandbox+ for SRTT!

Upcoming SRTT DLC

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

The patch 4 TWC files contain some new info regarding upcoming SRTT DLC. There is no name given to it so I’ll just refer to it as the Let’s Pretend Witches and Wieners pack:

Let’s Pretend Witches and Wieners pack
* Hotdog suit (FUCK YES)
* Ninja suit (DOUBLE FUCK YES)
* Witch outfit
* Broomstick vehicle

We’re also still expecting these upcoming DLC packs that have been referenced in previous patch files:

Unlockables pack
* Gives both mission choices for all missions; for example both the apocafists and Killbane’s mask.

Special Ops pack
* Saints Vtol
* Saints N-Forcer
* Saints Crusader tank

Gang Outfits pack
* Player outfits for Morningstar, Luchadore, and Deckers (both regular and specialists)

Penthouse Pets pack
* Gang Customization and homie options

Genki Girls Vehicles pack
* Angry Tiger Kenshin Kaneda
* Sexy Kitten Temptress Vortex
* Sad Panda Rover

Horror pack
* Werewolf outfit with jigglebone tail
* Skeleton mask
* Zombie mask
* Slasher mask
* Devil “hat” (possibly horns from sr2)

We have a name for the new DLC! Witches and Wieners! :D

Saints Row 2 only $3.75 on Steam!

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Something I missed earlier is that Saints Row 2 is also on sale this weekend for only $3.75! Be warned that it is widely regarded as the worst port in gaming history, and has a massive amount of bugs and performance problems.  I strongly urge anyone who is considering it to first read the SR2 PC FAQ that details all of the issues with the game and how to work around them. You may just be surprised at just what kind of hardware you’ll need to run it well.

If you do pick it up, don’t forget to grab the Gentlemen of the Row super mod that has a ton of bug fixes, and many awesome  enhancements and additions to the game while still leaving the base experience intact.


New Forum Is Up!

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Come join us at the new forum for SR:TT modding tutorials and discussion!

Saints Row Modding Forum Coming Soon

Friday, November 18th, 2011

This may be hard to believe, but I sat down today with Minimaul, Firespite, and foamcup and we managed to work through our issues from last year’s big blowup. The result was that we made our peace and have agreed to join forces to mod SR:TT.

Minimaul is working on getting  a new site and forum up for discussion, information dumping, and tutorials that we all can share. Things will likely start heating up once we’ve all beaten the game and begin digging into the files, and I’ll continue to post news here, as well as hosting the GotR and upcoming GoS mods.

Removed Menu Options Background

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

I created a mod for happysun84 and masayumemasa that removes the black background from the menu options in the main menu. This is for their custom bik menu videos they are creating so they can see what’s going on in the center of the screen:

Here’s what the new modded menu looks like:

This is probably going to be of very limited interest, but here’s the source for anyone that wants it. Simply extract the contents to:


and rebuild your patch.


Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 FINAL!

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Happy All Saints Day! With Saints Row: The Third right around the corner, I figured it was finally time to polish things up and release a final version of v1.9.

All the crashing bugs have finally been put to rest, making this final build of v1.9 the most fully featured and stable version yet. Do not panic! I have big plans for Gentlemen of the Row v2.0 and will not be abandoning it!

Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 Final changelog (everything post beta 16a)

Bling Fu by IdolNinja

The Bling Fu is a is a new set of brass knuckles with a diamond bling PIMP on the front. Standard stationary punching procs flaming fists on contact, and combos into a punch that sends npcs flying with a flash camera effect. Charging your attacks (holding down L or R attack) will result in a huge explosion and lightning strike on contact. Attacking downwards alternately produces a huge gas explosion effect. You really have to see this thing in action to believe it. I may never use another melee weapon again. :D

This new uber weapon is for sale at endgame for $1,000,000 at Friendly Fire (or sooner/free with the open optional mods.) Its new cheat code is #55559 and is also now part of the All Cheats Cheat code (#1337)

The Homerun Bat and Mjolnir optional mod by IdolNinja
Drastically increases the impact of the bat and hammer sending npcs and vehicles flying. New audio and visual fx have also been added like stadium cheers for the bat and lightning and thunder for Mjolnir.

