Unstable Beta Releases

IMPORTANT! I strongly advise any player new to Saints Row 2 on PC to first read the FAQ that I wrote up for it on the Steam forums. It has everything you'll need to know to get the game running well, and also troubleshoot the myriad of bugs that can and will come up.

Before downloading any beta versions of the mod, please be advised of the following:

* Backup your save files before using. Future changes to the mod may break beta saves.

* Do not use beta releases online unless you are 100% sure your coop partner is using the exact same build. It could cause save corruption and crashing.

* Beta versions of the mod are not as stable as the official releases, so be prepared for possible bugs, crashing, or other strange behavior.

* Feedback and bug reports are appreciated. The easiest way to let me know is to post a comment on the blog. Please keep all comments civil and constructive.

All six flavors of GotR have now been consolidated into a single release with an optional mod installer menu

  • GotR v1.9 BETA 16a