Saints Row 2 Modding and Game Dev

Relocation, Modding, and Employment

March 24th, 2014

In case anyone hasn’t seen Twitter yet, I have accepted a full time position with Deep Silver Volition and relocated to Champaign, IL. As part of the move, I’ll be stepping down as an administrator of saintsrowmods.com, but will still be posting, and offering technical help there as an official Volition employee. Minimaul, Corrodias, and Arglaar will still be maintaining the forum and available if you need any kind of assistance with your account or any other moderator related tasks.

I’m going to be extremely busy with my new job duties over the coming months, but still plan on modding and releasing stuff in my spare time. As a gift to the community, I’m opening all my mod releases for public use. Feel free to use anything I’ve done (Sandbox+, Gentlemen of Steelport/Row, etc) as a base to work from in creating your own new releases. No permission or credit is necessary.

Regarding the upcoming SDK and tool releases, I’m also going to be closely involved in getting these finalized and pushed out to the community. I know that everyone has been extremely patient while we have been working behind the scenes to make it happen, and hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer!

Sandbox+ wip build 16 released!

January 26th, 2014
Sandbox+ wip build 16 is out that takes advantage of some of the new exposed functions that were added in the last patch.
E + LEFT BRACKET   - Decrease player height
E + RIGHT BRACKET   - Increase player height
8 + END      - Toggle Slew mode (free camera)
Mission replay is buggy and not working yet. It seems to be save related. The commands for some of the missions are included, but not documented. It’s all of the 6+ and 7+ commands if other modders want to do some testing. Also, the new npc morph function is crashing the game, but I do have an undocumented test command in for Professor Genki (R+HOME) if anyone wants to play with that as well.

Sandbox+ for Saints Row IV wip build 15 released

January 4th, 2014

The new build 15 adds the following commands:

E + END            - Toggle drunk walking animations
E + RIGHT ARROW        - Toggle player invulnerability
E + LEFT ARROW        - Immediately revive all downed homies
E + DOWN ARROW        - Playa dance party
E + UP ARROW        - Give $100,000 cash
E + LEFT BRACKET    - Set Player team to police/alien

More importantly, this build fixes the zone issues that many players have been having after teleporting. Now, loading a save, telelporting to a gateway in the open world, or teleporting to the ship crib will automagically clean up all leftover zones so that players won’t have to remember to manually clear them.


Gentlemen of the Row Christmas update!

December 25th, 2013

Merry Christmas!


Here’s a little present for all my fellow Saints Row 2 fans who still continue to play the best open world sandbox crime game of all time. Gentlemen of the Row 1.9.2 is primarily a bugfix update and includes the following:


Fixed all extra GotR gang vehicles so that homies will drive a correct looking purple/gold variant around Stilwater. This includes the limos, apc, atv, knoxville, compensator, police cars, fbi suv, el train, o-ring, peewee, kenshin, tetsuo, melbourne, widowmaker, mongoose, and atlasbreaker.

Fixed the optional gang customization types that had issues (streaker, pirate, construction, cowboy, medical, airline) so no weird variants spawn in.

Songbearer’s Sandstorm Stunting mod

This is an old SR2 mod that Songbearer was working on with my assistance that we never finished. It was forgotten about when SRTT hit, and we both started playing that game exclusively. The mod basically changes the Sandstorm’s pitch and yaw’s torque and acceleration in order to make rolls and flips much easier to do while in mid-air.

Fixed the pricing for the SKR-9 in the open pricing optional mod so it’s correctly priced at $1

Fixed the crib pricing text in the open pricing optional mod so the new cribs correctly display $1

Fixed the Construction optional gang type not toggling on and off correctly with the batch installer

Added a note to known issues that installing the optional zombie gang type breaks Zombie Uprising. i.e. you can no longer damage zombies if installed


Super secret note from IdolNinja that nobody will read after the boring changelog (GotR v2.0 is actually in progress and already has some big changes in store.)

Sandbox+ for SR4 WIP Build 13 released!

November 16th, 2013

Tons of new stuff in the latest build including cutscene replay, hud toggle, zombie and mascot spawning, notoriety commands, vehicle repair and more!

Customize all Vehicles and Wardrobe Color Changer v1.2

November 12th, 2013

I’ve updated the mod to work with the latest official patch 6.1 that was released today:


v1.2 11/12/13
Updated the asm files to work with the latest patch 6.1

Sandbox+ wip build 12 released

October 23rd, 2013

Includes 4 new teleports to Enter the Dominatrix locations so you can mess about.

The official Enter the Dominatrix trailer was released today as well, along with the actual DLC being available in the US and Europe (Australia is coming later.)

Enter the Dominatrix DLC dated!

October 10th, 2013

The upcoming Enter the Dominatrix DLC has been dated for Oct 22 in North America (Oct 23 in Europe.) Season Pass owners get this DLC for free along with the future How the Saints Save Christmas DLC. Volition will also be doing a three hour livestream playthrough of EtD on 10/23 at 1pm Central where fans can participate and ask questions. I’ll be in chat as well, so make sure to stop by and say hi!

Saints Row IV First Person View alpha released!

September 29th, 2013

I’ve been really looking forward to this mod!

Volition’s new Community Manager

September 20th, 2013

I have some extremely exciting news to share with everyone. I have officially accepted a contract position with Volition as their Community Manager. My immediate focus is going to be on improving the technical and support side for the players. I will also be providing better and more transparent communication regarding existing issues and any upcoming patches and fixes. In simple terms, I am deeply committed to making sure that all players have the best possible experience with the Saints Row games and are able to get any help they might need.

The most important part of my contract is that I am free to continue modding and running idolninja.com and saintsrowmods.com both as an individual and a fan, rather than as a Volition representative. I’ll still be creating and updating my mods, as well as helping other modders to achieve their own modding goals in my free time. The only difference is I’ll now also be assisting and interacting with users on the official forums at saintsrow.com, as well as on the Steam community hub.

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