Professor Genki, GotR Heraldic Crest, and Facepunch spraytags by IdolNinja
Replaces the final 3 vanilla tags with brand new ones. All 8 modded tags have been moved to the installer as an optional “Gentlemen of the Row Spraytag pack” and the vanilla tags now install by default.

Open Notoriety optional mod by IdolNina
All notoriety actions (killing npcs, blowing up property, etc) generate zero notoriety in open world play. The only thing that seems to be hardcoded is a minimum 1 star for shooting police or a rival gang. This has been worked around by having an extremely fast decay rate, so you will see 1 star popup then immediately disappear back to 0 stars. With the inclusion of this mod, there is no longer a need for the second custom mission that forces zero notoriety so it has been removed.

Gentlemen of the Row Heraldic Crest legal splash screen by encogen and IdolNinja


FIX: Wardrobe crashing fixed
Ronin Jackets have been flagged so they cannot be worn together with Overshirts. This combination was causing instability and crashing. If your character owns a custom outfit with an overshirt and Ronin Jacket worn together, make sure to delete it immediately and recreate it without the overshirt when installing this new beta.

The problem was related to incompatibilities between Ronin Jackets and Overshirts causing instability or crashing. Even just browsing past a Ronin jacket or an outfit with a Ronin Jacket while wearing an overshirt had the potential to crash the game. To fix this, I added a “coat active” incompatibility flag to all 3 Ronin jackets making it so you get a “Preview Unavailable” when trying to equip one while you are wearing the other. Special Thanks to BoogieManFL who was able to isolate the crash and get me a save file for testing with. Being able to easily repeat the crash and debug using his save is the sole reason why this issue been corrected.

FIX: Veteran’s Child Save the World T-Shirt no longer randomly shows Preview Unavailable while browsing to it

FIX: ss11 Shopping Maul mission bug fixed where only 10 of 11 Samedi would spawn if the Villain Homie Pack Optional mod was installed.

FIX: The Kent combine reward vehicle can now be customized at Semi-Broken. Thanks for the head’s up on that one Nicholas!

FIX: The El Train no longer spawns in accdents in the Ambulance diversion. This fixes a problem where they would be sitting right on top of the victims that needed saving.

FIX: The All Cheats Cheat (#1337) now correctly adds all cheats (the last version was missing a few like I am Giant, Itty Bitty, etc)

Death Tag has been revised to use new GotR weapons such as the orbital launcher and Nukamingo. There’s also a cool katana only set which should make for some fun duels. Death Tag also now pays out much higher cash rewards to the winner that grow exponentially with each successive match (up to round 5.)

The batch installer now creates an ini file on build, saving all your selections. When you run the batch again it will remember what options you chose last time.

The SKR-9 has been reinstated to its original mp5k smg. The MAC-10 is now a new weapon and for sale at Friendly Fire, so you’ll have to go buy it.

The TEC9 smg has been reverted back to its original mesh making it once again dual wieldable.

The Tombstone pump action shotgun and Orbital Launcher have had their meshes/textures swapped. The Tombstone is now the original version and the Orbital Launcher is the all black cutscene version.

Pirate Radio 99.0 Underground is now available in all areas of the game.

All reference documentation at the root of the archive has been moved to a Reference folder to make things a little clearer for newcomers to the mod.

A vanilla patch build option included in the installer

Added a new troubleshooting text file called “HELP! I’M CRASHING! (tips for a more stable GotR).txt” which contains extensive help and tips to eliminate/mitigate crashing issues (which the SR2 port has always been plagued with since release.)

NOTE: The Gieger Counter and Video Camera were removed for sale because the extra animations added in were crashing the game and made things too unstable. If you bought either one it will still be in your inventory, but the animations will be weird/missing or the weapon invisible. The good news is that the mod should be much more stable now, especially for users who ran 1.8 okay but had problems with 1.9.

NOTE: The Send in the Clones mission has been removed from the final 1.9. I do plan on reinstating it once completed in Gentlemen of the Row v2.0 (yes work on GotR will continue after Saints Row: The Third comes out. Bet on it.)

All Cheats Cheat v4

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

I found some missing cheats that I overlooked (I am Giant, Itty Bitty, etc) in my cellphone all cheats cheat mod  and updated the script. You can check it out now in the new v4 release, or simply wait until the next beta build of Gentlemen of the Row v1.9.